15 Signs He Will Never Come Back

15 Signs He Will Never Come Back

Signs he will never come back

A lot of factors could contribute to the end of a relationship, but when the end of such ties surfaces, it is certainly not the end of the world. The reason for ending things could be that the love you had for each other was not enough to last a lifetime, you just weren’t ready for a pretty serious commitment at the time, or there were some traces of infidelity. Whatever contributed to the breakup, the end result is that you both are no longer in a relationship and that man seems to have moved on with his life in a pretty remarkable way.

There have been a good number of cases where an ex came back, but in other cases, what has happened has happened, and what is done is very done. Along with this reality, there are clear signs that he will never come back to you, and even if he does, totally not as a lover. Are you possibly considering going back to him and wishing that things would go back to the way they were in the past? If you fall into this category, I am guessing everything that went wrong in the relationship which resulted in the breakup is being set aside by you. This change of heart is very understandable though, but if you are there already, I’ll advise that you do not give it too much thought, just study the surefire signs that he ain’t coming back, and you’ll save yourself a whole lot of trouble.

The activity of having to let go of someone that you genuinely love is not as easy as it sounds. As annoying as the phenomenon is, the indisputable truth in man’s existence is the fact that not everyone you meet, come to know and love, is destined to be the one. Not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever. The real challenge here is knowing the one, but can you really? If the relationship you so believe in happens to be in a resolution stage, that could be the best time to look out for red flags. Such red flags include the possibilities associated with your ex coming back or not.

Having a deep knowledge of what signs to look out for in your quest to find out whether your ex is coming back or not, is very needful. At the onset, the whole thing may be too tough to deal with, but never forget that in any situation, honesty is the best policy, and this situation is one of them. When you are truthful to yourself, you never might know what magnitude of heartbreak and headache you would just save yourself from. This would help you to avoid any form of wasted effort. It is seriously not worth the pain of sacrificing tangible resources and precious time on a person that preferred to leave your life. 

It is best to just place your focus on only persons that see you for who you are, and know your worth and value. Trust me, it is far more encouraging and rewarding. In other words, diminishing your self worth on a person that will never come back to you is definitely not an option. If there are clear signs that your ex will never come back, let him go. Chasing after him is a no-no, because he could just be doing you a favor. Thankfully enough, this guide is here to help you understand in detail ’15 signs that your ex will never come back’. By familiarizing yourself with the outlisted signs you’ll be seeing here shortly, you can avoid unnecessary stress in waiting for a person that is long gone.

  1. Signs he will never come back: Your Ex Tell You To Move On.

If you find that this ex of yours tells you to move on, then there’s one explanation for this, he is certain that there’s nothing happening between the both of you ever again. If a person is double minded about a particular decision or plan, they would make sure to avoid any straightforward suggestions or remarks. When he gives you the ‘move on’ lecture point blank, then it is very obvious he is not interested in rekindling any fire.

If there’s no indifference towards his decisions of remaining apart, then the deal has been sealed. In other words, if he emphasizes on the reality that you two will never get back together and that you should move on with your life, then I’ll advise that you believe him because he’s being sincere.

  1. Signs your ex will never come back: He Has Returned All Of Your Stuff In His Possession

It’s no new occurrence that we get rid of old possessions to create provisions for new ones. The same goes with broken relationships as well as the moving on phase. In order to invite new persons and create new experiences, we clear up space in our life, just so there will be enough room to accommodate our new interests. The pattern previous is more like; out with the old stuff, in with the new stuff.

Returning all of your stuff is more or less another sign of no-turning-back. By doing this, your ex is doing everything in his power to make it clear to you about his desire to have a clean slate on which to move on and start life over, that’s without you in the picture of course. He could go as far as threatening you to pack all of your stuff or he’ll throw them out. It is this aggressive and mean demeanor that we can call dislike. 

  1. Signs he will never come back: He Is Cold Towards You

It is not going to be strange if an ex acts rude and distant after a breakup. This is their way of lashing out and experiencing frustration over the whole incident. The problem surfaces when he is still rude and cold towards you after a long time has passed. So if he seems over the breakup and acts cold towards you, then he dislikes being around you, and that’s a surefire sign that he ain’t coming back sooner or later.

  1. Signs your ex will never come back: He Formulates Excuses To Not Get Back Together

If he doesn’t want to come back to you, he will find soft ways of declining your wish. He’ll do well to reject you without necessarily trampling on your feelings. A lot of the time, he will paint himself as the cause of the breakup and communicate how you deserve much better while assuring you that the both of you are not meant to be. This is all in an effort to end any underlying feelings you’ve got for him as he doesn’t reciprocate. I’ll advise that you do not take these statements seriously because they all mean that your ex wants nothing to do with you.

  1. Signs he will never come back: He Is Obviously Happy With His New Life

The reason people go back to exes is either because they are still in love, have some unfinished business, or feel empty and sad without them. If none of these thoughts are lingering on your ex’s mind, then there’s absolutely no reason for him to come back. This sign could be spotted out in their demeanor and how they live their life. 

  1. Signs he will never come back: He Has Refused To Get Back Together

If your ex has blatantly refused to get back in a relationship with you even though you have done everything in your ability to get him back, then it is clear that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you again. The tactics you employ do not matter, if he has refused to reconcile, then it’s best you back off now. He has made a firm decision which he wishes to stand by. 

  1. Signs he will never come back: The No Contact Rule Has Been Employed By Him

If this ex of yours has indefinitely initiated ‘no contact’, then it’s definitely a sign that he has no intentions of coming back. This tool called ‘no contact’ is used for two main purposes, to get an ex back or to permanently move on after a breakup. If you’ve tried several times to reach him via calls or text and there is no response, then he doesn’t want to respond. This is a surefire sign that he is never coming back because he never wants to come back.

  1. Signs he will never come back: He Doesn’t Talk Good Of You To Others

If he still cares, he would not go out of his way to paint you bad in front of others. When you find that this ex of yours creates a bad impression of you and speaks badly of you to mutual friends and even family, then he doesn’t care and has no intentions of coming back. Even if they are certain you’d find out about their views towards you to others, they won’t bother cause they don’t care what you think anymore.

  1. Signs he will never come back: He Has Gone Back To An Ex Lover

I know this one sucks, but it happens. Watching your partner go back to an old lover is not the most pleasant of experiences. Sometimes the reason for their breaking up with you could be because they are still attached to an old lover, especially if the relationship you both had was a rebound to them.

  1. Signs he will never come back: He Is Married

This is a clear cut sign that he ain’t coming back. The reason for his marrying another is because he’s in love, and that won’t be put asunder because of you.

  1. Signs he will never come back: He Blocks You On Social Media

Being blocked is a straight forward message, he does not want to be reminded of you cause he doesn’t want to get back together. Look out for this one if you need confirmation.

  1. Signs he will never come back: He Dislikes You

If this is the case, he won’t want to come back to you. As a matter of fact, this aforementioned attitude suggests that your ex is trying his possible best to cut off all ties and links with you. So at this point, the best option is to get all your stuff in his possession and just move on with your life.

  1. Signs he will never come back: You Have Heard From Friends How Your Ex Is Comfortable. 

You could find that their social media has happy, nice and genuine updates. Their attitude towards you is one of politeness, respect and kindness whenever you bump into them and talk with them. All these and more are tell tale signs showing that this ex of yours has made peace with his past. So if he is really happy and sincerely comfortable with the life he’s living, then there is really no known reason for why he should come back.

  1. Signs he will never come back: Your Ex Sees Reconciliation As A Probability Between The Both Of You

If he doesn’t reject your advances outright, tells you to move on politely and is optimistic about possible reunion as friends in the future, then he’s over you. By doing this, he’s leaving everything in the hands of fate to decide what is really meant to happen. 

  1. Signs he will never come back: He Holds No Grudge Against You

If it was a painful breakup, the wounds will eventually heal over time and when we care about someone, we wouldn’t hold a grudge or act rude because we are not enemies. If you look closely at exes that meet each other after some time has passed, you will find that the ones who have no underlying feelings are friendly and warm towards themselves. They will try their possible best to avoid being a jerk. By doing this, they are revealing that they are happy without you and you should be too. 

Conclusively, the signs that a person is never coming back to his ex differ from person to person. This is because everyone is different in countenance and beliefs. For some, they show that they’re not coming back by communicating dislike and hate. While for others, they communicate comfort and peace to let you know how well they are doing without you. Still and all, this guide will help discern the truths when you see it.