Does It Matter What Battery I Put In My Car?

Does It Matter What Battery I Put In My Car?

When you turn on the key for your car and hear nothing, or when you make a weak attempt at cranking the engine, you become so frustrated. As we know, these situations happen when your car’s battery is dying, about to die or when you put the wrong battery in your car. At this time, you think about which battery will be good enough for your car. This depends on the type, quality, CCA, RC, and battery size. 

So what battery you have put in your car matters a lot regarding the performance of your car. The car manufacturers manufacture the batteries in different sizes, and for convenience, they divide the batteries into other numbers of the range. The larger batteries supply more power to your vehicle than smaller batteries. The larger the battery, the higher its CCA.

If you randomly choose the wrong battery, your car’s electrical system will damage and burn your engine. Not only the heavier batteries are dangerous for your car, but also the small batteries are dangerous for your vehicle. 

If you want an appropriate battery for your car, then a professional vehicle electrician and a car manufacturer are the two persons that can help you at this time. In that case, you think about which battery will be good enough for your car. This depends on the type, quality, CCA, RC, and battery size. 

So let’s get started!

Why Does Your Car Need A Battery?

If you are not aware of the importance of your car battery, then let me explain because this will convince you to buy good quality and appropriate size battery. Your car’s electrical and mechanical systems must be in good condition to convey your car to your desired location. Most people only take the mechanical issues of their car seriously and never think deeply about electrical problems. But don’t forget that this electrical system powers your car’s windscreen wiper, car security system, window glasses, audio system, phone charging, cigarette lightning port, air conditioning system, and many more. 

The main role of your car’s battery is to power your car’s engine and initiate and start the engine, so if you want that your car’s battery lasts long, then follow all the instructions directed by your manufacturer, such as battery replacement schedule, battery recharge timing and so on.

As in new car models, more work is put on the electrical systems, so now car manufacturers think more precisely about the appropriate size and capacity of the battery as the advancement in-car features that depend upon the electrical system are increasing.

Which Aspects Must You Consider to Buy A Battery?

Every battery is not suitable for your car. There are specific batteries for cars that make them efficient for their work. So who knows about the appropriate batteries for your car? Your car manufacturer and the licensed vehicle electrician are the two persons that know each and everything about your car, including which brand of battery is suitable for your car? Which size of the battery is appropriate for your cars and many more. So here we have mentioned the factors you must know if you want to buy a good and proper battery for your car.

The Battery Council International provides each battery with specific dimensions, including length, width, and negative and positive terminal. As we have told you, the batteries are not suitable for all the cars. Some batteries are bigger than others, and some are smaller than others. These size distributions are not arbitrarily. The car manufacturers left different spaces for batteries in the car bonnet for different cars. The batteries vary in dimensions according to other models and car sizes.

The differentiation in sizes of the car is not only for battery sizing but also for categorizing vehicles into cars, salons, trucks, SUVs, and heavy-duty trucks. The battery size also determines whether your vehicle has a diesel or gasoline engine.

In Which Manner Size of Batteries is Differentiated?

There are numbers or a range of numbers that depicts the size of the battery. Larger the number larger the size of the battery.

There are mainly three types of batteries range:

  • 24 to 25
  • 34 to 35
  • 65 to 75 
  • 24 to 25 batteries are used in cars, including Honda jeep, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, and other small cars.
  • The batteries in the range of 34 to 35 are used in big vehicles that require high power to start the engine, such as SUV trucks and other big cars.
  • The batteries that fall between 65 to 75 produce enormous power and are used in trucks and other large vehicles.

CCA of A Battery

You must know about the CCA of the battery before buying it. The CCA of a battery is specific for specific battery ranges but is not always the same in every case. If your battery has a higher CCA, it will be good enough to provide a good amount of steady current in cold weather.

If you don’t know about the CCA of a battery, then you don’t need to read other articles because here, we have explained this much more easily.

You are thinking of buying a 12 volts battery, so how would you what is its CCA ( Cold Cranking Amperage)?

CCA is the amount of steady current that a battery supplies for 30 seconds without dropping the voltage below 7.2 at -18 oC. CCA is the capacity of your battery to start the engine in extremely cold weather.

What Would Happen If You Choose Your Battery Randomly?

If you choose your car’s battery randomly, then there is the possibility that you choose the battery that provides more power as compared to the requirement of your car. This larger battery will be dangerous for your car because it may have the ability to damage or burn your car’s electric components that work on the electrical system.

Suppose you choose a battery that is smaller than your car’s needs will create a problem. This battery will not be sufficient for car manufacturers’ specified size. The small battery will not be adequate to produce enough power to support your vehicle’s electrical system and to start your engine.

What Are The Symptoms of Wrong Battery In a Car?

Batteries are the most important component of your vehicle; throughout their service life, they go through charging and discharging cycles. But how will you find that you have put the wrong battery in your car? The symptoms of faulty and damaged batteries are the same, but here we have mentioned the most common symptoms related to the wrong car battery that will help you find it. So have a look below.

Diming of Headlights

The Diming of headlights is the most common symptom of a wrong battery. When you turn on the headlights, they are sharp or bright enough, but after a few seconds, the headlights start diming and will stay the same for the entire drive. This is the sign of the wrong battery.

The Sound of Key Clicking

You will observe a key-clicking sound if you put the wrong battery in your car. What is the reason for this key-clicking sound? The reason behind this is that your battery is not capable of supplying electrical signals to the starter solenoid to start your vehicle.

Slow Cranking of the Engine

Slow-cranking of the engine is the first sign of a wrong battery. This sign indicates that your battery is about to die or you have put in the wrong battery.

Illuminated Battery

An illuminated battery is also a symptom of faulted battery. In this case, the alternator is charging the battery, but the battery is not supplying the power.

How Can You Differentiate Between Dead Battery Symptoms and Wrong Battery Symptoms?

Most of the time, the symptoms that help you identify the wrong car’s battery are from dying car battery. So if you have recharged your battery timely and replaced it according to schedule, these issues are related to the wrong battery usage.

Advantages of Using A High-Quality Battery In Your Car

Some people think they can save money by buying a cheap battery from a nearby shop, but in the long run, they spend more money on it. So purchasing a high-quality battery for your car will benefit you in the future.

If you put a high-quality battery in your car, then your car will get the following advantages.


The high-quality batteries are long-lasting, and there is no need to replace them too early. A high-quality battery lasts 3-4 years, depending on driving habits, weather, and short trips. If you add accessories to your car, you should move towards high-quality batteries.

Advanced Features

High-quality batteries provide you with advanced features, so you cannot deny these batteries. The batteries from Exide and Amaron have 5 years of service light. These high-quality batteries are made of upgraded materials such as lithium technology. You don’t need to check and frequently repair if you bought a high-quality battery.

If you bought a cheap battery, cheap fixes would degrade the battery in the long run, and the entire system of air conditioning, stereo system, and headlights would malfunction.

Longer Warranty Period

If your battery has a good quality, then the manufacturer will offer a longer warranty because he knows about the quality of his battery. So if you bought a good quality battery, it would have a minimum of a 3 years replacement warranty that indicates a high-quality battery.

Unhampered Functioning 

Unhampered functioning is the other quality of good batteries. The cheap batteries undergo untimely faults when operating in high temperatures, but the high-rate batteries are powerful enough to tackle premature battery failures and untimely defects.

The Brands That Sale High-Quality Batteries

Every brand defines the quality of its battery, but there is not one brand to choose from, but thousands, so wise advice is to follow the directions of your car’s manufacturers.

But there is one problem. What should you do if a recommended brand of battery is expensive for you? So, in this case, you should go for the alternative batteries with the specific features of a recommended battery.

Some famous battery brands that you can prioritize include:

  • Optima
  • EverStart
  • Exide
  • Amaron

How to Know the Actual Age of Your Battery?

The age of a battery is not written on its body, so how can we find it? This is not a very difficult task. You can easily find your battery’s age when it is shipped out from the manufacturing site that dai is mentioned on it. Now you are thinking about how a day can help you find the age of your battery? Well, this is so simple to know.

If you see your battery’s full concentration, you will find alphanumeric codes on its body. The alphabetic codes represent the month of manufacturing from A to L. the numeric codes represent the year of battery manufacturing. The numeric code range from 0 to 9.

But there is a need to concentrate a little to know how 0 to 9 digits relate to the manufacturing year. These digits run in cycles. As 0 indicates 2010 and 5 will indicate 2015, but now as it is 2020, 0 will indicate 2020 and 1 will indicate 2021.

If you see a D2, this will indicate this battery has manufactured in April 2022. Never buy a battery that is older than six months.

Final Verdict

Based on all the points considered in this article, there is no need to explain further that what battery you have put in your car matters a lot. The functioning of your electrical system and your vehicle’s overall performance depends on your battery’s type, number, reserve capacity, and CCA of your battery. So choosing a high-quality battery for your car is a good decision if you want to save yourself from untimely battery failures and frequent battery repairs.


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