How often should you get a pedicure?

How often should you get a pedicure?

No matter how busy you are, finding time to take care of your feet is very important. In fact, the busier you are, the more you stress your feet, so you of all people, should take pedicure more seriously. The best way to take care of your feet is by engaging the services of a qualified technician for a cosmetic treatment, also known as pedicure.

To go about this the right way, you should have a pedicure schedule. This schedule will not only keep your routine more organized; it will also protect you from the mistake of getting a pedicure too often or not often enough. So, how should you plan your visits to the technician? How do you know the right intervals?

The answer is not the same for everyone, because we all have different types of feet, different aims, as well as different lifestyles. With these differences in mind, you can study the cases below to know what is more appropriate for your personal needs. You will be able to make the perfect schedule after using these points to determine how often you should get a pedicure.

Pedicure to improve the appearance of your toenails and feet

If you have calluses or other issues like bruises from tight shoes, broken toenails, bent toenails, painful soles from standing too long, and any other imperfection at all, your visits to the technician should be a monthly affair. 

When you visit the technician for the first time, they will examine your feet and recommend the best treatment routine for your needs. It is important to know that things will not change immediately if your feet have serious challenges, some processes take more time than others, but no matter the condition of your feet, you will see improvements and feel better with each visit to the technician. That’s the beauty of pedicure.

Depending on the nature of your feet and how fast you want things to go, you can discuss with your technician to arrange a special home service for you. This can be synced with your monthly schedule for the best results. It will cost you more, but you will be getting great value for your money.

Pedicure to maintain an already healthy pair of feet

All feet need pedicure, including the seemingly perfect ones. If you already have a nice set of healthy-looking feet, your visits to the technician will have longer intervals compared to the people who have need for special improvements. 

If you fall into this category, six weeks is enough gap to give in between every pedicure appointment. The procedure for maintenance is not long or rigorous, but it is important that you only give your feet to a qualified professional. You wouldn’t want to patronize a quack and invite a problem for your feet that wasn’t there before.

One of the reasons why you should only let a professional handle your feet even if it’s healthy is because things can change at any time, and only a professional would be able to spot impending issues on time and take the right steps to prevent a problem.  

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Though with proper maintenance every six weeks, you will hardly experience any issues, but there are situations beyond your control, like the weather for example. Depending on your skin type, a harsh weather condition could affect your feet and force you to require special needs, which means you will have to visit the pedicure technician more frequently. If you have such sensitive skin, adjust your pedicure appointments to every four weeks.   

Situations like moving to a new environment, changing jobs, a new skin care routine, a change in your diet plan, medical issues, and any other significant changes in your lifestyle, are factors that could affect how often you should get a pedicure. 

If you find yourself constantly missing pedicure appointments due to reasons you can’t control, don’t give up, you can still get a pedicure as often as you should. All you need to do is to contact your technician and have them examine your feet at home. Thereafter, you can be having personalized pedicure sessions at adjustable intervals, tailored just for your needs. If you have a good understanding with your technician, and can pay the money for this kind of service, your busy or unpredictable work schedule will have no effect on how often you should get a pedicure. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to ‘How often should you get a pedicure?’

Are pedicures worth it?

Yes, pedicures are worth more than we even acknowledge. It is not only about polishing and beautifying your toenails with a wide variety of designs, but also about caring for your dear feet that carry your entire body all the time. Yes, there is a lot of beautification associated with pedicure, but it is also a healthy practice.

If you get a pedicure as often as you should, your feet will never be infected with any disease, because the professional pedicure process involves treatment and exfoliation, which scrub out any dirtiness and leaves your feet as healthy and smooth as possible. You also get very good advice from the technician on things like the best products for your feet, the best routine practices, and general skin maintenance. 

The best part of pedicure process has to be the relaxation. It is such a fulfilling experience to spend some time outside the stress of the world, surrounded by professionals who are bent on pampering your feet with royal cosmetic treatment. 

What are the benefits of getting a pedicure?

When it comes to the benefits of pedicure, most people only know about the improved appearance of the toenails and feet, but there is more to it than enhancing your appearance. Some of these other benefits include:

  • Improved mental health

Pedicure usually involves massaging of your feet and entire legs. This is a practice that reduces stress and helps you relax, which is good for your mind and mental wellbeing. 

  • Confidence

If you have some imperfections on your feet that make you feel embarrassed, getting a pedicure will correct them and even enhance your feet. This will boost your confidence and you will be able to show off your feet and wear any shoe you like.

  • Good flow of blood and lymph

Many people don’t know this, but the foot massages you get during pedicure help to improve the flow of blood and lymph in your body. This eventually improves heart health because there is a clearer flow of blood to the heart. Pedicure is more than just polished nails!

How often should you get a pedicure in winter?

Harsh weather is no friend of your feet, so during winter, you and your technician need to make adjustments because you should be getting more pedicure treatment. If you were getting your pedicure every six weeks, make it every four weeks during winter. This will help you smoothen the dryness that will definitely take over your feet during winter season. 

If you were getting pedicure every four weeks, make it three weeks during winter season. Apart from the dryness and calluses, you are more susceptible to infections like fungus, and the only way to protect yourself is by getting more frequent care for your feet. When you see your technician more often during winter, they will be able to tell if you will have an issue with the weather and quickly recommend the solution, which could include referral to a Doctor, depending on how sensitive your skin is.  

The weather can be so harsh that some people may even need special attention in addition to the monthly meetings. If you are one of such persons, the technician could be visiting you every two weeks to see how your feet are doing. This is usually for people who already have serious issues before the winter season.

Why are pedicures so expensive?

Yes, pedicures are expensive, and the more personalized your routine is, the deeper you will have to dig into your pocket, but why is this so?

First of all, the feet are not the same as the hands, that is why manicure is more affordable. The feet are the most overworked part of the body, they need more skill and more time to treat. That’s why you pay more for pedicures. 

The professionals that handle pedicures have more training than those who do only manicures. Their skills are worth more, so you have to pay them well for their services, which include massaging, filing, polishing, exfoliating, trimming, and so much more.  

How much is a regular pedicure?

Thanks to the different pedicure options, the prices will always vary. Even if pedicures are usually expensive, you can always go for a less expensive option until you can afford a more luxurious plan, it will still give you a lot of benefits, and is definitely better than doing nothing at all.

A regular pedicure costs less than $35, but if you want to go for more personalized or luxurious treatments, you can spend $60 or more. It is always good to tip your nail artist, so include that in your plan when budgeting for a pedicure.   

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