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Watch Masjid Al-Haram live from Makkah on this page 24 hours a day from any part of the globe. Watching this live stream will help you receive blessings and healing. But, you have to be clean before watching this video. That is, you have to be on ablution.

No matter what your heart desires are, Allah can grant them to you if you keep up with you Ibadah. That is, you have to perform your five obligatory prayers as required of you and on time. In addition, fast regularly and give out to the less privileged. 

Watching this video should be an addition to your obligations and prayers, but God knows best. 

Ma sallam. 

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How much is Mecca worth?

Mecca is an ancient city and a fortress of Islam. The city houses the most noble house of God, known as Masjid Al-Haram. Within the Masjid is the Kaaba, which was built by Prophet Ibrahim and his son, Prophet Ismail.

Prophet Muhammad was born and raised in the city. He also attained prophethood there. Before he died, he did the first hajj and got rid of all the idols that people had put in and around the Kaaba.

Because Hajj and Hijra bring so many people from all over the world, the city is still one of the most visited places on Earth.

On the question asked about how much the city is worth, I’ll say that it’s worth more than you and I can understand. Apart from monetary income obtained from Muslim tourists who come for prayers, Umrah, and Hajj, they also earn from the Zamzam water. The city is also rich in holiness, healing, and blessings. It’s also rich in Islamic scholars and some of the most brilliant minds across the globe. That’s the little I understand. I hope that helps.

However, the city is open only to Muslim pilgrims and residents.

How many years muhammad lived in makkah?

Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam, was born in Mecca and lived there for the first 53 years of his life (roughly from 570 to 632 CE) prior to the Hijra. Between the ages of 12 and 13, he resided in Syria. He then returned to Makkah. He married his wife between the ages of 24 and 25. He was called to be a prophet when Malaika Jibril gave him his first message in the cage of Hira when he was 40 years old.

Then he spent another 13 years urging the people of Makkah to abandon idol worship and accept His call to Islam.

After that, he moved to Al Madinah Al Munawarah, which used to be called Yathrib, and lived there for ten years.

How many years the prophet lived in makkah?

He lived in Makkah for 53 years and spent the remainder in Medina.,died%20before%20he%20was%20born.

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