15 Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back

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signs your ex is never coming back

15 Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back

Breakups can be tough and difficult to overcome, so this post will reveal top signs your ex is never coming back to you. Many people are still in love with their ex and want them to come back in future, but it doesn’t work like that because the probability of an ex coming back is slim.

Continue reading to know the obvious signs your ex is never coming back.

Your ex is never coming back if he gets engaged/married

One of the signs your ex is never coming back is if he gets engaged to another person. You might think his new relationship isn’t a serious one at the initial stage, but you’re not getting him/her back when you get a notification that he/she is engaged or getting married.

If you get a wedding invitation and want to attend the wedding because you think he’s going to forget all about her and run into your arms, you are delusional because that’s not happening. Most men don’t make marriage proposals and plan weddings for fun; it’s not the same level of enjoyment for men as it is for most women. He’s getting married and wants to spend the rest of his life with her because he loves her. That means he’s forgotten about you, or at least you are a distant enough memory that he’s entirely been able to relegate to the past.

Your ex is never coming back if he/she refuses to communicate with you

One of the obvious signs your ex is never coming back is the refusal to communicate with each other. Both parties might have continually sent text messages, emails, or even meet up for coffee at the early stage of the breakup for reconciliation. At that stage, both of you were struggling to make amends and see if the relationship can work again. Nevertheless, a lot has changed over time, and now those coffee dates have stopped. Furthermore, he doesn’t send you emails anymore OR replies to any of your text messages. He/she might be trying to tell you to move on.

A lot of couples can be friends over time, but not usually until after some time without contact has passed, and the scars have healed. If he/she stopped communicating with you, without an explanation, it’s pretty plain to see that your ex isn’t coming back. It’s most beneficial to stop trying, or you run the risk of been labelled as desperate. If there is any hope for friendship, she will let you know and put the ball in your court.

Your ex is never coming back if he/she blocks you on all social networks

Social media networks have become an essential part of our lives in the 21st century. Many people employ popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and twitter to stalk their ex and keep in touch with their activities. Your ex might still love you or willing to come back if he engages you on social media. However, deleting each other on social networks is good as it helps you move forward into the future and not focus on the past. You can always re-add each other if you choose to try the friend route later. If you type in his/her name and nothing pops up, even though you know for a fact that he/she is still on Instagram or Facebook, then it looks like your ex doesn’t want you to continue the vibe. Blocking or deleting you on social networks is a sign your ex is never coming back, and you probably should not get your hopes up.

Your ex is never coming back if he is in a happy new relationship

Often, people find themselves in a rebound relationship after a breakup. Many believe that such relations are quick distractions that won’t last but serve to help ex-lovers recover from their pain by reminding them that someone else out there cares about them and they are not worthless. However, rebound relationships can turn into full-fledged long-term and meaningful relationships that last a lifetime sometimes. You will know if he’s seeing somebody or not if you still have his social media access. You might know whether it’s serious or not when you check his recent photos and relationship status. Most guys would not change their social network status until it has been on for a while, and they feel comfortable that it won’t be ending soon. You should know that your ex is never coming back when he’s happily involved with someone else in a stable relationship.

Your ex is never coming back if he moves to another city or country

Breakups, after a long time together, can be a painful experience. You and your ex might have discussed the number of kids you want, and where you want to settle. Probably your ex never mentioned his/her intentions to move abroad or to another city.

However, to your surprise, you find out through friends that your ex is moving to another country or city, over thousands of miles away. Moving across the country is a visible sign of wanting to start fresh with another individual. You aren’t getting him back if he moves if he runs far away because your ex has decided that he needs to get away from everything that reminds him about you. Perhaps, he wants to clear the memory of the two of you. He wanted space, and now he’s taking it.

signs your ex is never coming back.
Signs your ex is never coming back,

Your ex is never coming back if he insists you’re not together

Probably you start talking again after your breakup, and it feels like everything is the same as it used to be. Now you’re a bit confused because you want to reach out and kiss your ex, but he insists that the relationship is no more. Perhaps you push a little bit harder because you think he/she needs a bit of encouragement, but then he says it. He tells you the relationship is done, and he doesn’t even think of you that way anymore. He tells you that the arguments between you that existed before are still there and will always be there, so there’s no point in pursuing it further. If he’s telling the truth and those concerns are still there and unchangeable, i.e. kids vs no kids, religious background, then your ex is never coming back. He’s just found logical reasons why the relationship wouldn’t work, and it’s unreasonable for one of you to expect the other to change.

Your ex is never coming back if he demands his things back

You should know your ex is not coming if he demands all his belongings in your possession. Usually, the heartache you feel when you part ways is more than the need to retain your physical “stuff.” Many ex-couples still have and use some of their exes’ things always, and their ex knows it too.

However, these can change after a period, and that’s the price to be out of an unhappy relationship. If, after a long time apart, your ex demands that you return his/her stuff, there is no sentimentality involved. He’s behaving like this because he/she is never coming back.

Your ex is never coming back if she never loved you

It is a tough situation when you’re in love or dating someone who doesn’t reciprocate the love. Probably your ex didn’t find you attractive, or you were his/her rebound. Whatever the case, your ex didn’t want to stay with you because he/she didn’t feel attracted to you.

It’s incredibly challenging to be with someone you don’t love or don’t share anything in common with. Hence, lack of love is an obvious sign your ex is never coming back.

Your ex is never coming back if he changed his phone number

Changing of phone number is another obvious sign your ex is never coming back. Probably you decided to call your ex after a while of not talking because you have missed him/her dearly. So you decided to use a cell phone to get through to him. You dial his number and hold your breath, it rings once, and then you hear: “The number you have dialled is not in service. Please hang up now.” You come to the hard realization that he has changed the number. Perhaps he’s dodging sketchy callers, but if he makes no effort to tell you about his number change, it means you are not getting him back. He’s avoiding you, and it’s apparently for the best in the long run.

Your ex is never coming back if he friend zones you.

One of the signs your ex is never coming back is the friend zone. Often, relationship break-ups occur because you guys decide that you would make better friends, as you are not precisely relationship compatible. Besides, the person who is dumped will pretend that everything is okay in the hopes that the friendship will grow back into something more over time. That is a lousy plan and might be your undoing. There’s a tiny line between being in the friend zone and being forever stuck in the friend zone. If he holds you right on in there between his two childhood besties, there is little hope of ever getting him back. Hence, if you can’t deal with life in the friend zone, then it might be time to end that friendship before you get hurt anymore. You wouldn’t want him to call you to talk about other women.

Your ex is never coming back if he changes for the worse

The only constant thing in life is change. People do change and may decide they want to try new things, their outlook on what they want out of the experience and a relationship changes over time. So, it is possible that instead of maturing and evolving into a grown-up with different needs and wants, they just become mean. You will never really know if your ex has become a mean-spirited person or he’s mean to you now because he holds the break-up against you, or he has a lot of regrets.

You will never get him back if he’s bullying you or saying not-so-nice things to you. You and your ex don’t have to be friends, but most real men will show some respect to the period you spent together.

Your ex is never coming back if he continues to blame you for the breakup

Probably you’re now friends with your ex after few years and months of breakup. Both of you now meet up and chat to discuss life, work, mutual friends and anything that pops into your heads. Every time you speak, there’s a hint of something there. It’s been years, and you don’t even remember why you broke up, only that it’s been better between you two since you did.

Nonetheless, you notice there’s something in his voice. You finally recognize that he still hold resentments towards you. After a long time, he still resents you for the breakup happening in the first place. Indeed, your ex is never coming back if he still held onto that after this long. The situation might not be a bad thing because it seems like he’s likely to be a negative influence, and you do not want that in your new, positive life since the relationship ended.

Your ex is never coming back if you’ve been chasing for a long time

Most time we don’t stop loving our ex, so it possible we start to chase them after a few months or years. However, most people enjoy the ego boost, and the attention received when you chase them. If this chase has been on for years, and you have seen no results in the way that he/she is responding to your affections, it’s a definite sign that your ex isn’t coming back to you. Many individuals don’t like waiting for long after a break up only to return to their exes. They prefer to find love in another person and experience something new.

Your ex is never coming back if your gut tells you so

If your gut says your ex is never coming back, then use your common sense to make the right decision. Intuition and common sense are the powerful assets we got when making critical decisions. Your intuition usually tells you when a friend is shady, or when a partner is unfaithful, and it can even help get you out of sticky situations at nightclubs.

Sometimes, hope can cloud your judgment and make you think that things are different than the way they are. Your ex is not coming back if your gut tells you so. With all the hope in the world, you still can’t get back together with a person who does not want you again. If he did, he would come on his own. Always trust yourself, even when it hurts.

Your ex is never coming back if they destroyed your persona

One of the common signs your ex is never coming back is when he/she destroys your persona. Your ex can achieve this through deliberate mockery when you plead or beg desperately. The relationship is over forever if your ex sees absolutely no more value in you. Your ex might resort to spreading rumours, and sometimes even playing jealousy games.

So, you should channel your energy towards attracting and impressing a stranger that will be worth your effort and time.

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Simply move on with your life if you notice any of the signs mentioned above. Love and appreciate yourself. The right person will find you sooner than you expect. #StayHappy