Does CarMax sell new cars? Facts

Does CarMax sell new cars? Facts

CarMax is one of the most popular car-selling companies in America. CarMax has been in the industry for more than 25 years. The news is circulating nowadays that this vehicle retailer company is making changes. Most people are unsure and unaware of it. The information is that CarMax is saying goodbye to the new vehicle business and decided to move to the used vehicle retailing business.

Suppose you want to know a clear answer to this question. Then yes, this news is correct, and CarMax is working on it and have made this huge change.

There are too many questions that might arise in your mind. Such as;

Why is CarMax doing this?

Will CarMax become unsuccessful after this?

Is it helpful for business and beneficial for people?

These are some of the most common questions that people ask. So keep reading to learn about this issue.

CarMax is going back to the used-car business

This decision was not abrupt. It’s a well-thought-out decision by CarMax. This company sold Laurel Toyota, in Maryland, to a well-known store. Sheehy Auto Stores of Virginia got this in January.

Automotive News was also informed about this massive change in the company. So people are aware of the change that’s going to happen. According to the information provided by the company, almost half of the Toyota dealerships are already done. However, their remaining dealership will be sold in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Also, the Kenosha location will be used to expand the CarMax used-car selling business in the future.

What are the possible reasons?

Some people might say that this decision is too quick and it will only lead to the failure of the company. However, the truth is somewhat different. CarMax noticed that their new car selling business was not gaining the expected attention.

The company is not making enough sales in this criteria to meet the requirements. Also, the pandemic in 2020 has ignited more fire in the entire situation. There were little to no sales in the new car category, so they had to make tough decisions.

The company decided to change its way of operating. They also started focusing on more sales. The world is changing every minute. You have to keep up with the latest trends. You must change your strategies if you want to survive in the industry and make your business successful. And keep on modifying your business and design.

There is a famous saying that comes to mind. CarMax started adopting this in their business and has made a lot of changes. They started focusing more on social media presence and online sales. So, they can build a stronger connection with their consumers.

CarMax decided to make proper plans and strategies to make their used-car selling business flourish. Moreover, they have also started working on building an online platform where people can quickly check all the used cars and thus facilitate people and make buying even easier for them.

The Omni channel platform

After a distressing period of COVID-19 and low sales of cars at the end of 2020, CarMax did many things to make the business return to track.

First, they put out an Omni channel platform that showed promise for the business of selling used cars at CarMax.

Secondly, they brought more focus to the company’s marketing so that their users could learn more about the company. Also, to inform people that they can easily buy used cars online. You can get your favorite used car by clicking with your finger.

However, that doesn’t mean they stopped working in the physical shop. The physical shop of CarMax is also excelling and providing exceptional services to all the buyers. This is only to facilitate people and let them buy their favourite CarMax used car online. Or they can visit the shop at their convenience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses realise a lot of things. Running a business merely based on physical shops is not helpful. It will only create a massive wall between businesses and their buyers. Almost all companies are shifting to online and physical shops to make things easier. Both hold a lot of importance, and neglecting them will only cause damage to the business. That’s why businesses are shifting to both platforms.

CarMax is expanding its used-car business

People faced a lot of financial issues after the pandemic. This pandemic has changed a lot of things. However, CarMax, which sells used cars, became a massive hit because of the pandemic.

To be more precise, people had limited money because of the loss of jobs. Also, a lot of employees were fired because of their financial condition. However, some people want to buy a car that can fit their requirements. Such as, the car should look good and work well. The most important thing is that cars should not be too costly, disrupting the household’s budget. That’s where CarMax came to rescue all the people. So they can enjoy and have fun. Also, used cars are quite affordable compared to new ones. That’s another reason why the sales of used vehicles spiked.

Later on, the company decides to make this its central focus and worked hard on it and sold pre-owned automobiles.

Automotive news is well aware of this situation and is kept informed about the changing conditions in the CarMax Company. Darren Newberry, who looks after store operations at CarMax, He is the senior vice president of all functions. He said that with this new modification and system, we could efficiently serve our customers, our primary goal. Also, CarMax is beneficial when someone wants to buy a used car. You can quickly sell your used car too, at the CarMax Company. For further convenience, online and physical shops are also available. So the whole process is not distressing at all. At CarMax, one can easily buy or sell their used cars.

How to sell your cars on CarMax

24-hour test drives

When buying a second-hand or used car, people often think the car is in proper condition. What if I get scammed and a lot of thoughts run through a person’s mind?

You might already know that many car dealerships and companies allow test-driving. This is essential as it ensures customer satisfaction and builds a high level of trust.

However, there is not enough fuel in the car. Due to this, you can’t run the car for an extended period. More than that, it’s just like a quick drive. That lasts for a brief period. However, it’s hard to say that you can thoroughly analyse the car situation in that short period. Also, checking the engine, the smooth drive takes some time, due to which this short drive is not usually enough. And also, it’s not long enough to conclude whether that car is a decent choice for you or not.

Are car prices going down?

CarMax got one step ahead of all the dealership companies and announced a fascinating policy. The procedure’s name is a loved car warranty, which is quite fascinating. According to this guarantee, you can test drive a vehicle for almost 24 hours. Also, another fantastic thing is that you can return the car within 30 days if you don’t like it.

This policy was mainly started at the time when CarMax used to sell new cars. But even though they shifted from new to use cars, the policy is still working. Moreover, many believe this policy is better for used cars than new cars. The rate of customer satisfaction is exceptionally high at CarMax.

The no-haggle policy of CarMax

CarMax saves their own time and the time of customers. They understand the value of time. That’s why they have introduced this unique policy. Buying a used car is much easier than selling one. No one has to waste tonnes of time discussing prices and bargaining.


CarMax is expanding at an incredible pace that is extremely helpful and convenient for people who want to buy and sell their cars. Another important thing is that CarMax has more than 200 locations in the United States of America. Due to this, customers can quickly go for a test drive. This brings a lot of ease, and there are plenty of models of cars. The variety is endless, and it’s for sure that you can find your dream car sitting peacefully at CarMax. The interface is also straightforward, and buying a vehicle is easy at CarMax.

However, in some cases, CarMax might charge extra money for shipping and other things. It’s best to clear up everything before placing an order for a used car at CarMax.


The advancement of science and technology has put everything at ease. Not only are customers benefitting from it, but many businesses are also using it to their advantage. CarMax is also using these tactics. And so far, their plan is working tremendously well in helping people and growing the company’s sales.

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