Blonde Roast Coffee- Guide

Blonde Roast Coffee- Comprehensive Guide

Coffee roast terms are very confusing, and when we think we know all about coffee, a new word pops out. It would help if you were confusing blonde roast with white coffee.

In this article, I have discussed what blonde roast coffee is, how to differentiate it from medium and dark roast coffee, its health benefits, and much more

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What is a blonde roast?

It is lightly roasted coffee, and in the past, it was known as cinnamon roasted because of its light brown color in the coffee. It has a shinier surface than medium and dark roasted coffee.

Difference between blonde roast and dark roast coffee

Most people can’t differentiate between light roast coffee and dark roast coffee as they find it confusing. Please go through the following points to easily distinguish between them.

1.   Appearance

First of all, use your sense of vision and see the color of coffee as it is the easiest method. If coffee is dark brown, it is dark roasted coffee.

However, if it is neither dark nor golden, you have medium roast coffee. Similarly, blonde roast coffee has a blonde appearance.

2.   Body

Blonde roast has a less cracked body than dark blonde, and the bean we use in the coffee also defines the body. Besides this, cultural preferences also define the body type.

 The world’s most popular brands and coffee shops use Arabica, and robusta is the second number in terms of popularity around the globe.

Choose robusta if you want more flavor; however, Arabica is the best for acidity. Colombia only produces Arabica; however, Latin American nations grow both.

3.   Roasting process

The roasting process differentiates between blonde and dark coffee. Blonde roast has a lighter shade than dark roast because the beans are roasted for less time and at less temperature.

For the production of dark roast, the coffee beans are roasted at the temperature of 437-446C. However, the recommended temperature for the production of blonde roast is 355-400C.

As coffee beans start roasting and cracking at the temperature of 400, however, for blonde roast, we want them to be right at the edge of breaking.

4.   Caffeine content

It is a common myth that light roast coffee has a more caffeine content than dark roasted. Coffee beans naturally contain a large amount of caffeine before roasting, and it is released while roasting.

As dark coffee is more roasted, thus, during the process of cracking, caffeine is released. However, we let the blonde roast coffee bean roast only for a short time. Thus they do not break but instead retain caffeine inside them.

5.   Acidity

Blonde roast coffee is more acidic than dark roast coffee, due to which it tastes citrus. Many people like blonde roast more because they can taste the flavor of coffee beans.

Similarly, people also describe it as lemony. On the other hand, dark roast coffee is more sweet, buttery, and caramelized.

6.   Flavor

It is the most exciting part of the blog as we will talk about the flavors of coffee. We can prepare a tasty cup of coffee from both lightly roasted coffee beans and dark roasted coffee beans.

Then how can we differentiate that the coffee we drink is either prepared with blonde roasted beans or dark roasted beans?

The answer is that you can find out roasted blonde coffee with soft mouthfuls, mellow flavor profiles, and light bodies. People who love mild, fruity, and bright drinks should go for blonde roast coffee.

Moreover, it is the most suitable base for many drinks, such as espresso via latte to cappuccino.

Health benefits of light roast coffee?

These are the health benefits of blonde roast coffee

1.  More antioxidants and nutrients

It contains many antioxidants that are very beneficial for our health. So if you want to take a sufficient amount of the nutrient, add blonde roast coffee to your routine and stop using medium or dark roast coffee

2.  Less inflammation

If you avoid coffee because you have a heart, it causes inflammation. Do not carve yourself for coffee anymore as blonde roast contains many anti-oxidants; thus, it causes less inflammation and protects you from a large number of chronic diseases as inflammation is host to such conditions.

Best blonde roast coffee brands

You know the benefits of a blonde roast and want to have it in your life but do not know which the best brand is. Do not worry; I have already done all the hard work for you and shortlisted the following blonde roast coffee brands

1. Kicking Horse Coffee, Hola, Light Roast

They have been producing coffee for 20 years and are famous worldwide for their whole beans. Moreover, you can drink their coffee without any stress on your mind as they make a fair trade; coffee is organic and follows all rules and regulations.

The bean comes from central and south America. After growing in the shade, the beans are roasted in the Canadian mountains. They have a strong aroma of brown sugar, rich nougat, and cocoa powder, which will wake you up and freshen your mood.

When combined with juicy red fruit and creamy honey, its taste is extraordinary. You can use different methods for its brewing, for example, French press, drip machine, espresso, pour-over, and cold brew.


  1. High quality
  2. Organic
  3. Several brewing options


  1. Come in only one size

2. Real Good Coffee Company

They make the best option for starting a day, and they are Arabica coffee beans grown in the south and Central America then roasted in the Seattle, the USA, for selling to people.

If you want coffee beans that can work with all brewers, then good coffee company beans are the best option. You can brew them in an espresso maker, Moka pot, dip machine, French press, or pour-over.

They always produce the same taste as a barista. It does not matter what method of brewing you are using. Once it has been brewed, enjoy its citrus flavor with aromatic notes of cream and chocolate.

If you drink one cup of reading good coffee, you will have enough energy to work all day. You can easily trust read well as they have 30 years of experience and do not add additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.


  1. It can be brewed with all machines
  2. No additives and preservatives
  3. Smooth cream and milk chocolate flavor


  1. Available in one size only

3. Starbucks Blonde Roast Whole Bean Coffee

You are a fan of Starbuck veranda blend; however, you think their coffee is very dark. You must also try their blonde roast coffee. It is grown on the Latin farms, then ground and roasted by Starbuck for shipment.

We can blend it with flavor notes of cocoa, soft spice, and nuts. To get the optimal acidity, aroma, flavor, and body, they are subjected to a unique balance of time and temperature.

 You can also find nuances of lightly toasted nuts and soft cocoa, a smooth body, and baking chocolate and malt flavors.

We can brew it with a Moka pot, drip coffee, and coffee press. To enjoy its taste to the fullest, blend it with cold water. It does not matter whether you will be spending a lazy day or a strenuous one; it gives you enough energy.


  1. Soft savory flavor
  2. Light
  3. Different methods can brew it


  1. Shipping only in the US

4. Kuju Coffee Premium Single

These are 100% roasted beans. Best of all, compostable and environmentally friendly material is used for their production. Angel’s landing is a place served for the kuju’s light roast coffee grade.

Above all, it is straightforward to prepare. You do not have to juggle very much. Just arrange a mug of hot water and mix it with coffee well

It has nutty, citrus, and floral notes; moreover, there aroma and flavor are bold. Earthy dried barriers and dark cocoa notes end it. There is nitro flushing of each packet to remove the oxygen and keep the coffee fresh for more time.

This coffee is sourced from the farms where their victims of sex work to support their livelihood, and they also donate 1% of their earnings to the national park foundation.


  1. Easy to make
  2. Single-serve coffee
  3. Nitro-flushed to keep it fresh


  1. You have to water separately

5. Peet’s Coffee Colombia Luminosa Light Roast Coffee K

This product is obtained through years of research, batch roasting, and testing. As a result, it has a smooth flavor, bright acidity, and mild body.

Peet’s coffee sources top-notch beans, roasted by hands in batches. During the whole process, the strictest quality and freshness measures are upheld.

It has sweet flavor notes of stone fruit and passionflower. Beans sourced from Columbia are famous worldwide for their sweetness and smoothness. To balance the taste, 100% Arabica beans from Ethiopia are used to have floral and fruity characters.

To further enhance the flavor, brew it in the cold water. It is kosher certified, and it will make your morning happy.


  1. Hand roasted in batches
  2. Available in three types of bends
  3. Kosher certified


  1. Shipped in the USA only

6. Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Ground Coffee Bag

It is a top-notch company that focuses only on the production of beans. They do not have coffee shops and manufacturing machinery as they only work on bean’s best flavor to get a smooth and never bitter taste.

It is a combination of Colombian Supremo, Kona Blend, and Gold Roast Breakfast Blend, due to which it has a unique, bright, and clear tone.

Sustainable, hand-crafted, and small-batch roasted will make your morning delightful and give you energy for doing everyday tasks.


  1. Hand-crafted
  2. Small batch production
  3. Never bitter


  1. Fewer chocolate notes

Is blonde coffee the same as a light roast?

You may be confused about whether blonde coffee and light roast are the same. There is no need to be confused as both terms are used alternatively. However, white coffee is different from light roast.

Light City and half-light city are also widely used terms for the blonde roast.

Is blonde roast stronger?

It is the most commonly asked question as some myths revolve around society. Total dissolved solid tells us about the strength of the coffee.

Moreover, every coffee is extracted in different ways, and many factors define the final strength of the cup of coffee. However, if you have coffee of proper grind size and use weight instead of mass, the strength of dark roast coffee and blonde roast coffee will be the same.

But if you refer to caffeine when asking about strength, then blonde roast coffee has more caffeine; thus, it is stronger than dark roast coffee.

Similarly, if strength means bitterness in your dictionary, the answer is negative, as the blonde roast does not have a bitter taste.

Is blonde roast coffee terrible for health?

Yes, it has anti-oxidants making it healthy for the skin. The only fact that makes it bad for health is over-consumption, as the concentration of antioxidants will be more than the requirement in the body, and it can be detrimental.

So always take coffee in moderation, and if you see any allergic reaction, immediately rush to the doctor.

To Sum up

In a nutshell, the blonde roast is lightly roasted coffee with an acidic and sweet taste. If you want to take more caffeine, replace dark roast coffee with a blonde roast as it is roasted at low temperature and has high caffeine content.

The top 5 best blonde roast coffee brands are also mentioned here; you can choose the most affordable one. If you want to increase your stamina to do daily activities must add a blonde roast coffee to your diet.

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