Does rayon wrinkle? Know the facts

Does rayon wrinkle? Know the facts

Rayon is a comfortable fabric. If you feel hot at night, then you will feel the rayon clothes and bedsheets cool to the touch. It feels more silky and drapey than cotton. But despite all the advantages, people want to know if rayon wrinkles.

So the answer is yes. Rayon wrinkles easily. So, in this guide, you will know what type of cloth rayon is. How is it manufactured? Which elements present in it made it wrinkle? And how can you make it wrinkle-free by blending it with other fabrics?

This article will also give you the best tips to make rayon wrinkle-free. And finally, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of rayon.

So let’s get started!

What is rayon?

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric that is also known as viscose. Rayon is made from cellulose fibre and agricultural products—the molecular structure resembles cellulose. Rayon is widely used in the textile industry to manufacture bedsheets and clothing.

Rayon is also known as cheap silk. Because silk is more expensive than rayon, rayon manufacturers make it more smooth and silky than cotton. As a result, those who cannot afford silk use rayon to make blouses and bedsheets.

How is Rayon manufactured?

There are several types of rayon, but the manufacturing process is the same for all. The natural compounds extracted from bamboo, beech, or pine trees are dissolved using different toxic chemicals, including sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and carbon disulfide. Then this blend is pressed into the fabric. The fibre that is used in manufacturing is called regenerated fibers. The different types of rayon include silk fiber, lyocell, white cactus, bamboo, and modal.

The manufacturing process of rayon is more toxic for workers and the environment. But cotton manufacturing is less toxic because fewer toxic chemicals are used. But the main difference between cotton and rayon is that rayon is more silky and smooth in texture than cotton.

Does rayon wrinkle?

The answer is yes. Rayon gets wrinkled very quickly. Rayon is a man-made fabric, so people don’t care about these fabrics. Rayon is more susceptible to wrinkles because of the influence of moisture. This influence of moisture is enhanced by sizings and dyes sensitive to moisture. The humidity makes rayon wrinkle very quickly.

The mildew and the insects that eat fabrics change the rayon’s composition, which quickly causes the rayon to wrinkle. Heating also causes rayon to wrinkle. If you dry rayon with heat, it will make it more susceptible to wrinkles.

How to make rayon wrinkle-free?

We can make rayon wrinkle-free by two methods. The following are the two methods to make rayon wrinkle-free:

  • Rayon blends with other fabrics.
  • Tips to make rayon wrinkle-free at home

Rayon blends with other fabrics

Rayon is blended with other suitable fabrics to reduce the susceptibility of rayon to wrinkling. If the rayon is blended with a material less prone to wrinkles, the blends make the rayon less prone to wrinkles. On the other hand, if rayon is blended with a fabric that is more prone to wrinkles, then this blend will make rayon more susceptible to wrinkles.

The following are the blends of rayon:

Rayon with polyester

Mixing rayon with polyester makes it resistant to wrinkles. The purpose of this blending is to eliminate all the negative characteristics of rayon, such as susceptibility to wrinkles. This blend also makes rayon withstand high temperatures.

When we blend rayon with polyester, the longevity of rayon is increased. This blend is stable and easy to cut, sew, press, and wear. Rayon blended with polyester will not cling and has excellent stretchability. But when we make the rayon blend with polyester, our main concern should be the type of both that are suitable for each other.

Spandex and Rayon

Do you know rayon and spandex blends are not synthetic fibres? So if you don’t know, then read that again. This blend is manufactured using natural materials. Spandex is a well-known fabric with wrinkle resistance, so its blend of rayon and spandex is also manufactured in the ribbing category. Spandex rayon is too soft and embraces your curves very nicely.

This blend is cost-effective, but the negative point is that both are susceptible to heat damage. This rayon blend is hard to iron and wash because it is lightweight. It gets fuzzy when not handled properly.

How to make rayon wrinkle-free with tips?

Many tips can be adopted to prevent wrinkles on your rayon dress or bedsheets.

Do you understand linen rayon blend?

Rayon has a little ability to stretch, but linen does not at all. So if we blend both of these fabrics, the resultant fabric will have the ability to stretch according to the proportions of both materials. As we know, linen is more prone to wrinkles, so if we blend linen with rayon, it will increase the rayon’s susceptibility to wrinkles. But the linen is less susceptible to wrinkles when mixed with rayon.

This blend tends to shrink when washed with warm or hot water. But the shrinking ability can be reduced by washing this blended fabric in cool water with your hands.

How to remove wrinkles from rayon

You can follow these steps to remove wrinkles from rayon:

1. The Rayon should be ironed.

This is the most common method to remove wrinkles from rayon.

First, place the cloth on a flat surface. You should preferably use an iron stand, but you can also use any flat surface, like a kitchen counter or floor.

While ironing the rayon, follow the steps listed below:

  • Set your iron at the lowest temperature. On irons, the temperature is calibrated according to the type of fabric, such as nylon, rayon, or synthetic.
  • If it is possible for you to turn your dress inside out,
  • Use a mist bottle to spray water on your rayon dress.
  • You should also use a pressing cloth over the rayon.
  • Don’t leave the iron for too long in one location.
  • Iron the clothes swiftly.
  • Once you have completed that, wait to cool down your dress.

2. Steaming

  • You can also use steam to make your rayon dress wrinkle-free.
  • Steam irons or steam cleaners are also used to remove creases on rayon. For pressing delicate fabrics, steam irons are more common.
  • Use clean water to steam the cloth and do not leave the iron for too long in one location.

3. Wrinkle remover spray

To remove wrinkles from rayon, wrinkle-removing sprays are also available. These sprays are lifesavers, and you can use them when you don’t have enough time to iron your clothes or when you don’t have an iron.

  • Hang your dress or whatever you want to press through the hanger.
  • Spray this all over the fabric, let it dry, and see the magic.

How to prevent crease on rayon.

We have described the methods you can choose to make your rayon dress wrinkle-free. But what tips would prevent further wrinkles on your rayon dress? Read the following information if you are interested in avoiding wrinkles from rayon:

1. Don’t touch the fabric with wet hands.

Make sure your hands are dry before touching the fabrics. As we know, moisture results in wrinkles on the material, so don’t touch rayon with wet hands, whether you are wearing it or not. First, dry your hands, then touch them.

2. Don’t wear it if it is too hot.

If the environment is too hot, don’t wear a rayon dress. If you have no other option, wear an undershirt before wearing a rayon dress.

3. If you apply any skin product, let it dry.

If you apply a cream or lotion to your body, let it dry; otherwise, it will cause the fabric to wrinkle. So, after drying the lotion or cream, check it with a tissue to see if it is wet or dry.

4. Its packaging

If you are travelling and don’t want to spoil the press of your dress, then place it at the bottom of your suitcase. If you are packing rayon fabric in a bag, you can also put a flat surface in your bag to make it flat. This flat surface will avoid wrinkles.

You can also pack rayon in plastic bags to protect it from moisture. If there is a high content of moisture, then despite the packing in a backpack or suitcase, there are chances that rayon fabric will wrinkle.

5. Vacuum rayon

You can also vacuum rayon using a nylon screen to prevent wrinkles.

How to wash rayon?

If you wash your rayon dress, follow all the steps one by one.

  • First, read the label carefully. If it is mentioned that rayon is non-washable, then after washing, it will shrink, stretch, and the colour will fade. Your dress will not be able to be worn again.
  • If it is washable, wash it with your hands. Rayon is vulnerable to damage when it gets wet. So don’t wash rayon in washing machines because the agitating forces may ruin it in no time.
  • Wash it with cool or tepid water, using a detergent for hand washing. Other detergents will damage the fabric because of their high chemical content. The hot water will shrink it, so avoid it.
  • Don’t leave the rayon in detergent for too long, a maximum of 15-20 minutes.
  • Don’t bunch up, twist, or wring rayon because it will distort the stretchability and texture. Handle it carefully.
  • After washing, hang it with the help of a plastic hanger because wire hangers may cause a rust spot on them. If you dry the rayon flat, you will not need to press it.

Which other wrinkle-free fabrics can you use?

If you don’t want to wear rayon, then you can wear any of the following wrinkle-free fabrics:


Wool is highly wrinkle-resistant. So, wool will be the best option if you travel to cold areas. It provides insulation and luxurious comfort.


Cashmere is well-known for its soft texture. It is the fleecy layer of a cashmere goat. It provides high insulation. Its wrinkle-resistant property makes it distinct from the fabrics that tend to wrinkle.


Knit fabric made up of plant material has the greatest ability to absorb moisture. Knit fabric has a remarkable stretching quality, making it a challenging task. The most attractive aspect of this fabric is its ease of care. You don’t need to worry all the time, like in the case of rayon.


This top fabric is known for its high strength and durability. Its moisture absorbing capacity is high, but it does not retain it. The moisture present in it evaporates quickly and gives it a wrinkle-free property.

Rayon’s benefits

  • Rayon is very durable.
  • The rayon is easily dyeable.
  • Feels like a luxurious fabric.
  • Wearable and comfortable.
  • Compared to cotton, it is soft, smooth, and silky.
  • Inexpensive fabric with a refined look.
  • In the hot season, rayon feels cooler than other fabrics.
  • Rayon is temperature regulating, so it is a good choice for summer.

Rayon’s disadvantages

  • When rayon is bleached, a toxic compound called digoxin is released. This chemical is harmful to humans.
  • Rayon loses its shape and stretchiness very easily.
  • Rayon is very flammable.
  • Rayon does not sustain the color. After a few washes, rayon fades very quickly.


In short, rayon is a synthetic fibre that tends to wrinkle when it comes in contact with moisture or heat. Rayon’s wrinkle susceptibility is therefore due to dyes and sizings. Many different blending options can be used to reduce the susceptibility to wrinkles.

In these blended fabrics, spandex rayon and rayon polyester blends are well-known. You can also use some of the other tips in this guide to keep your rayon dress from getting wrinkled.

Lastly, the advantages and disadvantages of rayon will help you decide whether wearing rayon dresses is good or not. I hope you understand everything about rayon and how to get rid of wrinkles and keep them from coming back in rayon fabric.


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