Best Soap for Tattoos – Review & Buying Guide

Best soap for tattoos reviews 2022- Top 12 picks and buying guide

A skin covered by tattoos needs extra care as it is the favorite place for bacteria to grow. We cannot use general soap for cleaning the tattoos as they fade their color.

It is recommended to buy top-notch and best soap for tattoos that must be antibacterial but gentle on the skin.

Top 12 soaps for tattoos

PR no.                Product Name         Specs
1.Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Tattoo SoapDeep cleansing formulaAffordableGentle on skin
2.Dove Beauty BarHypo-allergenicAffordableGentle on skin
3.Neutrogena Transparent Soap BarGlycine rich formulaDeep cleans the skinGentle on skin
4.Cosco Tincture Tattoo Green Soap-Affordable  Prevents redness100% veganAffordable
5.Blue Soap Cleansing and Smoothing SolutionLong-lastingAntibacterialGentle on skin
6.Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soapsuitable for sensitive skinGentle on skinNatural ingredients
7.Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body WashLock moistureHydrate skinAffordable
8.Billy Jealousy Tattoo WashScrubbing formulaEnhance the color of the tattooGentle on skin
9.Ink-Eeze Tattoo Product Prebiotic form SoapStop post-tattoo drynessGentle on skinBalance pH
10.Dial Basics Bar SoapAnti-inflammatoryGentle on skinAffordable
11.Pre De Provence SoapNatural ingredientsParaben and sulfate-freeOil-based
12.Aquaphor Ointment Body SoapEasy to applyGlycine richHypo-allergenic

Tattoo goo deep cleansing tattoo soap- Deep cleansing formula

While choosing the best soap for tattoos, make sure it is not harsh on your skin. Products take out all moisture from the skin and leave it dry. Thus making it easy for bacteria and viruses to hide.

However, tattoo goo deep cleansing soap has a moisturizing formula and a slightly acidic pH; thus, it will provide a buffer to the skin.

It kills all types of micro-organisms on your skin and cleanses the skin while being gentle to it.

It has PCMX-L, a combination of chloroxylenol (PCMX) and sodium lauryl sarcosinate (Lauricidin). The latter one is derived from palm seed extract with a unique process, thus making it able to clean the skin deeply.

PCMX gives this soap antibacterial and anti-microbial characteristics, but it is not harmful to the skin.

You will feel that your skin is neat and clean after washing your skin with it as it cleans at a deeper level without fading out tattoos. Moreover, after washing, it creates a sheeting effect on the skin.


  1. Fragrance-free
  2. It has a combination of PXCX-L
  3. Deep cleansing formula


  1. It does not form good leather

Dove beauty bar- Best for sensitive skin

It has a hypoallergenic formula, and it is specially designed for people who have sensitive skin. Moisturizing and gentle microbiome formula is combined with glycine, palm kernel oil, and essential fatty acids to clean the skin.

Kernel oil is a humectant that moisturizes and softens the skin. Thus best for dry, itchy skin, and it will moisturize and nourish your skin deeply and remove all kinds of bacteria from the skin.

Its gentle cleaner produces creamy leather, which creates a protective layer on the skin.

Moreover, it is fragrance-free and highly recommended by doctors. It cleans all dirt from the skin without disturbing its natural moisture barrier.

You can use it on your face and other body parts as it does not contain sulfate cleaner. Furthermore is certified cruelty free by PETA.

Without wasting any time, switch from ordinary bar to dove soap bar as it is all in one.


  1. 100% gentle cleaner
  2. PETA currently offers free certification
  3. Best for sensitive skin


  1.  Have fragrance

Neutrogena transparent soap bar- Glycine rich formula

Our skin needs moisture, nourishment, and healing after inking; otherwise, it gets damaged and allergic. Neutrogena soap bar protects us from the after-effects of inking.

It contains a large amount of glycine, a humectant; thus, it will draw moisture from the deeper layer of the skin and create a coating on the skin.

To kill the bacteria and increase the anti-bacterial properties of the soap, sodium salt is added to it.

Moreover, it does not have any complex chemicals, fragrances, parabens, or sulfate; thus, the soap is very gentle on the skin and highly recommended by doctors.

It deeply cleans the skin, kills all microbes, balances the oil production, and gives moisturizer to the skin. Your skin will start looking healthy, and your tattoos will become more vibrant and vivid after using this best anti-bacterial soap for tattoos.


  1. Glycine rich formula
  2. Sulfate and parabens free
  3. Heals itchiness


  1. Expensive

Cosco tincture tattoo green soap- Affordable

You will see it in all tattoo shops as they use Cosco as a standard fixture; moreover, it disinfects the skin. It is widely used to prepare the skin for inking. Glycine, lavender, and vegetable oil are used to make it, and no artificial ingredient is added.

It deeply cleans the blood clot and protein soils from the skin during inking, and as it has natural formula thus, there will be no dehydration and dryness on the skin.

Best of all, its price is affordable, which means by investing only a small amount, you can deeply clean and moisturize the skin covered by the tattoo, where are more chances of microbial growth and itching.


  1. Affordable
  2. Glycine-rich
  3. All-natural ingredients


  1. It has a strange smell

H2ocean blue green foam soap-100% vegan

If you have susceptible skin and need extra care after inking to stop the growth of bacteria, H2 Ocean blue-green foam soap is the best option.

Its active ingredients are 0.13% benzalkonium chloride, which destroys bacterial cell membranes and kills them; thus, it is anti-bacterial. Moreover, it stops redness and itching even if you have used a minimal amount,

Aloe vera and sea salt are present for profoundly cleaning the skin and removing clogging from all pores. These ingredients cleanse the skin, provide moisture, and lock the water in the skin for long-term hydration. It is parabens, sulfates, and alcohol-free.


  1. 100 vegan
  2. Free of alcohol
  3. Prevent redness and irritation


  1. Low-quality pump

Blue soap cleansing and smoothing solution- Reduce inflammation

The blue soap cleansing and smoothing soap solution have 10% soap and 90% water. Moreover, mild alcohol is also added, which destroys bacteria’s cell walls through its germicidal action and kills them. Thus there will be no bacteria on the tattoo

Its cleansing formula removes all skin dirt and leaves it soft and smooth.

This bar is also best for those people who cannot bear the pain of tattoos because it contains camphor which relieves pain, inflammation, and skin irritation.

Best of all, it has a long-lasting, practical effect and protects the skin for a long time. There is not even a single drawback of using this soap.

Just take a little amount from your wallet as it has a very affordable price; buy the soap and start using it to clean your tattoo. You will thank your future self.


  1. Relives pain and inflammation
  2. Germicidal
  3. Long-lasting effect

Cons not defined at the moment. Check back in few weeks.

Dr. Bronner’s pure Castile liquid soap- Environment friendly

It has more than 90% organic and biodegradable ingredients. It is designed for babies; thus, it is never harsh on the skin. Foaming agents, preservatives, thickeners, and other nasty chemicals are not used in their production.

It is 100% vegan, and all ingredients are plant-based. Above all, it was never tested cruelly on animals.

Remember that it is very concentrated, so do not apply it directly; instead, always dilute it.

The company makes its packaging by recycling discarded plastic. Thus there will be the removal of waste material from the earth. Is not it amazing?


  1. Plant-based
  2. Environment friendly
  3. Do not have harsh chemicals


  1. It is not tear-free

Aveeno daily moisturizing body wash- Locks moisture

Aveeno daily moisturizing creamy texture body wash will make you feel your skin healthier every time you use it. No other body wash can beat its moisturizing qualities.

It is rich in oatmeals and emollients that lock the moisture and remove dirt, oil, and bacteria from the skin.

It contains a slight scent; however, it is soap-free. You can use it without any worry. Moreover, it is the most recommended anti-bacterial soap by doctors.

Thus, its fantastic formula will help you deep cleanse and moisturize the skin and keep the tattoo in check, making sure it looks good.


  1. Rich in emollients
  2. Locks moisture
  3. Soap and dye-free


  1. It contains a small amount of scent

Billy jealousy tattoo wash- Enhance color of tattoo

You got a tattoo a few years ago, and now it has started looking dull and does not attract you anymore. Billy jealousy tattoo wash can take you out of this situation and help you make your tattoo fresh and bright.

It contains glycolic acid and fruit extracts which will remove all dead cells as they make the tattoo look dull. Moreover, cucumber extract and oats enhance the color.

However, you must not use it on freshly tattooed skin as it has a scrubbing formula, and it is a bit harsh for newly inked skin. You can use it 2 weeks after inking.


  1. Removes dead cells
  2. Enhance the color of the tattoo
  3. Gentle on the skin


  1. Cannot be used on fresh inked cell

Ink-eeze tattoo product prebiotic form soap- Best for post inking dryness

It is the most popular shampoo among people who love tattoos and the best soap for preparing skin for inking.

It is made of natural ingredients, which are the following: plant driver glycerine, sea salt, kelp extract, coconut, saponified coconut water, and whole leaf also vera.

The coconut and glycerin are humectants; thus, they lock the water and retain moisture in the skin. Moreover, they also minimize the post-inking dryness.

The aloe vera leaf extract and kelp extract contain many antioxidants and minerals that soften and hydrate the dry skin.

Moreover, you will feel your skin is smooth, healthy, and soft after its application.


  1. Retain moisture
  2. Removes post inking dryness
  3. Balanced pH


  1. None

Dial basics bar soap- Affordable

Dial Basics Bar Soap, Hypoallergenic, 3.2-Ounce Bars, 3 Count

It is the most budget-friendly soap for people who have sensitive skin because of its hypoallergenic properties.

Moreover, it is very gentle on the skin and removes all dirt and germs from the skin, leaving behind soft, clean, and moisturized skin.

Above all, you need not worry about your budget as it is very affordable, and you can use it on your skin daily.


  1. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  2. Anti-inflammatory
  3. Affordable


  1. Strong fragrance

Pre de Provence soap- Olive oil based

Olive oil was considered the best oil for post-inking care. Instead of using olive oil, you can use soaps based on it.

Pre de Provence soap is the best combination of olive oil for healing properties and shea butter for deep cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Moreover, its creamy texture gives a very soothing effect on the skin, and it has antioxidants that improve the skin’s elasticity.

This soap is free of parabens, sulfate, ethyl alcohol, and sodium lauryl sulfate.


  1. Based on olive oil
  2. Paraben and sulfate-free
  3. Gentle on the skin

Cons not specified.

Aquaphor ointment body soap- Easy to apply

It is the best for tattoos that are hard to reach, for example, on the back, legs, and shoulders, as it has no touch spray application.

It is hypoallergenic and thus best for sensitive and dry skin. Butane, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Ceresin, Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Glycerin, and BisabololIt are its main ingredients.

All these ingredients help nourish, hydrate, and soften the skin. Above all, it does not contain any preservatives or fragrances. However, before using it, you must shake it to mix all ingredients and spray it on the skin from a distance of 3-5 inches.

Never spray it near your mouth, and close your eye and mouth while spraying on your face.


  1. Easy to apply
  2. Glycerine rich
  3. Hypo-allergenic


  1. Cause irritation in eyes

Buying guide

While buying the best soap for tattoos, there are certain factors you should keep in mind. These factors will help you choose the right product that will not cause irritation, allergy, and dehydration.

1.  Fragrance-free

Fragrances attract us very much. However, we should avoid such products because toxic chemicals are used to produce fragrance. These chemicals are very harsh on the skin and cause allergies and itching, especially when the tattoo is new.

2.  Mild

Ensure that the soap you will buy is mild and gentle on the skin. Such products never cause redness, itching, and irritation on the skin as they are mostly made of natural ingredients, and no harsh chemical is added.

3.  Antimicrobial

The skin covered by tattoos is more prone to microbial growth than uncovered skin. Thus, the best soap for tattoos has antimicrobial properties to stop bacteria growth and kill them.

Bacterial growth on the skin covered by tattoos causes severe itching and irritation, and if it is not controlled, you can become the victim of severe infection.

4.  Natural ingredients

All soaps do not have good ingredients, so before buying any soap, you must go through the content section and make sure the soap you are going to buy is made of natural ingredients and will make your tattoo look fresh and bright.

It should have such ingredients that you moisturize, nourish, and smoothen your skin.

It has mild preservatives and thickeners. Similarly, it should be paraben and sulfate-free.

5.  Budget-friendly

Do not go for extras, as all these are marketing tactics. If you find a soap having all the features mentioned above and its price is also affordable for you, buy it without any confusion.


Following are the queries that are in the minds of most people.

How often to use tattoo soap?

It is recommended to use tattoo soap 2-3 times a week; however, it depends on your skin requirement.

What are the essential ingredients to look for in a soap?

It must be hydrating, and glycine is the best hydrating agent. Similarly, it should have antibacterial and antimicrobial agents.

Should i use additional products for tattoo care?

Yes, it will be perfect for your skin if you apply soothing and anti-inflammatory cream and lotion to the area of tattoos.

Final Verdict

All the soaps discussed above are of high quality, have top-notch ingredients, deep cleansing formula, and anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

However, in my opinion, Neutrogena soap is the best as it hydrates the skin and maintains the tattoo’s color.

Thank you for your time!


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