21 Signs He Will Never Come Back

Signs That He Will Never Come Back

Many causes might contribute to the end of a relationship, yet it is far from the end of the world when such bonds are severed. It’s possible that you ended things because your love for each other wasn’t strong enough to last a lifetime, you weren’t ready for a meaningful commitment at the time, or there were hints of infidelity. Whatever factors contributed to the breakup, the end result is that you and your partner are no longer together, and that man appears to have moved on with his life in an impressive manner.

An ex has returned in a lot of circumstances, but in others, what has happened has happened, and what has been done is largely done. Along with this reality, there are strong indications that he will never return to you, and if he does, it will not be as a lover. Are you thinking of going back to him and longing for things to be the same as they were in the past? If you fall into this category, I’m guessing you’ve put aside all that went wrong in the relationship that led to the split. This change of heart is normal, but if you’ve already arrived, I recommend that you don’t dwell on it too much; instead, study the surefire signs that he’s not coming back, and you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.

Having to let go of someone you truly care about is not as simple as it may appear. As unpleasant as the occurrence is, it is an undeniable fact of life that not everyone you meet, come to know, and love is destined to be the one. Not everyone is supposed to stay in our lives for the rest of our life. The true challenge is figuring out who it is, but can you actually do it? If the relationship you care about is nearing its end, now might be the greatest moment to keep an eye out for red signs. The possibility of your ex returning or not returning is one of these warning flags.

It’s critical to have a thorough understanding of the signs to look for in order to determine whether or not your ex is returning. The scenario may appear to be too difficult to handle at first, but remember that honesty is the best policy in any situation, and this is one of them. When you’re honest with yourself, you never know how much sorrow and stress you’re going to save yourself from. This will assist you avoid wasting time and effort. It is not worth the heartache of squandering tangible resources and valuable time on someone who would rather leave your life.

It’s important to concentrate your attention on only those people who perceive you for who you are and recognise your worth and value. It is, believe me, considerably more motivating and fulfilling. In other words, slamming your self-worth on someone who would never return the favour is not an option. Allow your ex to depart if there are definite evidence that he will never return. Chasing him down is a bad idea because he could be doing you a favour. Thankfully, this book will walk you through the ’15 indicators that your ex will never come back’ in great detail. You can minimise unnecessary tension in waiting for someone who has long since left by being familiar with the out mentioned signs you’ll see below shortly.

Finally, the signs that he is never coming back to his ex vary from person to person. This is due to the fact that everyone’s appearance and beliefs are unique. Some communicate their dissatisfaction and hatred as a way of indicating that they will not return. Others express comfort and peace to let you know how well they are getting along without you. Regardless, this post will assist you in discerning the truths when you come across them.

  • Your Ex Tells You That It’s Time To Move On.

If your ex encourages you to move on, there’s just one explanation: he’s positive that nothing will ever happen between you two again. If a person is undecided about a particular option or strategy, they will avoid making any direct suggestions or comments. It’s clear he’s not interested in rekindling any fire when he gives you the ‘move on’ lesson point blank.

The bargain is completed if there is no indifference to his desire to remain apart. To put it another way, if he emphasizes the fact that you two will never get back together and that you should go on with your life, I’d encourage you to believe him since he’s sincere.

  • He Has Returned All Of Your Belongings To You.

It’s not uncommon for us to get rid of old items in order to make room for new ones. The same can be said for failed relationships and the process of moving on. We clear space in our lives in order to invite new people and create new experiences, simply so there will be enough room to fit our new interests. The prior trend is more like this: out with the old, in with the new.

Returning all of your belongings is essentially another sign of no-return. Your ex is doing everything he can to make it obvious to you that he wants a clean slate on which to go on and start a new life without you in it. He might even threaten to trash out your belongings if you don’t pack everything. This aggressive and harsh disposition is what we refer to as dislike.

  • He’s Cold with You.

It’s not unusual for an ex to be unpleasant and aloof after a breakup. This is their way of expressing their anger and dissatisfaction over the situation. The issue arises when he continues to be nasty and cold towards you after a considerable period of time has passed. So, if he appears to be over the split and acts chilly towards you, he dislikes being around you, and that’s a dead giveaway that he won’t be back any time soon.

  • He Makes Up Reasons Not To Get Back Together.

If he doesn’t want to see you again, he’ll find subtle methods to say no to your request. He’ll do you a favour by rejecting you without hurting your feelings. He’ll often blame himself for the breakup and tell you how much more you deserve while telling you that the two of you aren’t meant to be together. This is all in an attempt to put a stop to whatever lingering feelings you may have for him because he does not reciprocate. I recommend that you disregard these statements because they all imply that your ex does not want anything to do with you.

  • He Seems Content with His New Life

People return to ex-partners because they are still in love with them, have unfinished business with them, or feel empty and miserable without them. There’s no reason for your ex to return if none of these thoughts are lingering in his head. This can be seen in their manner and the way they live their lives.

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  • He Has Refused To Reconcile With You.

If your ex has flatly refused to get back in a relationship with you despite your best efforts, it is evident that he does not want to be in a relationship with you again. It doesn’t matter what strategies you try; if he refuses to reconcile, you should back out immediately. He’s made a clear decision that he intends to stick to.

  • He Has Used The No Contact Rule.

If your ex has declared ‘no contact’ indefinitely, it’s a clear indication that he has no intention of returning. This ‘no contact’ method is used for two major reasons: to get an ex back or to move on permanently after a split. If you’ve tried calling or texting him multiple times and received no response, he doesn’t want to respond. This is a dead giveaway that he will never return since he does not want to.

  • He Doesn’t Speak Well Of You In Front Of Others

If he still cares, he wouldn’t go to such lengths to cast you in a negative light in front of others. When you see that your ex makes a negative impression of you and speaks negatively of you to mutual friends and even relatives, you can be sure that he doesn’t care and has no intention of returning. Even if they know you’ll tell others about their feelings for you, they won’t bother because they don’t care what you think any longer.

  • He’s Reunited With An Ex-Lover

This one is a bummer, but it happens. It’s not easy to watch your partner rekindle a relationship with an old flame. It’s possible that the reason they broke up with you was because they were still linked to a previous partner, especially if your relationship was a rebound for them.

  • He’s A Married Man

This is a clear indication that he will not return. He’s marrying someone else because he’s in love, and that won’t be shattered because of you.

  • He Disconnects From You on Social Media

Being blocked sends a clear message: he doesn’t want to be reminded of you since he doesn’t want to rekindle his relationship with you. If you need further proof, keep an eye out for this one.

  • He Doesn’t Like You

If this is the case, he will not want to see you again. In reality, the aforementioned attitude shows that your ex is doing everything he can to sever all ties and links with you. So, at this point, the best option is to hand over all of your belongings to him and move on with your life.

  • You’ve heard From Friends about How at Ease Your Ex Is.

You can find pleasant, polite, and honest updates on their social media. Whenever you run into them and have a conversation with them, they treat you with civility, respect, and kindness. All of these things, and more, are telltale signs that your ex has made peace with his past. So, if he is truly happy and content with his current lifestyle, there is no need for him to return.

  • Your Ex Is Enthusiastic about a Future Reunion as Friends

If he doesn’t reject your advances directly, urges you to move on nicely, and is optimistic about a future reunion as friends, he’s over you. By doing so, he is entrusting all to fate, who will decide what is truly meant to happen.

  • He Holds No Grudge against You

Even if the split was painful, the wounds will heal over time, and when we care about someone, we will not retain a grudge or act rudely because we are not enemies. If you look closely at exes who meet up after a long period, you’ll notice that those who have no underlying affections for each other are nice and kind towards themselves. They’ll do everything they can to avoid becoming a jerk. They are demonstrating that they are happy without you by doing so, and you should be as well. Does that person, on the other hand, retain a grudge against you and refuses to interact with you again?

  • He Has A New Woman In His Life.

Your ex getting a new girlfriend is the most obvious clue that he isn’t coming back to you. When a man begins a new relationship, it’s evident that he’s leaving you behind.

You, too, can move on if this man can. While you’re still reminiscing about the past and hoping for him to return, he’s out there happily married to another lady.

The finest thing you can do for yourself is to stop waiting and start living. Your ex is no longer the center of the universe. So, even though the suffering seems interminable, you’ll soon recognize that you deserve better.

Begin dating someone who understands you and will not abandon you as your ex did. Don’t be surprised if you find a man who is willing to give you the world.

  • He Refuses To Communicate With You.

When someone shuts off touch with me, I still believe they have a valid reason. Of course, there’s no wrong in hope that the guy returns and maintains some form of contact with you, but reality checks are necessary from time to time.

If your ex stops communicating with you, it means he doesn’t care about you or what’s going on in your life. He believes that without you in his life, he will be happier. As a result, he refuses to speak to you or even view your social media posts. As a result, he may block you on social media, leaving you unable to contact him and initiate a dialogue.

Although it may appear to be harsh, cutting off communication with your ex is one of the most effective strategies to heal and move on. “Out of sight, out of mind” is an old adage. When you don’t focus on trying to reconcile with your ex, moving on will be much easier.

  • He Deletes Your Social Media Photos.

When a man deletes any traces of you from his social media sites, he’s letting the world know that he’s single and looking for love.

When a man and a woman terminate their relationship amicably, they normally preserve some photos to remember the good times they had together. If, on the other hand, your ex deletes all of your images from his Instagram or Facebook, he doesn’t want others to think you’re still important to him. Your ex, on the other hand, wants everyone to know that his relationship with you has ended.

He may even unfollow or block you on social media as icing on the cake. If that’s the case, now is the moment to follow suit. This may appear unjust, but it’s one of the telltale signs that he won’t return. He’s ready to move on and start dating.

Delete and unfollow each other on social media can be the final straw, signaling the end of your relationship with him.

  • He Tells You The Most Dreadful Breakup Line Imaginable.

It’s bad enough when there’s a reason to end a relationship. Even yet, if a guy tells you “It’s not you, it’s me,” it’s one of the clearest signs he won’t return.

When your ex says the problem is with him, it suggests there’s nothing you can do to remedy the situation. It’s a subtle way of saying you deserve the best, but he’s not going to be the one to provide it to you. It’s not a request for you to assist him in making positive changes. This breakup remark, on the other hand, implies that he has made up his mind and is ready to go on.

Reinvest that desire to assist your man change or develop into yourself. Make a concerted effort to recover from your anguish and emerge stronger than before. Although the breakup may have harmed your ego, keep in mind that every rejection is simply a redirection.

  • He Has No Remorse For Causing You Pain.

What happened to your relationship doesn’t matter. If the man has no remorse for injuring you, he has obviously lost interest in you. He simply wishes to be free of you.

When you respect someone, you want the breakup to be as smooth as possible. It is handled civilly and without causing you undue worry. If he treats you badly, it means he no longer loves you. As a result, he isn’t the man for you because he isn’t looking out for your best interests.

Your ex may intentionally damage your feelings in order to make it easier for you to move on, which is exactly what you should do. People that wish to harm you shouldn’t have a place in your heart.

  • You Become Enraged By Him.

It’s natural to experience bitterness after a breakup, especially if the relationship was long-term, and strong emotions help us handle the situation more quickly. If, on the other hand, you’re more angry than sad, this man may not be the right fit for you.

Those that have caused me animosity or negative energy, in my experience, are not meant to be in my life for an extended period of time. It’s a sign to me that this individual isn’t meant to be a part of my life. I value my time much too highly to waste it on a man who will just serve to lower my vibe.

If a guy makes you feel anything other than liking, affection, or love, it could be a sign from the universe that he is no longer meant to be in your life. The rage is there for a purpose, and your gut instinct could be one of the signs that you won’t be able to reconcile.

To summarize, the signs that a person will never return to his ex vary from person to person. This is due to the fact that everyone’s appearance and beliefs are unique. However, there is a specific page below that discusses the signs that your ex is likely to come back.

Signs Your Ex Will Come Back.

This other part of the post will be useful if you’re eager to get back together with your ex and want to know if they are as well. Continue reading to discover the indicators that your ex will come back.

Your Ex Is Definitely Coming Back To You If:

  • You And Your Ex-Partner Ended Your Relationship Amicably.

Consider how you felt during your time with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Is your response as follows from the beginning to the end?

If you said yes, it’s just a matter of time before your ex comes to terms with himself and returns to you. Give it some time and patience.

When you and your ex agree that there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the relationship, you’ll know it’s time to patch things up again. If he calls things off, for example, expect an emotional breakdown from him that will send him racing back to you one fine day.

When the reason for the breakup isn’t something serious — no infidelity, no mind games, etc. — your ex should quickly realize there isn’t anyone in their life who is more perfect than you. Because there is no damage to the relationship, it can be saved; it will only be a question of time before your ex returns.

  • You’ve discovered That They’ve Been Following You on Social Media.

It’s easy to tell if they’re stalking you if you’re still friends on Facebook or follow each other on Instagram. It’s a solid sign your ex is thinking of you and missing you if they keep liking and commenting on your new posts.

Your ex is, in effect, watching your every move. They want to know how you’re doing, if you’ve moved on or if you’re still thinking about them. If you’re doing the same, it’s worth it to try a second inning with them because your ex is almost certain to return.

When you notice they’ve lately commented on previous posts with great photos of you both, it’s one of the most telling signs they miss you a lot. If they’ve stated something along the lines of “wonderful memories,” “miss that time,” or something similar, it’s a good sign they’ll return if you’re ready for a reconciliation.

Also, if they’ve posted memories of you on their social media handle or account throughout the post-breakup phase, it’s a clear sign they miss you.

You may test things out for yourself by trying a few tricks. To confuse your ex, upload a photo with a new man pal. This is to see if they enjoyed or commented on your most recent post. If he does nothing or replies angrily, he may be jealous, which is a good indicator if you want your ex back.

  • They Promptly Return Your Calls and Respond To Your Texts.

If your ex picks up your calls or responds to your texts right away, it’s because they’ve been staring at their phone all day hoping to hear from you. Consider this proof that they want you back equally if you’re looking for a chance to mend fences with them.

In addition, if their text response is longer than yours, they’re most likely desperate to respond. They have so much to say and offer that it is impossible to do it in a few words.

Consider it an attempt to re-establish the friendship if they’ve started texting you throughout the day. Your ex is likely to remember you so well that they feel compelled to keep you up to date on daily events, whether they are related to work, home, or something amusing. The primary objective of keeping you updated is to make you smile.

  • They Continue To Meet With Your Buddies.

If your ex communicates with your friends on a frequent basis, it’s a positive sign they want you back. They aren’t attempting to erase you from memory because they haven’t let go of all that has to do with you.

Your pals, like your presents and possessions, serve as a reminder of who you are and a way of keeping up with what’s going on in your life. This signifies that they are guarding you and genuinely care about you.

They’d like to know where you’re going and how you’re feeling. When your friends tell you about their frequent interactions with your ex and all the kind things he or she says or asks about you, it’s evident that he or she cares about you and still loves you.

  • They’ve Already Found a New Love Interest.

Is your ex dating someone else? If you answered yes, consider it a likely “positive” indication before getting worked up over it. This could be a rebound relationship to help you recover from the trauma of your breakup. It could also be a test relationship to see whether you’re still attracted or to make you envious.

Sure, they may be briefly relieved, but underlying all that artificial bliss lies a heartbroken soul that still desires you. It’s easier said than done, as much as they’d like their new relationship to last and help them heal.

It takes more than a few days to match up to the memories, attachment, and trust of the prior relationship. So don’t be surprised if your ex quickly discovers their new companion isn’t for the long haul.

On the other side, they could be involved in a series of temporary partnerships. Another clue that they’re seeking for a way to mask their grief is that they’re looking for a rebound. They’re on a quest for happiness, and all of their little trials have resulted in futile attempts to match up to their relationship with you.

  • They Prefer To Be Alone.

This is one of the most telling indicators that your ex wants to reconcile with you. They have chosen to live a life based on the memories they have of you by remaining single. That’s because no one can replace everything you stood for in making your ex happy in their eyes.

Furthermore, they want you to take the initiative in restarting the relationship. All you have to do is make the tiniest effort to demonstrate that you want to be in a relationship with them again. They’ll take advantage of the first chance you offer them.

If your ex is still single as a result of your strong sentiments, they probably don’t have the bravery to date someone just to make you jealous. Their helplessness stems from their depression as a result of losing your company.

It’s the price your ex is willing to pay in the hopes that you’ll return one day. To put it another way, when you’re wondering if your ex will return, your ex is probably thinking the same thing.

  • Your Belongings Have Not Been Returned.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what this sign means. Your ex is likely to have retained your belongings for one of two reasons, both of which are interconnected.

They want you to contact, phone, or visit them first to get your belongings. It’s a method for them to see and meet you, and it’s a sign that they’re not disgusted with you. They also have a hard time letting go of the memories associated with each and every item and gift they received from you. It’s a chore to return these.

Second, it’s an indication that they’ve opted not to cut you out of their lives — and that you should patch things up again. They believe that time will heal you and that you will be reunited, so there is no need to return your belongings. Both of these are signs that your ex will eventually return to you.

  • They Call Or Text You While Inebriated.

Any form of intoxication, whether from booze or drugs, is a bad thing. However, it’s amazing how brave one can get and the truth that comes out of one’s mouth when they’re intoxicated – your ex may utilise drunk dial to tell you how much they love you and want you back. They have the bravery to do and say things they wouldn’t normally do or say if they weren’t inebriated.

The same can be said regarding texting while inebriated. If you’ve ever received text messages, it shouldn’t matter if the sender (your ex) was inebriated at the time. What matters is that they missed you.

The fact that they remembered you and wrote to you with words of love and appreciation is as obvious a sign as any that they want to be back in your life. If you don’t want them to stop drinking, contact them back and invite them to meet you. Well, just if you’re interested to begin with!

  • They Keep Running Into You.

It’s understandable if you run into your ex at the mall or at a party once in a while. It’s also a positive sign if you run into them frequently. What’s going on is that they’re following you about at your favorite hangout spots, on your regular shopping visits, and at parties you’ve been invited to. Despite this, they insist it’s just a coincidence.

They’ve made it a point to see you frequently because being away has been difficult. There’s no better sign than this if you want your ex back in your life. Exes don’t arrive in random places for no reason. When they miss you to the moon and back, they go above and beyond.

  • They Only Have Positive Things To Say About You.

Has your ex been complimenting you on many elements of your life, such as your career, accomplishments, fashion style, and charisma, to name a few? If you answered yes, they want you to know how much you value them, as well as your close friends and relatives. Your admiration for your ex grows exponentially when you hear these compliments directly or through others. In fact, you’re both aiming for the same thing: improving your relationship.

If you wish to rekindle your relationship with your ex, the very least you can do is maintain a positive attitude. Negativity has no place here, especially when it comes to keeping the attraction alive and growing.

On the other hand, if you learn that your ex is speaking terrible things about you to others, you may want to consider moving elsewhere.

  • Since the Breakup, They’ve been Unhappy.

It’s unusual for an ex to say that the split has left them upset, especially if the ex is a man. If you hear of someone making such a confession, you can bet they’re in a lot of pain. In such cases, they’ll make sure you get the message that they’re missing you terribly. They may approach your friends or any other known messenger for this purpose.

Couples that act as if nothing occurred and that they couldn’t be happier are merely fooling themselves. There is a period of major devastation and mental turmoil after that. They’ll eventually tell you how much you mean to them and how eager they are to get back together as soon as possible, whether directly or indirectly.

  • They Haven’t Changed A Single Thing.

If your ex hasn’t changed a bit, it’s probably because they think it’ll be faster and easier to pick up where they left off. If they change their persona, they risk alienating you with their new persona. They’re sure to know what you liked about them because they’ve spent meaningful time with you in the past.

If they change their manner, attitude, or anything else now, it may be at the risk of putting distance between you and them. Instead of personifying someone they aren’t, your ex is being authentic to themselves. In some ways, they’re making the correct moves to re-enter your life.

Partners that aren’t interested in patching up their relationship go through substantial changes to become new people. They go through physical and psychological transformations in order to make a fresh start – they want to forget about the past, particularly their ex-partners. When you see your ex hasn’t changed, you can be sure they don’t wish to forget about you. By picking up where you left off, they’re indicating that they want to be with you again.

  • You Were In A Long-Distance Relationship At The Time.

If you split up only because of a long-distance relationship, it wasn’t a fair breakup to begin with. While it’s true that long-distance relationships leave some components of a healthy relationship unsatisfied, the essence of the partnership — love (not romance) — remains intact.

Romance, having a family together, and dating are all things you typically lose out on because your relationship is long-distance. When careers are on the line and neither spouse can do anything to overcome the barriers that are sabotaging the relationship, the bond typically breaks down.

Following a split, happiness is not always guaranteed. That’s why, in the aftermath of a split, each partner often feels guilty for not making the necessary changes to save the relationship.

When you learn that your ex is intending to move back to your town or is looking for a job in your area, it’s a good sign that they want to see you again. After recognising they can’t be happy without you in their lives, they’re willing to make huge sacrifices.


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