How Often Should You Do Yoga

How Often Should You Do Yoga

Yoga has become one of the most popular and efficient forms of exercise, especially for those who spend most of their hours sitting. People with the target to lose weight, increase muscle strength and relieve stress tend to turn to yoga more these days. Yoga is laden with hidden benefits, but to reap these rewards, questions like how often you should do yoga, how many minutes you should practice yoga, and how to avoid injury during the practice pops up. These questions are what we have addressed in this article.

How many times a week should I do yoga?

Several mitigating factors are involved in the answer to this question. Those factors include time constraint, fitness level, financial capacity, set goals, and experience. The ultimate answer to the question is that doing some yoga is better than none, but if you are the type whose body tends to fall out of shape quickly, an increase in the number of times to practice yoga will do you a world of good.

How much yoga should I do as a starter?

Perseverance is required from beginners as they are liable to fall out of love with yoga due to the obstacles involved. As a beginner, you have to know your limit. You need to know when to stop as your body commands to avoid too much strain. This way, you will know which regimes suit your body. The prerequisite is to start with one class per week to acquaint you with the program.  During the process, you will know when you need more challenge; this way, you increase your workload and move to a higher class. You need to avoid overload by taking breaks between sessions. Burnout is real; if you feel uncomfortable or feel pains at any point, slow down or pull out. Do not be intimidated into doing more than your body can handle.

Can you get injured by doing yoga?

Too much of everything always have a negative impact; the same goes for yoga. You need to balance too much and too little to avoid damaging your health in the process. It is one of yoga’s ethics. Stay true! It is true that you can injure yourself while doing yoga as with any exercise. When you move too little, you tend to rest more on your muscles, and it can cause aches, and when you move too much, you can overstretch your muscle fibers, thereby causing pains. The pain experienced can be unpleasant. Therefore, instead of doing more yoga, listen to your body, and make a wise decision.

Do I need a yoga instructor?

Why not? Having a yoga instructor will serve you better and make you reach your goals quicker. They will help you to plan your schedule, and you will benefit faster than envisaged. I love home practice simply because of comfortability, but a public class will aid your development more. You will be able to get the necessary guidance from your instructor. And this is where finance comes in; yoga studios can be costly, and their spaces cumbersome. Fortunately, you have the liberty of having a home instructor from the internet or TV, and with the perfect yoga materials, you can make a swift upward trajectory. Several sessions are aired on TV and the internet all the time, making it comfortable for you to join and connect with friends and family if you follow the instructions as spelled out. This allows you to create your own schedule and at the comfort of your home.

Is 20mins of yoga a day enough?

It is safe to say that people often have the wrong perception of what yoga entails. There is simply no time too small or enough to practice yoga. In as much as you can breathe in and out, you are fit to do yoga. There are not many rules that counter how much time is needed to practice yoga, what sort of people to practice with, or what clothes to wear. You can be in front of the TV practicing yoga for 15minutes or streaming an online class on YouTube for 20mins; you are doing yoga. Even if it is just for a minute, you’re doing yoga as long as you dedicate your time, space, energy, and breath.

To what is “enough,” the answer to the question depends solely on the context. The onus lies on you; you are in charge of the situation, roll out your mat, and practice yoga for as long as you want. Nevertheless, we recommend that you pick a time when distractions are at the lowest, sit, relax, breathe, and channel your own being. It goes a long way by brightening our mood, making us feel better. A 20min less or more can impact your life positively. 

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The harder aspects of yoga will command dedication and time, like touching your toes to your head while also standing on your hands. This practice requires instructions from your instructor. So, you need to find a way to determine what makes you tick, stick to the plan, and make it a point of duty to unravel new things at every practice. That’s the most important thing.

Is it ok to do yoga more than once a day?

While yoga is different from other exercises, you do not want to over-do or under-do yoga when starting out. You are at the risk of doing too much or less due to a lack of experience. You want to be careful because you don’t know the effect it will have on your body. It is detrimental to not follow instructions as a stop-start program will have a negative impact like. This is why you should incorporate a warm-up workout in your yoga program, especially before doing yoga. Whether you can do yoga more than once a day will be defined by your body. Just like every other workout session, you need to design your regime concerning what your body can take. Your physical limit is the key. It is most likely that you are not in the best physical shape as a beginner, which is why you do not have to exert too much pressure on yourself. 

When not to do yoga

This is to inform you that yoga is not a substitute for medical or therapeutic treatment. Whenever you suffer from one injury or the other, allow your body to fully heal before practicing yoga to avoid aggravating the problem. Sick people are also advised to stay away from yoga. When fully into the yoga practice, it can be addictive. Again, you need to always listen to your body. If your body tells you to take a rest, please do so because your life is precious. If you must practice within this period, then engage in a more restorative, meditative practice instead. You need to be cleared by your doctor before going ahead with practicing yoga to avoid irreconcilable damages.

Is doing yoga enough exercise?

Of course! It is an exercise that stretches and tones muscles, increases flexibility, and promotes balance. Also, it benefits the nervous system, giving you a form of deep relaxation and good for stress release. Nonetheless, you need more than yoga for the right fitness. You need more aerobic exercises to get enough physical exercise fitness. Walking, jogging, and biking will work your body enough more than yoga can do. You will release sweat more and quickly. However, a few minutes of a set of 12 powerful yoga postures need effort and can fall just short of the equivalent of a cardio workout. Yoga is trending but is definitely not the only exercise you need.

How often should you do yoga for the best result?

As stressed above, it’s not about how often you do yoga but how well you do it. You can practice yoga 7 days a week without getting the desired result because you do not do it right. You need to understand some basic principles of the mind and body to practice yoga successfully. When done correctly, you will see the results within a couple of weeks. Most people do not have the time to practice yoga, but whenever you have the opportunity for a 60-minute yoga workout a day, start with simple stretches for about 5 minutes and synchronize your breath in the process.


Yoga is the way when it comes to healthy living. Yoga not only helps you improve your physicality, but it also boosts your inner peace and relaxes your mind. Thus, yoga helps in every way because it is a commitment that lasts for a long period. Yoga is not just a routine practice; there is a lot more to it and many benefits involved. It benefits you for a lifetime. To practice yoga, you need both physical and mental strength to push through yoga’s barrier and daily practice. It is worth noting that whatever effort you put in has a corresponding result. And to know how often you need to do yoga, you need to set realistic goals for yourself, have consistency, and you will surely exceed your limits.

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