Spirituality and the internet: Views of an internet user

Spirituality and the internet: Views of an internet user

The internet has become an important part of the modern man’s life. It has taken over almost all his channels of communication. It’s one of the best ways to make a living for him. When it comes to advertisements, the internet has become the most preferred option. Man can almost not do without social media.

The way we educate ourselves has been affected. We now rely on the internet for almost every piece of information or knowledge resource. Textbooks have been neglected for information on search engine results and social media posts. Man is now finding it difficult to read the text on paper. What a world we now find ourselves in.

Many a man isn’t aware of the danger and spirituality related to this internet world. Man has lost himself on social media. Visiting every page or video channel for entertaining information. That’s why I have written this piece to bring the spiritual aspect of the internet to our consciousness.

Despite the goodies that come with the internet, some spiritual dangers are involved. These dangers can fail you if you don’t take precautionary measures. What are these dangers? These are some unseen parts of the internet in the form of bots or spirits. You live with them, but you’re not aware of them.  They can be found on almost every website you visit, almost every video you watch, and even on you as a man. However, God knows best.

How does this affect your life and business?

Friends and family, business partners, or enemies who are spiritual can use these spirits to negatively impact your life. They may hurt you in a way you don’t understand, which may lead to medical conditions. This is a spiritual situation which cannot be explained in totality by me, but it happens and every business owner should be aware and take precautionary measures.

Below are a few instances:

  1. They stay on your business logo, page, and posts to cause failure or dislike and direct customers to theirs.
  2. They stay in your messaging app or emails to communicate with your customers or potential clients on the other side, which will result in losing contracts after sending outstanding proposals or discouraging your potential customers.
  3. They cause your ads to be disliked by potential customers. Hence, you continue to spend an exorbitant amount of money on ads without getting the required results.
  4. An enemy may send problems to your house without chatting with you through the internet. By opening a popular website, you will be hit by them without your knowledge.
  5. You could be possessed to live the life of someone else.
  6. You may be damaged in a way you don’t understand. Headaches, nearsightedness, heart attack, weakened cells, weakened skin, brain drainage, inability to do things quickly and intelligently.

All this occurs as a result of interacting with different components of the internet that you don’t understand.

How do you solve this problem?

  • Prayer and fasting

As a business owner or internet user, you have to be prayerful and beg for help in your business and all your activities. The world is dangerous than we understand. And we don’t know everything that’s happening in our environment. So, prayer and fasting is the best solution. Your life will change beyond your understanding if you do this. As a Muslim, if you read your Holy Quran every day on top of your required prayers, you won’t have this problem at all.

  • Do things in moderation.

This means that you should use the internet moderately. Don’t stay too long on any page and don’t make friends with people you don’t know through the internet. Don’t dabble in topics you have no knowledge of.

  • Stay physically fit.

Physical fitness helps to eliminate a lot of things from your body. Things you may never have heard of. Run at least 20 km every week with other forms of exercise.

You will never understand how this will change your life for the better, but it will. Your enemies will have no choice but to leave or show up physically. Doing this with a lot of prayers is a guarantee for success.

An average sportsman is less likely to be possessed or harmed by the powers on the internet.

  • Morality

Morality is very important in order to survive the challenges of our world. It helps you to avoid problems that may be waiting to consume you and fail you.

  • Avoid spiritual food poisoning.

Many are not aware that their food has been poisoned. But the sad reality is that most of our food has been poisoned to work against our bodies and lives. So, I employ you to pray over your food before cooking and before consumption.

All this will help you to live without being recognised by the spirits and bots on the internet. Apart from that, you’ll be less likely to be possessed by them.

  • Avoid fornication

This is one of the things every man must avoid to be a success. If you have been unfaithful, it will be easy for these spirits to find you and reduce you, both online and off.

  • Minimise the use of images

Website owners and users should minimise the use of images for passing information. Images helps to beautiful web pages but they are dangerous if consumed in excess. Images may be used to posses the reader or user of a website. So, it’s important to use them minimally on the internet.

In summary, the internet is a world of its own, influenced by people from different parts of the globe. Men with evil intentions. So, one must be careful with the ways he/she relates and uses it because these things don’t give signal when they hurt you. However, remember to pray and fast, they are extremely important to overcome the challenges of the spiritual world.

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