Signs someone is thinking smart: facts

Signs someone is thinking smart

We meet many people in our lives who all have different skills. You need to know about signs someone is thinking smart or not. This is the only way we can analyze the skills of a person.

Do not be confused; I have done all the throughput searches to find the signs of intelligent people. Read on to learn about their skills in detail

18 Signs of Smart Thinkers

Everyone should use his mind to the fullest. However, only a few people use their all intelligence. It would be best if you lived in the company of such people to learn their thought processes.

But first of all, you should be able to identify an intelligent person, and here is the list of signs someone thinks smart. Once you point out a smart person, try to adopt his habits and learn from him as much as possible. It will positively affect the overall decisions of your life, and no one will ever be able to deceive you.

He has curiosity

The key to knowledge and self-improvement is curiosity, leading to results. Intelligent persons want to know the problem behind everything, and if they cannot find the reason by one method, they tend to try another.

In short, they cannot sit without finding the reason and solving the problem. Because of curiosity, we are using all the inventions, technology, and machines. What if scientists had not tried to find these things? Our life would have been like the stone age.

There are many benefits of curiosity as it gives us the enthusiasm, interest, and will to find and research different things.

If you see that a person is very curious and thinks about everything, it means that he is smart. Moreover, we should live in such people’s company to increase our knowledge.

Best of all, your life will become interesting, and you will start thinking beyond the limits.

He has an awareness of limitations

Curiosity is a sign that you are smarter; however, it does not mean you do not know your limit. Some people are curious about different things but remain within their boundaries. 

They are intelligent and know what they should speak or not. They have enough courage to admit that they cannot know everything and know humility is important for learning.

Intellectual intelligence motivates us to learn and quiz ourselves to check our understanding. 

Similarly, suppose a person is curious about your life problem and asks your different questions so he can gather the necessary information to solve the problem. In that case, he does not request sensitive questions.

Above all, he informs you before asking any sensitive questions and remains cool if you refuse to share any information. It means that a person is thinking smart and he will give you the best solution.

He breaks down complex problems

Most people get confused when they face a big problem and think it cannot be solved. They get so puzzled and sometimes take so much stress and become depressed.

However, people who think intelligently do not show this type of reaction. Instead, they remain cool and calm. First of all, they break down the complex problem into small parts.

Then find the solution to each problem and try to solve the whole issue. This way of solving problems is a sign that you are intelligent.

Moreover, breaking down a complex problem into small pieces is the basis of continuous improvement, communication, and learning.

You cannot get this ability at once, and intelligent people know its importance and have learned it through practice, training and education and end up learning the skill of solving complex problems.

Thought process awareness

Although the process of every person is different, people who think smart know their thought process and try their best to use it to their fullest benefit.

Following are the which you can get benefit from your thought process

  1. First of all, they know their skills and area of expertise and work in the field in which they are weak.
  2. Secondly, they align ideals with actions to get the maximum benefit.
  3. Keep an eye on the precision of employees and mold their behaviors according to it to get the maximum benefit from them.
  4. They manage their emotions well, and these skills are very helpful in developing strong relationships and improving weak ones.
  5. Lastly, they can identify emotions and leave no stone unturned to decrease stress and sadness.

You must know your thought process and benefit from it as it will help you in all walks of life and positively affect your overall health.


A person who can experience and feel the emotions of persons who are passing through a state is known as empathy, which is a fundamental part of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a skill that prevents you from understanding different emotions and presenting them healthily. You can assess what he is feeling from the person’s expressions, and you are there to help him even without his request.

Following are the tips that can help you improve your emotional intelligence

  1. First of all, work on how you can control your impulsive feelings and behavior
  2. Think about your emotions and analyze how they are impacting your behavior
  3. Identify your weaknesses and work on them to boost your confidence.
  4. Take the initiative and always be on your commitments
  5. Look for the people of your surrounding and take care of their emotional needs
  6. Learn about the power dynamic in a group
  7. Work on your communications, and do not hesitate to ask for help
  8. If you are working in a group having conflict, try to manage it instead of increasing it

Once you start practicing these tips, you will observe improvement in your behavior and skills to solve life problems.

He has a strong sense of self

The people who are intelligent and think smart know everything about themselves. Their sense of identity is related to their perception of 

  1. traits and abilities
  2. life values
  3. key life goals and desires
  4. other defining characteristics

Strong self-awareness is directly related to intelligence and smartness, and a person who knows and acknowledges everything about himself means that he is 

  1. very confident and secure in himself
  2. Know where his skills lie
  3. confident enough to make decisions according to his beliefs

It has never been easy to know yourself completely, and you may have to face difficulty in expressing yourself. Moreover, it isn’t easy to set boundaries and select a path well versed with your personal beliefs and values.

He observes and remembers

Have you ever encountered a person who is always praised for his strong sense of observation? However, everyone is not sherlock homeless, but some people know their surroundings very well.

Your ability to store and work with detailed information is known as working memory and is strongly related to fluid intelligence.

Here are the different types of intelligence related to your observation ability.

  1. You notice everything, and your perception can be seen in your artwork, which means you have spatial-visual intelligence.
  2. You remember things well as you listen or read. It means that you have strong verbal-linguistic intelligence.
  3. Understanding nature at a deep level is also a symbol of intelligence. For example, you can easily detect changes in the pattern of the natural environment.
  4. He has good body memory

It is possible to measure intelligence in terms of the physical body, and you might have seen that we do not know about a specific market or restaurant, but our body goes on, and we reach that place.

Similarly, sometimes we remember the complicated path and dance move even if we have tried them once. It is because you remember your body’s movement patterns and can easily replicate them without much effort.

This skill is very helpful in sports and helps improve skills with fine details.

He can handle the challenges life tosses at him

Life is not simple for anyone; it depends on how you deal with life’s problems. Some people stress over little things, but you can easily find people who solve problems and live happily.

People can adjust to new situations, and adaptability is the key to intelligence. Similarly, the residence also plays a very important role as it is your skill to recover from adversity.

Such persons are very optimistic, and if one thing does not work for them, they become ready for another and ready to try it again within a few seconds. 

All these are the base characteristics of an intelligent person, especially those who remain calm and funny in all situations. Research conducted in 2017 shows a strong link between dark humor and intelligence.

He is messy

Studies have proved that people who create a mess while working are more intelligent. However, people who maintain tidy conditions in their working area are not that skillful.

Thus you can assess the working smartness of people by judging their working area. However, it is not true for everyone as some people keep their surroundings clean but have high IQ and are good at everything.

He is open-minded

In addition, the reason for smart thinking is open-mindedness. People who are not intelligent do not accept the point of view and do not want to think beyond their intellect; as a result, they cannot learn new things.

However, smart people are very open-minded to new people’s ideas and points of view. They do not stick to reasonable opinions without proper research and thinking from multiple points of view.

However, once smart people have an opinion, they stick to it, and no power can manipulate them.

He is not convinced he is particularly smart

You want to know if the person is thinking smart or not and assess what he feels about his skills. Research has proven that less competent and talented people brag about their skills.

On the other hand, intelligent people do not think so and are always in the learning phase. Shakespeare said, “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

Their urge to learn new skills and improve the existing ones makes them intellectual and smart. You should live in the company of such people and avoid over-confident people who think no one can beat them. 

He is happy with himself

Intelligent people enjoy their company and do not need someone to always be with them. A study published in the British Journal of Psychology proved a strong relationship between being alone and intelligence.

It is because when they are alone, they analyze themselves and pinpoint their weak areas so they can work on those weaknesses. Similarly, they make plans and prioritize different things, which increases their self-control.

He talks to himself

Most of the time, when we see a person talking to himself, we think that he is crazy. However, the reality is different. According to physiologist Paloma Mari-Beffa and Alexander Kirkham of Bangor University, a person who talks to himself loud has high self-control, which is a big sign of intelligence.

 You must have seen that athletes talk to themselves in a loud voice during games as it is very helpful in net controlling.

Thus if you see your kid or anyone from your close people talking to himself, do not stop him. You will only disturb him as he meditates by calling him a fool.

It can leave a long-lasting impression on his mind, and they may stop thinking and analyzing themselves like this in the future. Slowly he will lose his ability to think smartly and may become dumb.

You can keep the peace

People with the skills to resolve the conflict between two persons or groups are very smart. It is not an easy task to calm furious people. Moreover, age does not matter as sometimes kids resolve the problem between their parents.

Following are the components of these skills, and all of them are because of smart thinking

  1. You know how to read the body language of others, and it is the first clue of the conflicts.
  2. You use these clues to know the problem and ask both parties different questions
  3. You ask them to learn the perspective of others.
  4. Moreover, you help those people to find the best possible solution
  5. You tend to worry about things

Worrying does not mean that smart people take the stress. It refers to preparing themselves beforehand for a sad situation. 

A stud was conducted in 2017, and according to it, smart people may experience a lot of anxiety or only a little. Thus there is a relationship between being worried and smartness.

It is a contradictory statement; however, you must go through the explanation given below to learn more

People with very high IQ levels do not worry about things that are not likely to happen. They feel that they are skillful enough to face the challenges of life.

On the other hand, some people with intelligence worry because they can anticipate certain threats because of their extensive knowledge and want to cope with them.

They are brainstorming and thinking about how to solve the problem. We also consider that anxiety is not a good emotion; however, overanxiety is not good.

It is anxiety that helps us to recognize different dangers and respond to them. However, if you cannot handle your stress, it is better to seek medical assistance as it can negatively affect your overall health.

You’re good at managing your emotions

In life, we have to pass through different emotions, and our intelligence tells us how to deal with these emotions. 

Here are the qualities of an emotionally intelligent person

  1. He can recognize complex emotions
  2. He knows the effect of different emotions and feelings on behavior and decision
  3. He can easily respond to the emotion
  4. He has practiced self-control and knows the suitable time for expressing feelings
  5. He knows the healthy and safe way of expressing feelings

Like all other types of bits of intelligence, you can learn emotional smartness by practice.

People often do not relate to you

You are extremely smart if you see that most people in your surroundings do not relate with you very much, and you cannot know why this happens.

It has been proved by many types of research that people who have high IQ levels cannot relate with people, and it is hard for them to find common things.

” Thomas said. “So if you are an average person, the average IQ is 100. So if you’ve got an IQ of 100, that means that 68% of the population will have an IQ within 15 points of yours. So this means that 68% of the population will be in your friendship zone … Now, if you have an IQ of 145 or higher, the world is going to be a different place for you because if you have an IQ of 145, only about 2% of the population is going to be within your friendship zone. And most people are not going to get you.”

He is great at puzzles

You can guess whether a person is smart or not from his skill in solving the puzzle. People capable of taking difficult puzzles and solving them within a few minutes have a very high intelligence quotient.

To solve puzzles, you should have the skill to view the pattern of mysteries and decode them to make a perfect picture. That’s why everyone can’t solve the puzzle within a minimum time.

He does moderately complicated math in his head

If you see that a person can solve the moderate math in his head and does not ask for a pencil and notepad, then he is a smart thinker.

It is a very high-end skill as you not only remember information but also process it to produce a new set of information. If you think that is not a high skill and you also do so, it means that you are intelligent, and you think you are not smarter.

He is creative

The most commendable skill of an intelligent person is that he is very creative and knows how to fabricate new things. You can see people who come up with new ideas and approaches; they are all creative.

Such people should be polished as they can prove fruitful for humanity. Thus if you want to see if someone is thinking smart or not, see how he does things. Is there any innovation in his work? If yes, it means that he is very smart.

Final words

In a nutshell,  you can say that someone thinks smart if he is creative, knows how to bring peace, loves spending time alone, and is confident in himself.

Similarly, intelligent people are very aware of themselves, know their thought processes, are good at managing emotions, anticipate threats beforehand, and prepare themselves for all kinds of situations.

Moreover, smart people can easily solve puzzles and find the solution to math problems in their minds without using notes and pencils. In addition, it is very hard for smart people to find people who can relate to them and understand their point of view.

The most worth praising trail of smart things is that they do proper research to formulate their opinion about every matter and then stick to it. However, they are open-minded enough to listen to the point of view of others.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thank you for your visit!


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