Benefits of Living in Small Town: An Interesting Guide

Benefits of Living in Small Town

You have lived in a large city your whole life, and now you are wondering why people of the small town do not shift to large cities. To know this, you must understand the benefits of living in small town.

Please stick with me here as I have discussed all advantages of living in a small town and a few drawbacks

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13 Pros of Living in a Small Town

Life is completely changed in small towns. Do you think I am exaggerating? Please stick with me here to know the perks of living in a small town

  1. Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in small towns is much less than in large cities, and there are more chances that you may have your own house there.

When we talk about buying a house in a large city, the first thing that must come to your mind is nothing but a small apartment.

However, in small towns, you can see people own large houses with big courtyards where children play and have fun. This is because the chances of affording a big home in a large is less than in small downtown.

  1. Safety First

The small town only has a few residents who care for each other and know each other. Thus, the crime rate in such places is very low compared to large cities.

Neighbor watches, gated communities, and the police make the place secure for living. However, the case is not always the same as many small towns are famous for crimes.

However, crimes in small towns are not very violent; on the other hand, crimes in large cities are very violent and have serious consequences, and very dangerous gangs are involved.

However, the crimes in a small town are often committed by youngsters who, out of boredom, start doing such things as mischieves.

  1. Shorter Commute Times

The people who live in large cities often have to travel long to get to their workplace. Worst of all, they must go through the horrific traffic daily, draining most of their energy and wastes time.

However, small town residents do not have to go through such long distances, and traffic is also less. Best of all, some people have their workplace within walking distance.

Thus they can save the daily commuting amount and time and invest all this in their business to earn double and triple.

  1. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

There are only a few buildings in small cities, and most of the land consists of greenery. Thus, if you love nature and want to live close to it.

You should buy a house in a small town as you will have a large house there and you will be able to enjoy greeny from the house’s windows. Similarly, you can sit in law for hours and enjoy looking at the moon and stars.

Moreover, the place has greeny, butterflies and beautiful little birds often visit it. Thus you can see them passing from your house.

All these things will increase the enjoyments of living in a small town with little living expenses.

  1. Could you get to Know One’s Neighbors?

In large cities, it is rare for people to visit their neighbors as no one knows what is happening in other houses. However, in small towns, people often visit each other and arrange little meetups.

People have a relationship based on politics, business, and many more. However, it does not mean there is no privacy in small towns.

They stick together through difficult times and help and stand for each other during hardships and crises. You never feel alone in a sorrowful condition as there are many people to help you.

  1. Less Noise

In large cities, more traffic and big factories make a large amount of noise. Moreover, you can see the constant noise of sirens and construction in big cities.

Most people in cities are not even bothered by this noise; however, noise adversely affects their mental health.

But once you start living in a small town, you get to know what peace is. There is no noise from vehicles and factories. You can guess how many cars pass through your street in a day; this is the level of quietness in a small town.

If you want to protect yourself from different mental ailments caused by noise and want to maintain the hearing sense of your ears, it is better to start living in a small town.

You can meditate and enjoy the calmness around you and make your body feel relaxed, which will positively affect your health.

  1. Unique Art & Culture Scene

There are many art and cultural celebrations in a small town. You can easily find towns that celebrate parties and holidays on special occasions based on location.

Moreover, there is live music, poetry, and many foods. However, in large towns, you cannot find such occasions, and people of cities do not have enough time to celebrate these small functions.

Most people do not enjoy such parties due to the high cost of commutation, living costs and other expensive problems.

  1. Small Business Opportunity 

It is always risky to start a small business, but there are many chances of success if you live in a small town and plan to start a business there.

In big cities, the competition is very tough, and shops are often big. Furthermore, you have to compete will large malls for some business. All these things make it very difficult for a new business to survive.

However, you can easily succeed in a small business if you start it in a small town. You have to do a little research, and soon you will reach the products people want.

Once you know that village’s residents’ pain points, no force can stop your business from growing and earning millions.

  1. Staying Informed

Large cities have many residents, and you can’t keep track of everyone and keep an eye on them. You can read the new paper and scroll on Facebook to see what is happening around you.

However, in a small town, you get a golden chance to sit close to people and listen to what is happening in your surrounding. You have gossip and complete information about all new opportunities; best of all, you have authentic information.

You have information about the ins and outs of people; thus, you can go for their help if they hesitate to ask you for help. Are you still wondering should I live in a small town?

  1. Secure Employment

People run small businesses in small towns. Thus, there are fewer employment opportunities. This is the reason that jobs in such cities are secured. Most people do not have the capabilities of a specific job.

So a business owner prefers to keep a person he hired once rather than leaving that post unfilled for a long time. As you become senior, there is an increase in your salary. Thus your living standard gets better.

  1. Better sleep

You are a person who needs complete silence at night for sleep, but the noise made by the pizza delivery boy at 3 pm disturbs you. It is the time to shift to a small city.

At night the streets of small towns are empty. You will not find even a single person there. No one will be riding the bike at night. Thus you will never be disturbed by the noise of horns and sirens.

People get better and deeper sleep at such places, which positively affects their overall health.

  1. Slower Pace

Humans of large cities live the life of machines and work day in and day out. They do not have enough time to look at the little things around them and enjoy them.

There is no activity for releasing stress in large cities. However, village life is peaceful and slow. You have more than enough time to spend quality time and meditate.

  1. Fresh vegetables and fruits

Small towns are famous for fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus you can enjoy their taste without spray that increases their shelf life.

Moreover, many people grow some fruits and vegetables in their homes or nearby fields; thus, they do not have to buy them from anyone at an expensive cost. Best of all, you see these things growing in front of your house.

  1. Life is Simple

There are hundreds of distractions in large cities, such as malls, different types of restaurants, and cinemas. People often visit such overcrowded places and become more stressed and tired.

However, there is nothing like that in a small town people enjoy spending time on basic things, for example, knitting, sewing, cooking, and cleaning.

These chores prove to be therapy for their mind; moreover, they spend quality time with their family members and have fun.

Best of all there is no show off in villagers thus people do not compete with each other for rubbish standards. Instead, they live a healthy life according to their will and salary.

Cons of living in a Small Town

You enjoy all these perks in a small town, but there are some drawbacks. Have a look at them and if you have a solution to all these problems you can shift to a small town.

  1. Fewer Well-Paying Jobs

Although the living cost is very low in small towns, salaries are also very low. You may not get a job congruent to your degree and capabilities and are always paid less.

Moreover, any job is not even present in the small town. Thus, people must visit large cities daily or buy a rental apartment near their workplace.

All these things increase his living cost, and a part of his salary is required to fulfill these requirements.

  1. Lack of Entertainment

Hardly there are good parks and retreats in small cities. Thus if you want to enjoy the night and hang out with friends, you must move to the big city.

Furthermore, there are only a few shoe and clothes brands in small towns, and if you want to see the variety of all brands you have to go to the city and add up the cost of commuting to shopping, it costs very much

  1. Costly Transportation

In small towns, public transportation is not present; thus, people have to book a private vehicle or buy their car, which has high insurance charges and maintenance expenses.

Added up the cost of petrol it costs very much. However, the biggest benefit of public transport is you only have to pay a little rent, and the rest is the company’s responsibility.

  1. No Formality

You may have to meet people even if you are not feeling well. Similarly, some over-friendly neighbors enter your house even without ringing the bell and knocking on the door and end up hurting your privacy

However, if you live in a large city, you will never face such problems as people inform you on call before coming so you can be prepared mentally. 


In a nutshell, living in a small town has many benefits. The biggest benefit is that you live healthy mentally and you have good relations with your neighbors and nature.

Small towns have no traffic noise and factories, and you can sleep peacefully at night. Moreover, you can feel birds chirping and hear the wind’s voice.

Above all, there is no competition and show-off in residents of small towns; thus, people do not have the constant fear of being downgraded by someone and do not sacrifice their peace for reaching the false standards of the community.

However, the major drawback of living in a small town is that there are only a few job opportunities and you get few facilities. For many things, you have to go to the large cities.

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