How long does it take to color hair?

How long does it take to color hair?

Coloring your hair is trendy, and most people dye their hair. Most of the time, the color of your hair impacts your personality, showing how enthusiastic and energetic you are. But most people want to know how long it takes to color their hair. So keep in mind that all good things come to those who wait.

Coloring your hair is a tedious task, so have patience. In this article, we will resolve all your queries regarding how long it take to dye hair? You will also learn how long it takes to dye your hair blonde and black.

The factors that affect the timing, including the type of your hair, length, and color of your hair, have also been discussed in detail. You will also find that coloring your hair at home or at the salon requires different timings. Finally, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of coloring your hair.

So let’s get started!

Why do people prefer dyed hair?

In the world of fashion, people love to color their hair because if you select a good color that goes with your complexion and personality, it will be great for you. If you go to the salon and have dry and dull hair, the hair stylist will suggest you color it because it will give your hair a shiny, glossy, and beautiful look in just a few hours. So, if you select the right color, it will significantly change your physical appearance.

How long does it take to dye hair?

The approximate time to color hair is 2 hours. This whole time frame includes applying the color to your hair, processing time, and the time required to wrap up your hair. Is 2 hours enough time to dye all types of hair? Absolutely not. Different types of hair require additional time to color, but 2 hours is an approximation. In contrast, some people indicate that their visit was about 1-3 hours. Some customers say their salon visit lasted about half an hour or an hour. At the same time, some customers stayed for four hours in the salon to get their desired dye.

This all depends on the efficiency of your hair stylist, the technique used to colour hair, the type of product you are going to apply to your hair, and the steps required to achieve your desired color. Not all people will get the same color at the same time. This varies from person to person. So what are the factors which require time for colouring hair? These variables include the type of your hair, the natural colour of your hair, your previous hair dye, the length of your hair, and the present condition of your hair.

So let’s discuss them one by one.

The type of hair you have

How long does it take to color the hair? This depends upon the type of your hair. When we talk about hair type, we include the texture, porosity, and thickness of hair; if your hair is thick, it will take more time than a person with thin hair in texture because thin hair is easier to dye.

Porosity of hair

The time required to colour your hair also depends upon the texture of your hair. Either your hair is curly, wavy, or straight. For curly hair, more time is required to apply the dye because curly hair needs more time to be covered with colour properly. The main point of concern is the porosity of hair. What do you mean by porosity? In easy words, we can say the ability of your hair to absorb the applied color.

As a result, the porosity of different hairs varies. If your hair is virgin, then the porosity will be good to absorb color, and the procedure of colouring your hair will require less time compared to non-virgin hair because non-virgin hair has less porosity.

How long is your hair?

Nothing is to be understood in this factor. If you have long hair, it will increase the time of the colouring procedure. Long hair necessitates more product application, wrapping the foil, and washing off the color. But in the case of short hair, less time is needed to apply color, wrap the foil, and wash the hair.

Treated hair vs. Virgin hair

If your hair is virgin, coloring it will be easy for your hair colorist. The virgin’s hair is easy to dye because no additional steps are needed. But if you have colored your hair before, more time will be required to give your hair the desired color because other actions are necessary for color-treated hair.

The color of your natural hair or treated hair

If your natural hair color is light, including light brown, golden blonde, sandy blonde, or ash blonde, it will be easy to dye your desired color. But in the case of dark colors such as black, dark brown, or grey hair, the procedure of coloring is time-consuming. Giving a light color to dark hair is a difficult task.

The efficiency of your colorist

The time required to color your hair also depends upon the technique your colorist uses to dye your hair. Every hair colorist works at a different pace. So 2-3 hours are required to color your hair; if the client wants a haircut, it may take up to 4 hours approximately.

Is it better to color your hair at home?

Many people dye their hair at home because it is budget-friendly and you don’t have to wait for other clients to get free. So, if you choose to dye your hair at home, you will complete the procedure in a short time as compared to at a salon. According to an estimation, coloring your hair at home only costs $20 per month, while at the salon it costs approximately $150 per month.

So how can you dye your favourite color at home? You can color your hair at home without following any hard and fast rules. You can do it nicely if you follow all the instructions carefully and precisely. If you use boxed dyes, read the directions carefully before starting the procedure.

Before dying your hair, consider the following point:

  • The desired color is what you want.
  • The texture and type of your hair are either straight, curly, or wavy.
  • The length of your hair matters because you will have to use more dye if you have long hair.

If you want high-peak colors or colors that are difficult to attain at home, we don’t recommend coloring your hair at home. If you are going to dye your hair at home only to save time, then don’t do it at home because, in the end, you will have to spend more money and time to fix it.

How long does it take to dye hair at home?

You only need approximately 120 minutes to dye your hair at home. But the time may vary depending on factors, including hair type, texture, color you want to achieve, and your experience in applying hair dye.

If you are going to give your hair a light color, add an additional 20 minutes to the above mentioned time because 20 minutes are required to bleach your hair. After bleaching, you apply your desired color.

So follow the steps listed below to dye your hair at home.

  • First, unbox the dye and read all the instructions carefully.
  • Wear gloves before starting the process.
  • Then mix all the ingredients in a glass or plastic bowl, including color dye and an oxidizer.
  • For mixing, use the brush provided in the box. You can use a wooden stick to mix all the ingredients if it does not contain any bristles.
  • Cover your forehead, neck, ears, and skin behind the ears with lotion or greasy cream to protect them from staining.
  • Divide your hair into 6 sections. You may also divide your hair into fewer or more sections depending upon the volume of your hair.
  • Apply the hair dye starting from the back of the head.
  • If you are going to achieve a light color, apply bleach and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • After washing your hair, apply your desired color, then leave it for 20–45 minutes. This timing may differ for different colors, so follow the exact time mentioned on the circular.


  • Don’t leave the color for too long; otherwise, it will damage your hair badly.
  • Don’t use the mental utensil for mixing purposes because metal components can react with the ingredients of color.
  • The metal utensil will affect the final results of your hair color.
  • Always wear gloves.
  • If you have a face stain, immediately remove it using makeup remover.

How long does it take to color hair at a salon?

When you go to a salon to color your hair, you don’t need to worry about anything, such as noticing the timing of color processing and bleaching. Your hair colorist will manage everything. The final result of color depends upon the efficacy of your colorist and the technique that he uses in the whole process.

The timing depends on the condition of your hair. It takes longer if you want complex colors with bleaching and foiling.

How long does it take for a single color?

If you want a single color, only 40 minutes will be enough to get your desired colour. In these 40 minutes, we are not counting the time required to apply the colour to the hair, shampoo, and restore care. So it will take an additional hour. But if you want double or triple tone color, it will require 3–4 hours.

How long does a complex hair dye take?

It will be more time-consuming than a single dye if you want a combination of two colors, highlights, or different tinting of length and roots.

  • If you want a haircut, shampooing, and massage, it will also be 60–120 minutes.
  • Then the colorist moves toward coloring your hair, including shampooing, massaging, dyeing, and restoring care. All these procedures will take 3 hours or more.
  • If you want hard dyeing, that includes dyeing roots and staining hair length. It will take approximately 4 hours.

What should you do before dyeing your hair?

Dyeing hair is a stressful procedure that may damage your hair, so pre-care is very important before going to the salon to get your hair dyed.

  • Moisturizing your hair is very good before dying. Because it does not make your hair rough and dull after coloring, moisturise it for 1-2 days before dying.
  • There is no need to wash your hair before dying it.
  • Trim your hair before going to dye it.
  • Always use a conditioner after coloring that is specially made for colored hair. It will make your hair color vibrant and make your hair smooth and silky.
  • Avoid using a hair dryer for 1-2 weeks after dying.
  • You must follow the aftercare recommendations to make your hair color as vibrant as possible.

How long does it take to dye your hair blonde?

This all depends upon your natural hair color, the product your hair colorist is using, and the procedure for application.

If you have darker hair, then this will take 2-3 sessions to get your desired blonde hair. In every session, you need to stay at the salon for 2 hours, during which they apply bleach and colour to your hair. In just one application, you don’t achieve your desired blonde hair. You need multiple salon visits to make your hair blonde. Every session has a gap of 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair condition.

How long does it take to dye black hair?

If you have a few tones lighter than black, then coloring your hair black will not be shocking to your eyes too much and will not be too time-consuming. It will require just 1 or 2 applications to make your hair black. Otherwise, in light of light hair, it will be a significant change and shocking to your eyes. You must go to the salon multiple times to achieve your desired black color. Every session takes 1-2 hours.

How often can you dye your hair?

How often you can dye your hair depends on your hair type, the colour you have applied, and the type of product, whether semi-permanent or permanent. To discuss all the factors one by one,

  • The type of hair you have

Generally, hair grows half an inch per month, so if your hair grows more than half an inch per month, you need to dye it more frequently.

  • The color you have applied

If you have naturally dark hair and apply a light color, you must touch up your dark hair frequently to hide the natural color. Because the darker roots with lighter tips do not look attractive, but weird.

  • Product category

There are mainly two types of products: One is permanent, and the other is semi-permanent.

  • Permanent hair color

Permanent hair color needs more frequent coloring to maintain an even color. Bleaches also need repeated coloration to sustain your desired color for an extended period; otherwise, they fade quickly. Both permanent hair color and bleaches are damaging to your hair.

So before you color your hair again and again, figure out how often you can color your hair. Avoid coloration within a maximum of 6 weeks or a minimum of 4 weeks of the previous application.

  • Semi-permanent Hair Color

Semi-permanent hair colors can be used more frequently than permanent ones because they are not too damaging to hair. Semi-permanent hair colors are free to form ammonia and alcohol, so their frequent application does not harm your hair badly.

Semi-permanent hair colors fade so quickly, so there is a need to apply these colors more frequently to maintain an even color.

The advantages of coloring your hair

To get the advantage of coloring your hair, it is more important to use good quality products. If you use low-quality products, you will suffer from more hair problems than advantages. The following are the benefits of using good quality hair dye:

  • Dyeing makes your hair soft and shiny.
  • Gives you an attractive look.
  • Makes you look younger.
  • Enhance your personality.
  • Show you’re lively and enthusiastic.

Hair dye disadvantages

Dying your hair in moderation is not harmful, but when you start dying it more frequently, your hair suffers greatly and you face serious side effects. More frequent hair dyeing leads to

  • Brittle strands that cause hair loss
  • Split-ends
  • Rough, dull hair
  • The hair cortex is damaged, making your hair more prone to breakage.
  • Dry scalp
  • Scalp irritation


In short, how long it takes to dye your hair depends on the texture, type, condition, and length of your hair. This also depends on the color you want. If you have light hair and want a dark shade, it will take more time to achieve the target color, and the same if you have dark hair and want a lighter shade. So, in this guide, everything related to dying your hair has been discussed precisely. I hope you will understand all the points that are important to know before going to dye your hair.


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