Benefits of Living in Texas: Everything you Need to Know

Benefits of Living in Texas: Everything you Need to Know

People are migrating at a high rate from other states to Texas. What are the benefits of living in texas that inspire people to go there and start a new life there?

You must be curious and want to know the specialties of texas. Read on as I have mentioned all benefits of living in Texas and much more.

  1. No state Income Tax

The biggest benefit you get when you live in texas is there is no income tax policy. However, property taxes are higher than average here, but no state income tax is something people love and move to texas.

Thus if you want to live in a state where there is no state income tax, you should go to the state of texas so you can enjoy an income tax-free life. 

  1. Affordable Housing & Electricity Bills

The second biggest benefit of living in the state of texas is that rents of houses are very less. Even a man with less salary can rent a large house and live his life to the fullest.

Compared to California, the housing prices are a whopping 59.1% lower in the Lone Star State, as stated by Investopedia. In addition, the median home value in Texas is $197,500, which is less than the national average of  $229,000, according to Zillow

There is no shortage of land in this state. That’s why you can easily find the ground at the cheapest level. 

Best of all, you can save your electricity expenses as it has a deregulated electricity sector, which is why prices are competitive. Above all, most landlords give you the option to choose your electricity provider based on your requirements. 

  1. Tons of Job Opportunities

In the past, most of the texas jobs were limited only to the oil and gas companies. However, they are still a major part of the state economy. 

Many new industries like IT, aeronautics, computer technology, tourism, and energy have led to diverse career opportunities. Furthermore, Texas is now home to 54 Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Texas Instrument, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, Kimberly-Clark, J. C. Penney, and many others!

Thus, if you want a good job and earn a handsome amount of money, you should shift to texas and explore new opportunities. Your living standards will increase, and you will not worry about expenses.

  1. Home to some of the Biggest Cities in the US

The three biggest cities in the world are located in Texas: Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. 2/3 of the state’s population is residents of the major urban areas. However, there are many other cities like Austin and Fort Worth.

Thus the city can be a big place for people to flourish and grow their businesses as these cities have many start-up businesses and technology companies.

  1. Hot Weather

As you know, the size of Texas is very big; thus, it has to bear the high-temperature range and weather differences. In some regions of Texas, the weather is subtropical, while it is simultaneously dry in the other areas.

Thus, you will feel dry heat in some areas and sticky humidity in others. The average temperature of this state is 80F; however, it reaches 100F in some regions.

Winters are very mild there as compared to other states. Thus if you do not like winters, you can move here and enjoy the most favorable weather even in the winters.

However, there are snowfalls 2 times a year on the north side of texas; however, snowfall is very rare in other regions. Like the weather, the rain also varies from region to region.

Hurricanes and storms are very common in some areas like the Gulf Coast. Unfortunately, tornadoes have a frequent occurrence in Texas.

  1. Diverse Landscape

Think before moving to texas as you will be destroyed and become enchanted with its beauty so much that you will give travel priority on everything.

You can observe the different ranges of landscape that are spread from ranches to mountains, deserts, and forests. 

360 miles of coastline increases the beauty of texas, which is why it is the best destination for sea lovers. Most visitors enjoy swimming, boating, rowing, fishing, hiking, and camping.

This is why texas is counted among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

  1. Quality Higher Education Institutes

Many highly prestigious institutes have made texas the education hub. Moreover, students from all around the world come here to study and do research on different projects.

The top American universities, including Texas A&M University and the University of Texas, Austin (UTA), have their basis in texas. Moreover, public institutes like the University of Houston and Texas State University are highly regarded.

  1. Get your Car

The public transportation system in Austin and Dallas is very good; however, it is difficult to survive in a city like Texas. It is a large state with a long distance between neighboring towns.

People have to travel this distance daily. You may feel heavy traffic here; however, it is still less than in most cities like New York and LA. Thus you have the golden chance of buying your car and traveling in it.

Texas’s population is increasing daily; thus, authorities are trying to develop new transport structures to make commutation easy for people.

  1. Delicious bbq and Live Music

Texas is very famous for its cooking style, and it has a very large cuisine. Most notable of all, ii its barbeque and it is amazing. Everyone should try it once in his lifetime.

Moreover, texas is well known for fajitas, and people love to eat hamburgers here. In the past, the major association of texas music was with the country; however, many independent artists made the scenery and music more commendable. Austin, which is present in the state of Texas, is the live music capital of the world

  1. Texan Culture & State Pride

As we all know, Texas consists of big things; similarly, texas has larger-than-life personalities. Thus, people love their state very much and are proud of it.

You must have seen the flag of texas flying high along with the flag of the US. It feels like its own country, and the people there have witnessed their pride.

You can easily make new friends there as the people of texas are heart-warming and down-to-earth. Thus, they will give you a feeling of home. However, they have to make the first move for the friendship, and once there is a love bond, no one can break it.

People of texas give very big hugs, so you must get used to it if you want to live there. 

  1. Asset Protection

Texas has the best laws for asset protection in all of the united states. Suppose you are into a frivolous lawsuit; most of your assets will be off-limited to creditors by texas state. Thus your asset is protected even if you are bankrupt.

Moreover, personal property exemptions are also offered by the texas state. According to the law, a creditator cannot seize certain private properties. These personal property exemptions go from an aggregate value of $60,000 for families and $30,000 for one person.

  1. Urban and Rural Living

The markets in some cities of texas are very hot, and it does not matter whether you live in a bustling town or a rural area; you can easily find a diverse lifestyle here.

If you do not like to live in a big city, do not worry. There are many other great options for living outside the cities of texas—for example, New Braunfels, San Marcos, and Waco.

These areas are developing day by day, giving the feeling of small-town having all other facilities. So do not fear that you will not get enough facilities in Texas; instead, satisfy your heart that there will be more than enough facilities, and your life will be very comfortable and peaceful.

  1. Diversity and Population Growth

The demographics of texas change continuously, and according to the study by the united state senses bureau 2019, the population in the north and west of the states has increased significantly. The most significant growth was observed in the area of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington.

  1. Constant Sunshine

The weather of Texas is warm, and there is sunlight around the years; if you like sun and sunshine, texas is the best place to live. The weather is sunny, mild, and warm in winters, and snowfall is rare.

However, it is very hot in summer, and the temperature is at its peak. You can say there are only three months of extreme hotness; however, the remaining 9 months feel like bliss.

As people enjoy mild weather and take vitamin D from the sunlight. They do not have to wear heavy jackets to protect themselves from the heat. 

  1. Centralized Transportation Coming Soon 

The Texas authorities are planning to construct the nation’s first high-speed railway. This project’s objective is to give relive to the congested areas of metro passes.

Moreover, by this train, the distance between north texas and greater Houston can be covered within just 90 minutes.

This project will boost the economy of the text. Moreover, there will be the creation of many new job opportunities. 

  1. Fewer Government Regulations

If you do not want a government that imposes rules and want to live in a state with only a few rules, texas is the best place, especially if you are a business owner.

It is very easy to start a business in this state as you have to go through a few barriers for entry and the license fee is also not very high. So why are you waiting? Pursue your passions and start a business to earn millions.

  1. Entertainment is All-Around

You can easily find different ways of entertainment in the metro areas of Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Moreover, texas is the center of exciting entertainment.

You will enjoy the vibrant music and lively bar scenes. In short, you can say there are endless ways of entertainment, and you need to find them. Thus you will truly experience their culture having a trip around the metro area. 

  1. A Diversity of Age Groups

Texas is the best place to retire; however, it does not mean that you will find only those people having old age here. The situation is contrary to it, and there has been a significant increase in the millennial population in the recent few years in the metro areas of Austin, sans Fransico, San Antonio, and Houston.

The smart city conducted a study, and according to it, more than 53,000 people aged between 25-39 migrated to Texas in 2020. Thus it is not difficult to find young and talented people there.

  1. A Diverse Food Scene

Many cultures have been combined in the texas; thus, you can guess that the food variety is very diversified there. Tex-Mex is the staple of restaurants throughout the metros, resulting from the combination of cultures.

This famous blend of the culture was formed in the Rio Grande Valley and then traveled to sans fransico, and it became the cradles of this food, and soon it will make its way to Austin.

  1. An Appreciating Housing Market (In Most Areas)

If we talk about Austin, in which there has been a 29.8% increase in population from 2010-2019, the market is hot now. After this pandemic, the real stated market has boomed from this growth, and there is a low housing supply due to an increase in house rate.

Thus if you want a house having huge appreciation value in texas, you should go to Austin for a high-demand market seller’s market.

However, if you want more affordable houses in a great area, san Antonio, Dallas, and corpus all have hot markets and less environmental competition.

Cons of Living in Texas

Following are the drawbacks of living in texas

  1. The Summer Heat

The state of Texas is near the equator, which is why the weather here is very hot. It seems that summer is bearable: however, once you walk in the burning temperature, you get to know that summers are not jokes.

The humidity and heat are shocking for the people who do not do previous research and moved to Texas. Most Texans stay in air-conditioned rooms 24/7.

It is common for people to live at a temperature of 100F. Moreover, the water bodies are also heated up, so do not plan to visit the texas in summers.

  1. Home Prices are Rising

As time passes, house prices are increasing annually, and soon their price will be difficult to afford.

Thus if you are looking to move to texas and buy a home there, do not delay your plan; instead, move there as soon as possible.

Maybe you will not be able to afford even a small house there in the next few years.

  1. Health Quality

People of texas are carving for health quality due to poor conditions. It is often ranked as the worst state in America in terms of health services. Moreover, most uninsured people are in the texas state of the country.

It is striking, considering it is America’s third most popular state. If you are moving to Texas after retirement, keep one thing in mind: most health issues are neglected, and you may have many undiagnosed diseases.

Thus it would help if you were extra cautious about your health while living in Texas, and worst of all, you may have to travel a long distance for your medical check in other states having good health quality. 

  1. Mosquitoes

You should never go to texas if you cannot bear the mosquitoes as they are in huge numbers. Almost 84 mosquitoes exist as texas has many water bodies in its wooded areas.

Water is the special place of mosquitoes, and most of their population grows near the water. However, different sprays and medicines are used to keep the mosquitoes away from home.

  1. Lack of Seasonal Change

If you are the person who loves to see the weather changing, change in color of the leaves and enjoy the low temperature, then texas is not a suitable place for you.

If you visit throughout the years, you may observe temperature differences, but the weather is warm overall. Some people like to live in one season, but it is impossible in Texas to enjoy all 4 seasons.

  1. Owning a Car Is Necessary for Most Areas

According to the statistics, there are 17 million licensed drivers in texas; however, many live in the metro area and do not own a car. But 92% of residents of Houston own at least one car.

It is because of the poor transport network of the state moreover other stats are far apart from it. Thus you have to travel very much. You cannot make your life easy without owning a car; otherwise, half of your life will pass while traveling.

  1. Open-Carry Gun Ownership

People have different opinions on this matter. However, if you are a person who is never comfortable with a person carrying a gun, texas is not for you. People who move here from states like California get surprised when they see guns in people’s pockets as the rules are very strict in California; however, there is nothing like this in Texas.

  1. Slower Internet Connection in Some Areas

The digital divide is the factor that is responsible for the varying speed of the internet in different areas. People living in large cities and towns never face the issue of poor internet access.

However, people living in small towns face many internet problems due to which most of their work gets disturbed. Thus if you are a person who cannot bear the low speed of the internet, never think about moving to the small towns of Texas.

  1. Lower Average Income in Some Areas

The average income of people is also very less in some areas. However, this is not a problem for people who live in states where the cost of living is less.

However, there are a few states where the cost of living is high, and those people bear the expenses of their families with much difficulty due to low income.

Thus before moving must check the living cost of that specific area and assess whether one can earn enough by living there. 

  1. Exposure to Hurricanes

Texas has to face exposure to hurricanes every year. However, the eastern section is most vulnerable to it as it is located in the subtropical zone, and it is the region where the rainfall rate is very high.

April, May, and June get the most rain; however, these are the same months when the chances of hurricanes and other storms are very high, which causes a lot of harm to humans and other biodiversity in that region.

To Sum up

In a nutshell, there is a list of benefits of living in Texas as the state has no income tax, low living costs, low house prices, and hot weather. Moreover, you can easily find a job there as it is the house of new opportunities.

Moreover, if you are a person who loves to travel by car and enjoy the music, culture, and art, you must move to texas. Besides, there is asset protection and fewer rules; thus, you live peacefully.

Its population is increasing daily, and you can find people of all ages in this state.

However, you may face low internet speed, extreme summers, and poor transportation systems. Moreover, the health quality is also bad there, and you must travel to another state for good treatment.

Worse, mosquitos are in huge numbers that mumble in the ears and cause irritation. Anyone can get a gun license which is terrifying for some people. Its eastern section is prone to hurricanes.

Thank you for your visit!

*benefits of living in Texas.

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