Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser: Review and Buying Guide

The Review and Buying Guide for the Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Being hydrated is an essential thing. Those people who don’t hydrate themselves are at risk of many diseases. These diseases can give a direct invitation to many more illnesses. Hence, the conclusion is that you have to keep yourself hydrated. Especially in the summer, when the sun is at its peak. It would help if you felt exhausted from university, college, or office work. You want to get fresh and cool water to regain all your energy.

The thing is that we can get dehydrated quickly. Even breathing can take a toll on us and leave us dry in many cases. And as we might be aware of the fact that we are practically water, More than 50% of our bodies are comprised of water. So it’s essential to keep that content in balance.

Most of the time, people become so immersed in their work-life that they forget to take care of themselves. Even if they fail to take a break and drink some water to become energetic. However, if you have clean, cool drinking water right before you, you might not find this problem extremely difficult.

Also, the water in the taps is usually not clean. Unclean and dirty water can cause a lot of problems. You did not want to waste tonnes of money on doctor’s fees. That’s why the best loading water dispenser at home is an ideal choice for you.

I’m here to provide you with the best water dispenser reviews. With these top-class water dispensers, you can easily keep yourself hydrated. Being hydrated will also keep you healthy and keep some diseases away from you.

Want to know the best bottom-loading water dispensers? Then, keep reading!

The Best Six Bottom Loading Dispensers

Product nameSpecifications
Primo Bottom Loading Water DispenserChild resistance safety feature | 5 gallons | Stainless door
Avalon Limited Edition Self Cleaning Water Cooler Water DispenserSelf-cleaning | Three temperature | Built-in nightlight
Brio Moderna Bottom Loading Water CoolerOzone cleaning technology | Easy to use and install | Temperature is easily adjustable
Avalon A6BLWTRCLRBLK Touchless Bottom Loading WaterInnovative design | Indicates empty water bottle | Touchless paddles
Primo here Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with Serve BrewingBuilt-in brewer | Easy to push paddles | Unique and clean overall
Euhomy WC-C Self-Cleaning Bottom-Load Water DispenserSelf-Cleaning function | Three temperature options | UL/Energy star certification

Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser: Review and Buying Guide

You can quickly get cold water by pushing a button; the same goes for hot water. However, many complications can arise with hot water, especially when a pet or child is at home. Keeping this in mind, a unique safety feature is in this bottom load dispenser, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting hurt. You can also activate this feature when the water is hot. So your child won’t get hurt at all because of this.

Some bottom-loading water dispensers are hard to set up. You have to do some installation, drill holes, and many more things. However, the Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is easy to set up. There is no need for any tools to set up this dispenser. This feature makes it a decent choice for bottom-loading dispensers for the home.

The best part is that there is a special primo water bottle for this dispenser, which is available at many stores. You can quickly get hands-on with that dispenser. Additional minerals are added to the dispenser, making it a decent option for everyone. It also ensures that everyone who drinks the water is healthy and hydrated. Furthermore, don’t be concerned if you’re not a fan of drinking bottled water.You can use any water bottle and start sipping water from this dispenser.

The drip tray is easy to clean. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your house being dirty because of the dispenser. The bottles in the dispensers can give a messy look to your home. So, to give you relief in this aspect, bottles are inside the cabinet, providing a minimalistic look.


  1. Water that is both hot and cold at the same time
  2. No plumbing needed.
  3. Warranty period of one year


  1. It might produce a moderate level of noise.

Avalon Self-Cleaning Water Cooler Water Dispenser Limited Edition

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser: Review and Buying Guide

Avalon is a well-known company for making high-quality products for customers. This brand started in 2008, and since then, it’s gained a lot of success. When it comes to water coolers and dispensers, Avalon is one of the most trusted companies.

It states by the name that this is a self-cleaning dispenser. Now you might wonder, is a self-cleaning water dispenser worth it? Let’s find out.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to drinking water. Some like it cold, hot, or moderate. It’s different for everyone, and to meet these needs, the Avalon self-cleaning dispenser has three modes. In this dispenser, cold water for beverages and juices can be used at 47°F. There is also the option for hot water, which is 185°F. Other than that, simple chilled water for drinking is also another option. This is a moderate water temperature option for those who don’t want to drink too cold or too hot water.

Parents are worried about their toddlers spilling water on themselves. This can be highly troublesome for the parents. That’s why a feature was introduced that is known as a child safety lock, which allows parents to lock the door. So, this way, they can easily ensure the safety of their children. Children can quickly get into chilly water. And they won’t get burned by hot water.

This feature is fantastic for those who don’t have enough time to clean the dispenser. All you need to do is push a button, and then you are done. This machine will wash and disinfect, ready to give you pure water according to your temperature needs.

There are a lot of features that make this bottom-loading dispenser a friendly choice for families. There is an LED and bottle light system, which can easily indicate when to refill the water bottle.

Usually, some companies that make products incorporate plastic. These products can be extremely harmful and unhealthy for people. However, Avalon uses plastic, which is not harmful at all. So everyone can enjoy the water without getting any health issues.


  1. Lock it for the safety of the child.
  2. BPA-free particles
  3. Ozone function causes purification.


  1. Poor buttons.

Bottom-Loading Water Cooler Brio Moderna

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser: Review and Buying Guide

This is another product from the company other than Avalon, which shows the company’s dominance regarding hydration equipment. This company has a lot of products that are helpful for hydration. Moreover, these items are delicious, and people keep buying them. It’s because not only do they work well, but they are also durable, which is yet another feature that makes this product everyone’s favorite.

Having this dispenser at home can ensure that everyone in your family is hydrated. Moreover, this is a bottom-loading dispenser, so refilling is not a problem. Just simply slide the water bottle in and put it in place. You don’t need any extra hands to get the job done.

Owners frequently forget to replace the water dispenser’s jug. This could create a problematic situation in the future. As a result, the led system has been installed in the bottom-loading dispenser. The light activities owner will automatically know it’s the right time to change it. Thus, you don’t have to check it again and again.

There is a digital clock on the dispenser. This feature is quite different from other available dispensers. It won’t surprise you that we can quickly get three temperatures in a dispenser. However, in this dispenser, things go a step forward. That allows you to set the temperature of the dispenser. You can set it from the hottest temperature to the coldest temperature. It brings more comfort to the user so they can get their drink at a more preferable temperature.

At night, getting water from the dispenser can make a massive mess in the kitchen. For this reason, nightlights are installed in the dispenser. This makes the dispenser easier for you. Even when you are sleepy, this night light will help you get out of bed. And you can get the exact amount of water you want without messing up the kitchen.

Life is getting much busier day by day. Doing simple tasks such as cleaning the dispenser consumes a lot of time. However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s because these self-cleaning dispensers will automatically clean themselves. It’s all because of the ozone cleaning feature of this bottom-loading water dispenser. No chemicals or other harmful products are used to clean the dispenser. This self-cleaning process is not time-consuming. It will only take 90 minutes to do all the cleaning. However, the best time to activate the self-cleaning feature is at night. So you can easily set up everything in the morning and enjoy the water.

Usually, it’s known that electronic appliances such as dispensers take up too much energy. This can create some problematic situations for the owners. There are several modifications to this bottom-loading water dispenser to ease up. It also has UL and Energy Star certification, ensuring everything is going fine. And your dispenser is not taking up too much energy.

Those who love the style and want to own a modern water dispenser. Then look no further than this dispenser. It’s because the premium high-quality makes it a decent choice for homes. Not only this, it is stainless steel. So you don’t have to worry about getting scratches and many more things. It can easily water gallons that are approximately three to five gallons. With the help of a digital display, you can easily set the temperature according to your preference. It’s because you usually have to pour water to know the temperature. But with the help of this feature, you can already see the temperature. It makes everything much easier for the users.


  1. simple to keep up
  2. Stainless-steel
  3. Easy to refill.


  1. The pouring rate is slow.

Avalon A6BLWTRCLRBLK Touchless Bottom Loading Water

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser: Review and Buying Guide

This bottom-loading water dispenser has a sleek and attractive design for those who want a budget-friendly dispenser that can perform all the tasks. If any dispenser can do without any unnecessary features, this is an ideal choice for you, and it’s a budget-friendly water dispenser.

It has an excellent design and can quickly warm up or cool down the water in the dispenser. But most importantly, this will not cause any issues at all. Your budget will not be disturbed because of this purchase.

While buying a product, we don’t only look at the ten features of the product. But we also see the overall look and whether it will match my house style or not. This is one of the most important things that home appliance buyers knowingly or unknowingly do. The design of this water dispenser can easily blend in anywhere. Even if you have a modern house or a traditional place. This bottom-loading dispenser will perfectly do the job for you. Also, it’s an ideal option for the workplace, so your employees can keep themselves hydrated.

It is available in two colors: black, which looks extremely simple yet attractive; and And the other one is white, which is unique. However, the thing that makes it even more eye-catching is the glossy shine. This is pleasing to the eyes and plays a massive role in making this product lighter. This is not a heavyweight dispenser, so anyone can quickly move it from one place to another. Also, it’s not too big or heavy. It has a slim design, so you can easily place this dispenser anywhere.

The operating system is straightforward and requires no rocket science. There are two central systems. You can get hot water through the first system, and the second allows cold iced water. There is no other difficult thing that makes it easy to operate for everyone. The water comes up quickly, and the pouring rate is reasonable. It won’t surprise you that diseases and viruses can quickly spread with the human touch. That’s why with this water dispenser, you don’t need to worry about this issue at all. There is a lever attached to the bottom-loading dispenser. Use your cup or glass to pull up or down the lever. This way, the risks of diseases are also reduced to a great extent.

Families with children must be aware of how curious children can sometimes be. Especially when they see something new, they want to check it out. However, you can’t risk your child’s safety in any circumstance. That’s why a child safety lock is present in this water dispenser. So to get the hot water, you have to push a button. Hot water will not pour out unless you press the button on the water dispenser. You can see the spouts even during the night. And it’s all thanks to the LED system in the water dispenser.

Moreover, the bottom-loading dispenser can save people from backaches too. Simply put a water bottle of at least three to five gallons in the dispenser. It’s easy to install and operate, which is why it’s for most home owners.


  1. Easy maintenance
  2. Simple design
  3. Reduced chances of burn marks


  1. It switches back to the old setting.

Primo hTrio Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with Brew Serve

Primo is another brand that has made a considerable mark in the hydration industry. Most of the products of this company are four to five stars. That shows how much customers are satisfied with the services.

Avalon and Brio are famous for providing healthy water to consumers. Moreover, primo is also nothing less. It is also known for its innovative designs and healthy lifestyle promotion.

This is a decent choice for those who love going for minimalistic things. The design of this dispenser can easily blend with the modern yet minimalistic home. It’s available in white, which is impressive for those conscious about cleanliness. You will quickly notice spots or dirt marks on the bottom-loading water dispenser. Even if mould growth is easily noticeable, you don’t have to worry about the dispenser getting dirty. You can quickly analyse the situation, and by taking timely action, problematic situations can be avoided. There is a drip tray in almost every water dispenser. In this dispenser, you can easily remove it. Thus, you can ensure that every part of the dispenser is neat and clean. And nothing is causing the growth of mould or dirt in your charming home.

Bottom-loading water dispensers are easy to use. All you need to do is slide the water bottle. Later on, simply connect to the pump. This is a decent choice for those who live alone. And those who don’t want to take help from anyone for setting up the dispenser.

There is a built-in brewer in this dispenser. Most of the dispensers usually only have two or three temperature settings. Finding a built-in brewer’s water dispenser is somewhat hard. However, the Primo hTrio Bottom Loading Water Dispenser has this unique feature. Also, different sizes of cups are available, ranging from six ounces to ten ounces. There are a variety of options that you can choose from, such as ground or K-cup pods. Storage of these cups is more accessible as you can store them in the dispenser. A unique storage tray is present in this unit’s upper portion. With this tray, you can easily keep your cups safe.

The child lock safety feature is another thing that makes it a decent choice for house owners. Moreover, the safety of your child can be easily guaranteed this way. There is no need to worry about your child getting burned because of hot water.

Primo coupons are another special offer for those who purchase anything from this company. These coupons are entirely redeemable. You can quickly get these coupons from any shop that sells Primo products. Through this, you can fill your water bottle at any water station. There are plenty of water stations where you can easily refill your water bottle.


  1. Suitable for all types of bottles.
  2. Amazing for making coffee.
  3. long-lasting


  1. “Zero control on temperature

Euhomy WC-C Bottom-Load Self-Cleaning Water Dispenser

For anyone looking for a product that provides water and promotes health. Then Euhomy is an excellent choice for you. You can quickly get clean water from this water dispenser. Plenty of essential features in this bottom-loading water dispenser make it a popular product.

This dispenser looks simple yet clean. Euhomy WC-C is an ideal option for those who don’t want something extravagant and truly understand the importance of simplicity. However, don’t worry about the taste and temperature of the water because there is no compromise on the quality of the product.

Particular light indicators are installed in the Euhomy WC-C water dispenser. That makes it easier for the owner. They don’t need to check the water bottle again and again. Instead, these lights indicate the right time to change the water bottle.

There are three temperature settings in this bottom-loading water dispenser. One is a cold that is perfect for giving you a boost of energy. The second is hot, with the help of which you can make tea and plenty of other drinks if you don’t want cold or hot water. And like something moderate, that’s just not too much. Then there is a third setting, through which you can quickly get water at room temperature. These three settings make it easier to stay hydrated.

The safety child lock feature is essential because it ensures the child is safe. And they are not getting into any accidents because of the water dispenser. However, Euhomy WC-C goes a step ahead and makes sure that the person is getting much more security. Dry burn protection is another feature of the water dispenser. This dispenser can automatically turn off when it’s essential. So there is no need to worry about safety, and you can enjoy this hassle-free water dispenser.

This water dispenser has a self-cleaning feature. So those who don’t have enough time to clean the dispenser and do all those tasks should consider getting this dispenser. The UV light cleaning technology not only cleans the entire water dispenser. But it also helps in the reduction of microorganisms and bacteria. Suppose these organisms start growing in the bottom-loading dispenser. They can cause a lot of issues, especially related to health. This feature can save you from a lot of diseases.

Moreover, usually what happens is that the taste of water becomes salted. Or you can smell a pungent smell coming out of this dispenser. However, the best thing to do in this regard is to use this dispenser. There is no use of harsh chemicals. Usually, the issue of taste and odour arises because of the cleaning mechanisms. It’s all because of that. However, this can be eliminated by using a safe dispenser that doesn’t use chemicals.


  1. Children can easily use it.
  2. It produces only a low level of noise.
  3. Design can easily blend in with the house.


  1. Cold water does not stay cold.

Buying Guide for Bottom-Loading Water Dispensers

After seeing the water dispenser reviews, you might be wondering which option is best for you. And how can you conclude? Don’t worry; this buying guide will help you learn about the bottom-loading water dispenser. All you need to know about dispensers is here.

What is a bottom-loading water dispenser?

The simple answer to this question is a dispenser where you don’t need to put the water bottle on your back. And get anyone’s help to operate it. You can place the water bottle in the cooler’s bottom section.

  • Remove the seal of the water bottle.
  • Put a cap on the water bottle.
  • You can lift or slide the water bottle.

Following these three simple steps, you can place three to five water gallons in the dispenser. That’s all you need to do to install a water dispenser.

Things to look at before buying a bottom-loading water dispenser

Usually, people prefer a bottom-loading water dispenser to a top-loading water dispenser. Both have almost identical features and work efficiently.

However, bottom-loading water dispensers are convenient as they don’t cause backaches. Also, the process of installation and maintenance is much easier. Another thing is that they are not as costly compared to top-loading water dispensers. The chances of spillage are meager.


Self-cleaning is an essential feature through which the dispenser cleans itself. It’s a good choice for those who don’t have enough time to clean and do all the tasks. So they can resort to this process.

However, ensure you don’t choose any dispenser with chemicals in it. It’s because this can lead to several health issues. These health issues can cause you to spend a lot of money from your pocket on medical bills.

Also, many bottom-loading dispensers can be cleaned manually. You can choose any dispenser that fits your requirements for the bottom-loading dispenser.


Almost every bottom-loading dispenser makes some noise. However, the noise is sometimes as loud as a refrigerator or quiet. Usually, water dispensers make a noise when pouring water. Besides that, they don’t produce enough noise to cause disturbances.

Nighttime Lights

At night, you can crave water out of nowhere. To quench your thirst, you can use a dispenser. However, make sure that the dispenser has nighttime lights. This way, you can quickly look at the amount of water you are pouring into the glass. There won’t be any mess around the dispenser.

Child Safety Lock for Children

Those who live with children should never ignore the safety of their children. For this purpose, you must buy a bottom-loading water dispenser with a child lock feature. You must know that hot water can cause severe burns on a person’s skin. Not only this, the skin of children is incredibly soft and can quickly get marks. It is more susceptible to injuries and burn marks. That’s why the recovery process is slow, and even the entire process is excruciating. To keep children safe, you must check this critical safety feature in the bottom-loading water dispenser.

Not only for children, it’s also an essential feature for pets. It will also keep your pets safe from any troublesome situations.

Temperature Options

Every dispenser has different temperature options. Some dispensers have options through which you can quickly get water at two different temperatures. However, in some of the dispensers listed in the list, you will notice that there are three temperature dispensers available too. It would help if you chose according to your needs and requirements. Don’t be too quick with the process either, if someone in your family is picky about the temperature. Then you can buy a water dispenser to set the water temperature. This is all because of the advancement of technology and innovation. That brings more comfort to the lives of people. And they don’t need to spend their precious time boiling or freezing the water.


A water dispenser is a significant investment that you are making for the safety as well as the well-being of your family. So they can stay hydrated and healthy at all times.

Always try to find suitable options. Look at your needs and requirements. Whatever suits you, don’t hesitate to buy it. So make sure to check everything before buying the dispenser. Also, don’t buy a big water cooler if you live alone in a small apartment. Instead, choose a small dispenser.

So ditch all the thoughts and get a water dispenser straight away. So you can drink your favorite beverages at your preferred temperature.


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