Is it Worth Living in California 

Is it Worth Living in California 

Do you want to live in one of the coolest states of America?. Hands down, California is one of the coolest states. There are a lot of things that you can enjoy at this place. Also, the place’s weather and sports activities will gradually make you fall in love with this place. However, it would help if you considered some other things before living in California. It’s because that way you can wisely think all the possible points. To whether California is a suitable place for you or not. 

Most of the time, people miss these important aspects. That’s why they often end up regretting living in California. However, for some people, it is a wonderful experience. Let’s see some of the main points to whether residing in California is worthwhile. 

Here are some of the things that make up as pros of living in California. And you might end up loving residing in California.

  1. Nature –Beautiful Sceneries

California is a land of nature where there are plenty of parks. Instead, it’s said that the parks in this state are much more than in any other state in America. The national parks in this state are extremely beautiful, and their sight is extremely mesmerizing. 

Also, there are a lot of hiking trails in this state. So your adventurous soul can calm down. No matter where you live, you will find a perfect park nearby. Also, there are a lot of parks that allow dogs and pets. So even if you are planning to live in California with your pup. You don’t have to worry about their enjoyment and fun time because you will surely find a lot of places to visit with your dog. 

Moreover, it’s an amazing place for all nature lovers, making it worthwhile. As you can wake up in the morning, enjoy beautiful places, and have the most fun experiences. Also, the best thing is that you don’t need to go for a long drive to find a suitable park. Instead, there are many parks, and you can find one near your home or workplace. So California is a wonderful place where you can cool down, and all your worries can fade away in nature. We can say that California is like a dream come true for all nature lovers. 

In most the places in the USA. You need to have a proper plan or trip to enjoy the seaside, spend some incredible time in the mountains, and go hitchhiking in desserts. But in California, all these places are near, so people find this place a decent option. Moreover, all things aside, all the nature enthusiasts are extremely welcome here. And love living in this incredibly beautiful place.

  1. Job Opportunities – Big Companies

California is always known for offering high-paying jobs to the people. Even before the pandemic, this state is well known for providing many people with employment opportunities. Many big companies, such as Facebook, Google, and Apple, have headquarters. And all the workers must work from the office. No policy states that workers can work from anywhere or on a remote basis. Thus, this is the hub for finding amazing jobs and will always keep providing people with such wonderful opportunities. 

You might be glad to know that the salaries of people in tech are extremely high in California. Due to this, many people from the tech field feel tempted to work in this state. Also, the diversity of California offers an excellent learning atmosphere, which is not easy to find everywhere. 

But don’t worry, even if you fail to get a job in a big tech firm. You will be able to secure a high-paying job in California. There are plenty of good jobs in California which pay extremely high. Also, the innovative environment makes it a wonderful place to learn for all individuals. This experience helps in building a strong portfolio as well. The endless opportunities attract a lot of youngsters and people with creative ideas. Whose ideas can bring a fundamental change to the world?

  1. Food – 24/7 Service of Healthy and Tasty Food

When you step into California, you will immediately know that these people love eating and feeding. There are many states in America, but finding a good eating spot or restaurant can be difficult. But no worries, in California, things are not like that. It’s because you can spend a lot of time roaming in California and the chances of finding a good eating spot are extremely high. 

Beauty – one of the most beautiful state

You might be glad to know that California is extremely beautiful. Also, it’s among one of the most beautiful states in America. When you start living in California, you will automatically consider why it’s felt like that. It’s basically because of tons of sightseeing and beautiful places. 

In 2019, San Francisco was named one of the most beautiful states. So all those who love spending time and enjoying the beauty of the place should live here. Also, it’s such a place where people love to take pics for their social networking sites, especially Instagram.  

There is a huge difference between the north and south of California. Also, it makes a beautiful place.

  1. Bikes – No Traffic

There is another important thing that is usually neglected in a lot of areas. That is, separate lanes for bikes through which they can easily move. It’s also helpful as it doesn’t cause a lot of traffic. Also, it’s extremely convenient for bike riders that way. And the overall traffic can move systematically.

They are keeping this in mind. The state has perfectly solved this problem for all the biker riders. And make a lane, especially for bike riders. So they can move anywhere easily with these lanes. So, in short, it’s extremely convenient for all the people as they go out from the traffic and enjoy a carefree, safe bike ride.

However, there are a lot of things that also worry people when it comes to living in California. Also, if you don’t earn much money, it would be wise not to move to California because it’s not worth it. You might even end up regretting your decision to move to California.  

  1. Living – High prices of most Things

Living in California can indeed earn a lot of money. But you might be surprised that keeping that money in your bank balance is not as easy as it sounds. It’s because you have to pay for many things when you live in California. Due to this, you have to spend a lot of money on plenty of important things. It’s mainly because of the reason that when it comes to California’s average cost of living. It’s much higher than a lot of other states in America. That can put a lot of burden on the earner of the family.  Also, the location where you choose to live in California plays a huge role overall. 

  1. Homes –Costly

When you consider moving to California, you must know about the housing costs. And the extremely high costs of houses make California look like a bad choice. The homes in California are extremely costly, and the price may shock you. It is said that the price of one home in California is much higher than in other states in America. Thus even the single house cost is much higher than in different forms of America. So you might regret your decision if you haven’t planned everything thoroughly. And other expenses such as mortgages might put a lot of strain on your pocket. Make sure to choose them wisely.

Thus, seeing the expensive houses, you might decide to rent a home as it looks like a suitable option in this situation. And you might assume it’s easy to rent a house in California Instead of buying one. However, you might be shocked to know that even the rents of homes are much higher and are not in the range of every person. 

This might make the entire experience of living in California extremely troublesome. You might even not like it because of the high cost. One mistake many people make while buying or renting a house is not keeping track of their credit score. While living in California, it’s a must to see that from time to time. Landlords and renters keep an eye on the credit score to see if you are eligible or not. So even a simple buying or renting a house can cause many headaches. 

  1. Gasoline Prices – Highest in the Country

Gasoline is necessary as it is used in running some of the most important vehicles and generators. Whenever there is a power outage, generators can help a lot. However, with high prices of gasoline, it can cause a lot of strain on a person’s pocket. Moreover, a huge sum of gasoline goes to the taxes that are paid to the government. That makes it even more hectic. Spending all these taxes can be so exhausting for a person. And at some point, they all wonder whether they should live further in California or not. The worst part about it is that the gasoline prices in California are the highest. Compared to other states of America, California is definitely on the top. In the Alps, the regulations in California don’t allow the sale of normal gasoline. Instead, a special blend of gasoline is made to ensure that people get the right gasoline type. Due to that reason, people also have to pay much more money for gasoline. 

  1. Natural Disasters – Earthquakes, Landslides, and many more

The weather and overall conditions in California are good most of the time. However, that doesn’t mean that California is safe with no risk. There are still some natural calamities that can attack the people who live in these places. 

Wildfires are deadly and quite common in California. It is observed that many people living in California are moving for the safety of their families and loved ones. 

Not only this, the weather can be extremely dry sometimes. This dry weather can cause a lot of wildfires. And it puts a lot of lives of people in danger. But one noteworthy point is that wildfire caught a town in California in the past. And sadly, it consumed the entire town of Paradise. That makes this state uncertain, where many natural calamities can happen. 

Also, there are lots of earthquakes that have consumed so many lives. It’s also because of the geographical location of things town. That this place faces a lot of earthquakes and troublesome situations. There are tons of fault lines that are active in California. Many people live there and are at constant risk of serious consequences because of these earthquakes. They are even dealing with it before and after is extremely tough. Some people die tragically from the calamities mentioned above, and others live with PTSD. That is either extremely terrible and can cause hindrance in their daily life. 

  1. Water Shortage – Extra Money

One of the most common natural disasters is drought. There are a lot of desserts at this place. So it makes sense why this place can face a lot of droughts. There is a lot of water shortage at this place due to which people might not get water for days. Or they have to pay extra pennies to get water. This eventually makes California an expensive place to live in. However, there are lots of efforts made to conserve water, but there are still many problems that California’s people have to face. 

Even for shows, you might not get enough water. And if you ask any Californians about the water condition. Then you will know how worse it is in California after hearing about their water problems. You might even skip the idea of moving anywhere. Another problem is that the rain is extremely rare in California. It might not rain at all for days. However, when it rains, it might rain so excessively that it can take the shape of a flood. That way, things are even more troublesome for the people living in California. 

  1. Taxes – 60% of Income

 If you are considering living in California, get ready to pay at least 60% of your income to all the taxes. You have to pay taxes for almost everything in the state. It includes light, water, smog, groceries, hidden taxes, and many more. And the end salary you get in your hand might not be enough to even live in California. All the dreams of having a trip can be ruined because of the tight budget after paying tons of taxes. 

The tax rate of California is one of the highest, and many Californian people are worried about it. It is almost 7.25 %, and this is further increased. Don’t forget to add 8.25% of district tax to it too. That brings a lot of burden on the shoulder of people living in California. 

Most of the time, you see perfect cheerful California. Where it seems like there is no issue or problem. Everyone is living happily without any worries. However, the truth is that people have to pay almost half their incomes to the federal government, whether they like it or not. This makes California not an extremely good state. 

Even the income tax and real estate taxes Are extremely skyrocketing high. That sometimes even makes operating things difficult for all the big business owners. Especially for the big business owners, the more money they make, the more they have to pay the government. That is extremely troublesome. Even if you are someone who doesn’t make as much money as big business owners, you still need to pay the government. Income taxes are extremely high; however, when it comes to real estate taxes, it’s somewhat low. 

  1. Sales tax – Highest in the Country 

Even the sales tax in California is extremely high. Due to this troublesome situation, some people are even considering moving to other states of America. It’s like whenever you earn at least 100 USD; you must pay at least 20 USD to the federal government. Other than that, a lot of other taxes and requirements are included. This makes California somewhat difficult to state where it’s not easy to live and save money for the future. 

  1. Look good – Influence of Hollywood

Everyone who moves to California always notices this thing for sure. That is, everyone looks as stunning as celebrities. It can be due to the huge influence of Hollywood and actors on these people. And due to peer pressure, you might also want to dress like all the people of California. However, a lot of celebrities and famous actors live there. Also, the people of California are extremely conscious about how they look. It can be seen in their lifestyle and their eating habits. And it might not come surprising to some the people. 

  1. Crime – Safe or not

The crime rate of some of the cities of California is incredibly increasing day by day. So must ensure that you don’t live where you are always at risk of crimes. However, the truth is that there are some places where you can live safely. But in some states, the moment you step in, you will eventually know that it’s not safe a. And it’s best to move out of here as soon as possible. 

Moreover, due to high taxes on almost everything and budget, there are a lot of people who are committing crimes. The rates of crime are also increasing day by day. These crimes can be as small as burglary or as big as grand theft, killing someone for money, and many more. Even in San Diego, crimes Are increasing. Police are making many efforts to stop people from committing these crimes. And giving harsh punishment to all the criminals. However, the crime rate still doesn’t seem to decrease at all, and it keeps increasing. Even property crime is also growing. It’s more than 10% now. Even Stockton city in California, is the second most dangerous city in California. It is always at risk of many criminals who often commit many crimes. And you might already know that in most cases, police are of no help. And you can not do anything if a burglary even happens. These high crime rates due to the budgets and taxes are straining people. On top of that, the high crime rates are making the life of Californian people even harder and more horrible.

  1. Education System – Low Level

You might already know many California public and private schools, colleges, and universities. You might automatically assume that the education system of California is extremely good due to all of this. However, these public schools are down ranking the overall schooling system. The low level of education provided in these institutions is extremely bad for the students’ future. And students who study in these low-level institutions might face many difficulties. 

However, there are a lot of institutes that provide excellent education to children. But the worst part is that you will be shocked to know about the fees of these institutes. It’s not easy for everyone to pay high prices for these educational institutions. In short, getting good and high-quality education in California is not for everyone. Only if you have tons of money can you secure your child’s future with a good education. Also, the students are not good at reading and mathematics. The students of California were ranked last in mathematics and reading. This shows that level of education in California is declining day by day. And sadly, there are not many efforts to improve the system. 

  1. Pollution – Becoming more Troublesome

There are not many parking lots for vehicles in California. Also, urbanization is changing this country and making it an even worse place to live. These harmful pollutants are making life even more difficult for the people of California. They are more at risk of getting severe diseases because of pollution. So, those already suffering from medical conditions should avoid living in California. The poor, extremely polluted, and unhealthy air. These all make it a bad place for people with a weak immune system, respiratory system, and organ system.

The state is often clouded with smog clouds. And that way, a lot of people can become unhealthy. It’s normal even during daylight hours, and masks might not be of any help in this regard. Furthermore, you might be surprised that California is among one of the most polluted states in America. And the situation is becoming worse and worse. There are not many steps taken to solve this troublesome issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the questions in the minds of most people

Is it Worth Living in California?

Moving to any new place is not easy. However, keeping all the pros and cons of living in California in mind. It would be right to state to live only if you can make at least six figures per month. However, those who can’t make more can also live in California. But California is an expensive state. Living in this state with a tight budget isn’t easy. The taxes and small income can put a strain on your overall budget. Even meeting the ends with this income might be difficult for some people. So it would be wise not to do this. However, living in this place isn’t that bad if you keep finding a good job to manage.

What should you know before moving to California?

There are a lot of things that you should know before moving to any place. However, many things, such as bad environment and pollution, can be bothersome. Make sure to get a property medical checkup to see if you can withstand the climate of California. Also, the temperature and weather vary in different places in California. So make sure to move to a site which is the most suitable for you. You can check online to find your ideal home in California.

Can Living in California Make you Happier?

There are lots of things that count in it. However, most of the time, the weather at this place is pleasant. There are plenty of natural areas, such as parks and beaches. Also, Recreational activities can give an adrenaline rush that can make a person happier, so if you are someone who loves nature and going on trips. Then this place is a decent option for you. Also, it’s good for athletes who want to make a career. However, there are many other better options than California regarding making a career in sports. 

Final Words

In essence, these points will tell you the perks you can enjoy living in California. Moreover, they will warn you about the problems you may face there.

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*Is is worth living in California?

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