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All About Buff Ameraucana

The Buff Ameraucana is one of the varieties of the Ameraucana breed. It is a friendly, happy, and beautiful chicken that lays greenish blue eggs. They are independent chickens that love to free range and find their own food. This breed of chicken has a lot of features that you’ll love to know. Today, we will look at some important facts about the buff ameraucana.

Brief history of the Buff Ameraucana

The Ameraucana breed of chickens are traced back to Chile in the 1500s. Overtime, different breeds were bred together by the natives to form what is known today as Araucana. Yet, Araucanas are the parents of the modern day Ameraucana. This started when the Araucanas were brought into the United States by audience who attended the conference held for Araucana in Chile. The Ameraucana was founded by Mr. Keller, who was part of the Pratt Experimental Farm in Pennsylvania. The Ameraucana were created by crossing different breeds to the Araucana.

The Ameraucana breed of chicken was accepted into the American Poultry Association in 1984. The name Ameraucana was coined from two words: America and Araucana. It was named to sound like American Araucana, because it is recognized in the United States as a separate breed, but Ameraucana sounds perfect, since it combines both America and the parent breed Araucana into one word. In some countries like Australia for example, the Ameraucana, Easter eggs and Araucana chickens are not recognized as separate breeds, all are categorized together as one breed.

The Buff Ameraucana breeds are able to withstand much cold and bred for dual purpose. They are popular for laying greenish-blue eggs. They have both beards and muffs and their eyes are reddish bay color. Their tails are upright and at a 45 degree angle of their body. Their body is of golden buff color and their feet are blue/slate.

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Major characteristics of Buff Ameraucana that differentiate it from other breeds

Buff Ameraucana is one of the varieties of the Ameraucana breed. They are a quiet and docile breed of chicken that suit family life and tolerate small kids, and enjoy living with humans. They share similar features with other breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs. So, if you are in the market for Buff Ameraucanas, you could easily get confused when trying to tell which is which.

Here are some features that clearly distinguish the Buff Ameraucanas from other breeds, take note of them so you don’t buy the wrong chickens.

  • Color of the Buff Ameraucana eggs

The Buff Ameraucana is known to lay greenish blue eggs

  • Color of the Buff Ameraucana body

The Buff Ameraucana is a variety of the Ameraucana breed that has a golden buff feather color.

  • Color of the Buff Ameraucana legs

The buff Ameraucanas are more precise when it comes to leg color, they are simply slate/blue.

  • Shape of the body

Buff Ameraucanas are known for big and full feathered chests. However, the Easter Eggers have a thin body frame, while the Araucanas have round chests, which are also full of feathers.

  • Nature of tail

The Buff Ameraucanas have tails that are upright and at a 45 degree angle of their body.

  • Nature of the face

The Buff Ameraucanas have roughly full faces with beards that are thick. They also have ear muffs.

  • Type of comb

Buff Ameraucanas have pea combs, but the Easter Eggers have no standards.

Other Characteristics of Buff Ameraucanas

The Buff Ameraucana are bred for two principal reasons; their greenish blue colored eggs and for exhibition purposes. The bantam size Buff Ameraucanas weigh between 680 to 820 grams, while the large chicken sizes weigh between 2 to 2.5 kilograms.

They are very happy birds with a healthy social behavior. They can live well around other chickens, and are naturally friendly to humans, but don’t try to hold them if they show resistance. The roosters are not as sociable as the hens, so if you’re holding a buff ameraucana that is getting aggressive, it is mostly likely a rooster and you should put it down immediately.  One thing that easily makes Ameraucanas hostile is unfamiliar situations, when they are with strange chickens or strange people, they can get aggressive and that is their self defense mechanism.

Buff Ameraucanas are known to have a low broodiness level and are easy to care for. You need a lot of space them because they love to move around.  

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The eggs laid by Buff Ameraucanas are average to large in size, and greenish blue in color. According to observation, an average buff ameraucana can produce up to 200 eggs per year. When well cared for, these chickens can be very lucrative to rear. They don’t have a specified life span, but they can live for a maximum of eight years. Buff Ameraucanas are also reared for meat production purposes, and it takes about one year before it is mature enough to start producing meat.

Facts About the Buff Ameraucana

  • The Buff Ameraucana was developed in the United States.
  • Buff Ameraucana lay greenish blue eggs.
  • Buff Ameraucana’s ability to lay blue eggs comes from chickens from Chile.
  • Buff Ameraucana can lay up to 200 eggs per year.
  • Buff Ameraucana lay 3 to 4 eggs per week.
  • Their bodies are of golden buff color.
  • They are able to survive in cold weathers.

Few reasons why you should rear Buff Ameraucanas

  • The Buff Ameraucana are meat producers, but majorly egg layers. It’s true that they take long time to produce meat, but the results are worth the wait, this further increases their commercial value, since they are good for both meat and eggs (dual purpose).
  • They are relatively easy to breed because of their obedient nature. They are not aggressive to familiar faces and caregivers. If you feed and treat them well, you will enjoy their cooperative behavior.
  • With respect to feeding, Buff Ameraucanas are not picky, but to get the best out of them, it is ideal to feed them organic foods, especially if you are planning to harness their dual-purpose nature.
  • They are quiet breed of chickens. You won’t hear much noise from your farm unless there is something giving these chickens discomfort. Despite being sweet in nature, they can be defensively aggressive when they feel threatened. To enjoy their quiet nature, make sure they have enough space to roam about, they will feel safe and remain quiet most of the time.
  • They lay beautiful greenish blue eggs that will be highly sought after when you let people know you have them for sale or exhibition. These eggs have the same nutritional values as the regular color of eggs. Buff Ameraucanas lay all year round.

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