The Benefits of Living Alone (Pros and Cons)

The Benefits of Living Alone (Pros and Cons)

While living with someone else, you may have to compromise on certain things. However, one perk from a long list of benefits of living alone is that you do not have to compromise on anything.

You must be curious about other benefits of living alone, so read on.

The Pros of Living Alone

The list below will let you know the tremendous benefits of living alone, from cleanliness to decorating rooms on your own.

1. Cleaning on your own terms.

When you live alone, you have a cleaning schedule, and it is your responsibility to wash even a single dish in the home. However, you do not have to rush to clean.

When you live with your family, you must complete your task on time or you will feel guilty. However, while living alone, you can leave the house with all its mess, and there will be no one to scold you or make you feel guilty.

Thus, you can easily clean your room, kitchen, and bathroom once you have reached home and have wound up all your essential pending work.

2. Guests on your terms.

The second most significant benefit of living alone is that you do not have to tolerate any outsiders in your home. When we live with a roommate, we have to share their friends.

You do not have to go through the phase of the party, the unwanted mess, and socialization. You will invite your friends only when you have time and the mood. If someone suddenly comes to visit, you will not have any guilt about sharing your room with odd people who do strange acts, even in the presence of the guest.

3. You are not required to share.

We have to share everything when we live in an apartment with boys. You have no idea why the toothpaste you bought two days ago has been used for more than half.

Similarly, boys may ask you to give them your favorite cardigan, which becomes the door mat at once. If such things go on for a long time, you cannot bear them. So, start living alone as you are the sole owner of everything, so you do not have to share anything. You use toothpaste and face wash alone; thus, it lasts.

4. Guaranteed privacy.

When we live in a shared apartment, many people look at our every move and judge us. Furthermore, you are unable to complete many tasks because you lack privacy.

All these problems go away when we live in an apartment, as you can live your best life there. You can wear your favorite pajamas, which may seem odd to some people.

Similarly, you can even open your private documents at the dining table without fearing losing privacy.

When you arrive home late from work after a stressful day, you can drown out your loneliness with loud music and ice cream. But in a shared apartment, you may have to share ice cream, and you cannot play all the music of your choice.

5. You are charged for what you use.

If you are living with other people, you may have to pay extra charges. Some people left the lights and fans on. Moreover, they cannot live without an air conditioner.

Similarly, some people often wash their clothes. All this carelessness leads to a large amount of electricity being utilized, and you have to pay charges accordingly that may exceed your budget.

That’s why living alone is a perk, as you can conserve electricity and ensure you do not waste it, so you do not pay large bills. You have everything in your control and can even completely cut off some electrical appliances with cheap alternatives.

For example, instead of using a sandwich maker, you can even make toast on the gas stove and save electricity.

6. Creative space freedom.

Living alone in an apartment is soothing and relaxing because you have control over the entire property. Suppose you live in a house of three rooms; you can designate one room as a sleeping room, the second as the guest room, and the third as the office or your music room.

On the other hand, in a shared apartment, you do not even have authority over the single room. Everyone will interfere in your setting, which will bother you very much. You may even lose interest in the sitting room and start living according to the will of your roommates.

7. You have the ability to please yourself.

The most significant fact about living alone is that you give priority to self-care, and you have got to know that self-care is not selfishness. It is the first time you have had the opportunity to do everything you love.

However, in a shared apartment, you often have to give your consent and act upon other people’s instructions. Best of all, you can do all the acts of self-care you have been hesitating to do because of the shyness of other people. In short, leaving a shared apartment and starting living alone will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

8. You are in control.

You must be curious about more of the benefits of living alone. You get the chance to do things on your own. Everything is in your control, and you will never observe any change, even in the position of a needle.

For example, if you want to keep plants, you will not have to bother other people who may be allergic to that plant. Moreover, you are free to decide, and there is no one to influence.

However, when you live in a gathering, every decision is made based on the opinion of the majority. Thus, you may have to move away from your point of view and do things at the request of others.

This fact is very bothersome for some people, and you cannot live for a long time. A time comes in every person’s life when they want to make every decision themselves and cannot obey the orders of others.

9. Embrace life with your whole mind.

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, the most significant and most heavy fact about living alone is that you get the chance to look at life closely.

You can be fully involved in your life and body as long as you have free time, and there is no one to judge you. You learn how to be comfortable with your skin and features.

You learn about the things that bother you and how to deal confidently with things that make you insecure. In short, you can work on yourself and turn out to be your best version.

10. “Home is where the heart is.”

In a house, we only engage with other humans. However, when we live alone, we pay attention to small details of the house, such as paint color, wall decoration, room furniture, etc.

Moreover, nowadays, working from home is in fashion, and it is the best concept for people who cannot entirely focus in the office. But it isn’t easy to maintain a work-life balance in an at-home office.

However, you try to maintain every corner of your house as you love your house beyond anything, and we know home is where the heart is. Suppose you are lying on a sofa and looking at the design of the roof; after some time, new ideas will come to your mind, and you may design your roof next time yourself. It seems fun!

11. Obtain fulfillment

Some people dream of working hard enough to buy their house and live their favorite life. They are complete when they are unable to purchase a home and live alone. As they have achieved the most significant milestone of their lives, their confidence increases in their choices and skills.

The period of buying a house varies from person to person. However, it may be difficult for a person to live alone who has gone through a breakup.

But living alone is better than being in a toxic relationship, as such a relationship can make you feel mentally sick.

12. Rent out your home on your terms.

It is not necessary to always live alone; you can have gatherings. You are the owner of the house, and you can invite any friend and have a movie night.

Similarly, your family can visit and live with you for a few days. There will be no one to harm your friends, and they will have privacy and freedom in your home.

However, make sure that your friends don’t start dropping by your house every other day without informing you. You must set some clear boundaries, rules, and regulations.

13. Financial self-sufficiency.

You have complete control over your money and can easily manage your expenses whenever you purchase something. You are not required to share anything.

Thus, you have an idea of everything’s life, and the person who spends money never wastes anything. Many people think there are more expenses to living alone.

Although your expenses can be more, you have financial independence, and most people work for it. But you cannot get financial independence as long as you have shared a house and its items with someone else. You need to buy or rent a separate house or apartment to live in with your will and financial independence.

14. Active independence.

People think you have operational independence when living with a couple or with someone else. But it is wrong. You cannot get absolute freedom without living alone.

You can choose how you want to live your life. Also, you can try out new things and formulas without worrying about getting in the way of anyone else.

All of these things help you develop your personality and help you form strong relationships with people in your environment and friends.

Thus, if you want to improve functional independence and do self-analysis, you must live alone in an apartment for some time.

15. Go after what you’re passionate about.

While living with other people, we often start living with their passions and keep our wishes. Living alone, on the other hand, gives you the confidence to pursue your passion.

If everything started slowly, you could hang a painting on the wall all by yourself. Similarly, you may cook something without the help of others. These small things gave us a lot of confidence.

You will soon realize that you have potential and will begin to pursue your dreams again. You do not fear anything and confidently talk with people about your passions and do not consider them odd.

Most people think their passions are not good and nothing is essential or worth mentioning. However, the reality is that they lack confidence, and they need to learn how to pursue their passions. Living alone can help them sort out things.

16. A vibrant social life.

We measure a person’s social life by counting the number of friends. However, a good social life depends on the relationship with friends, even if there are only a few. People who live alone have a better social life as they do not go out to spend time. They go and meet with their friends to spend quality time and have meaningful conversation.

When you are alone, different thoughts and hobbies come to your mind that you can later discuss with your friend and learn about their vision.

17. There are no clean-up issues.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about cleanliness and hygiene. Some people only spread dirt and do not take care of their personal hygiene.

It is difficult to live with such people because they begin to doubt your products as well. Furthermore, you lack the time to thoroughly clean everything before using it.

But when you move to a separate apartment, you do not worry about hygiene as no one can spread the mess and leave things dirty after using them.

Cleanliness is the basic necessity of life, but some people do not bother about it, and as a result, such people become the cause of the spread of diseases.

18. One can relax and enjoy the silence.

You can’t find silence and peace when you live in a house full of people. You will always find two or three house members talking to each other and having fun.

But this talk can be irritating sometimes, especially for those who dislike noise and love living in a peaceful environment.

If you want to get rid of this issue, the most you can do is put earbuds in your ears. However, the best solution is to start living alone in an apartment. There, you will be able to enjoy your company in silence and relax.

19. You can eat anywhere.

While living in a family, you have to give an answer to your actions and follow the rules. If no one follows the rules, there will be a mess in the house, and everything will be misplaced.

On the contrary, the person who lives alone is not answerable to everyone, and if he wants to eat food in the bedroom, he can, as he is the one who will have to face the after-effects of eating food there.

He is not creating a mess for anyone but himself; whenever he gets enough time, he will clean everything. Are you ready to live alone?

20. There will be no more rules.

Are you tired of following rules and regulations? Don’t be concerned!

Rent an apartment and start living there free of rules because there will be no one to command you and ask you to follow general guidelines or rules.

We feel guilty if we do not follow the rules, but in some cases, we do not have enough time to complete the assigned task. Similarly, we frequently become ill and lose all body strength.

To protect yourself from such a condition, it is better to live in a place where you do not have to do anything against your will. If you want a busy life, you can set some general rules.

21. Only one person’s decision matters.

You cannot decide on a shared apartment without taking the opinion of others. However, in your house, you do not have to ask anyone for a decision, do whatever your heart wants.

22. There will be no more borrowing of clothes.

When we live with our siblings and roommates, there is no doubt that we have to share our clothes. Some people have the habit of borrowing clothes, and they do not buy them for themselves.

Similarly, some people do not keep clothes with care and return them in lousy situations. The smell is coming from them, and a lot of dust is attached.

However, when you start living alone, there is one such problem. Because you are the only one who wears clothes, you can take better care of them and invest in them without fear of losing them.

23. There is no need to wait until late at night.

While living in a shared apartment, you cannot sleep until your friends come. Thus, you have to wait for hours and sacrifice your sleep for your roommates. It is sometimes very bad.

Suppose you come home from work and you are tired. It would help if you had nothing but sleep. However, you cannot sleep and have to wait for your roommates.

There is no such problem when you live solely in the apartment. Once you have entered the house, lock the door, get fresh, and sleep. However, check the electrical plugs, water nulls, and gas stove before sleeping.

A bit of carelessness can lead to hazardous damage.

24. Can decide on one’s décor.

Some people prefer dark walls in their homes, while others prefer light walls. People often have different ideas about this because everyone wants to decorate their home the way they want to.

You can get rid of this issue by buying a separate house where you will have full authority to decorate the walls and windows.

You want the walls of your house to be green. No one will judge you or give you an opinion on this color choice. Moreover, you can choose any design for wall paintings and decorate the walls.

Similarly, no one will be there to ask you about changing furniture design.

25. There is no need to greet anyone.

You are a person who does not like to meet new people and wants to live in a shell. But this is not possible in a shared apartment as you often have to meet with your relatives and friends.

Renting a separate apartment allows you to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. No one will come there unless you invite your friends and relatives to come and meet you.

26. You are free to sleep wherever you want in their house.

You’re tired of sleeping in bed and want to sleep on the living room sofa, but your roommates are watching TV on the couch. It is a sad condition for a person who is urging a couch to sleep on.

A person who lives alone in the house, on the other hand, can sleep anywhere. There would be no one to disturb him. However, sleeping on the sofa too much causes different issues in the spine, leading to severe pain. Thus, make sure you sleep on a bed in a comfortable position.

27. You are free to listen to any type of music.

If you live in a house with four members, everyone will have their own choice and taste in music. You sometimes have to listen to songs that you do not like at all.

Do you want to get rid of this? Please move to a separate apartment, as here you can play sounds and music of your choice and no one will be there to give their opinion.

Best of all, you can also listen to music on high volume. Most people listen to music while washing dishes and cooking to enjoy these chores.

28. There is no need to compromise.

You cannot have everything according to your opinion in a shared apartment. You have to compromise on many things. Similarly, you have to deal with some people’s angry and rude behavior.

Once you get a separate apartment, there is nothing to compromise. You can do whatever your heart wants. You do not have to ask anyone for an opinion; they belong to you. Thus, you have complete authority over them.

29. You will gain new knowledge.

You will learn a new skill for balancing your budget: managing expenses. Suppose you buy an expensive thing in the month, then you will not spend money on anything to fulfill that expense.

Suppose a tap has stopped working. Instead of calling a plumber, try to set the tap and save money. You have a lot of free time thus you can learn other skills and make money.

30. Look deep within to see what you can discover.

No siblings will look at you in a separate house with curiosity, and no roommate will judge you. Thus, you can discover who you are and what your likes and dislikes are.

You can follow your desires without fear and live the best moments of your life.

The Disadvantages of Living Alone (Cons)

Besides a long list of plus points you have while living alone, there are also a few drawbacks. You must know about them to see if any of them bother you or not.

1. Absence of company.

Most people prefer to live alone and enjoy their company. However, sometimes we need someone with whom we can share things. But there will be a lack of company, and loneliness sometimes makes the person sad and depressed. That’s why some people enjoy living alone in a few early days, but as time passes, they crave being with another human.

If you start feeling sad while living alone, join someone else as soon as possible, as prolonged loneliness can make you anxious and unable to focus on your work.

2. Boring life.

The person living alone feels bored with their daily routine as there is nothing to tease or distract them. When we live with someone, we have someone to make jokes with and spend quality time with.

Boredom is terrible, and you can remain free most of the time. Most people use social media to remove boredom and play games for hours, damaging their physical health and eyes.

If you are feeling bored in your home, arrange a party with your friends or family, or invite them to your home and have some fun activities. You will start feeling better, and that day will be your life’s best day.

3. Loneliness.

The biggest con of living solely is that you may feel very lonely. It is natural to crave someone who can soothe you and make you feel relaxed. Similarly, it is human nature to yearn for love and attention.

You do not get anything while living alone. However, one alternative is that you must keep a pet dog or cat. Pets wait for their owner to come home, and they give them a warm welcome.

But always adopt a pet who can bear separation for a long time and does not need much attention because it will be difficult for you to give the pet enough time.

4. Lack of safety.

Living alone means you have to take care of everything as there is no one to keep an eye on the home. The security issue is the main problem due to which most people do not want to live alone.

But few people have overcome this situation by keeping a pet dog of a breed capable of guarding the house and attacking and fighting. It would help if you also thought about it.

If you do not want to have a pet dog, take another preventive measure for security, for example, security cameras and sensors, and ensure your safety.

5. No one to help.

When we have a company, we can ask them for help in the case of danger. Similarly, he may help you with chores and serve your breakfast if you are not feeling well.

Suppose you are living alone and hot oil falls on your finger. No one will come to apply ointment to your finger; you have to do everything alone.

Thus, be prepared for such a situation if you are thinking about shifting from shared apartments to living alone. However, with time, you get used to everything, and these things may make you sad at one point and think that you have made the wrong choice.

6. In general, living expenses are higher.

People think they can save a large amount of money by living alone. Reality is different because living costs are higher for people living alone.

You have to pay all the house’s bills, but the shared apartment rent is divided. Similarly, you have to buy everything on your own. However, in a shared place, things are also shared.

When added up, these expenses cost a lot, and one should have a good income source to bear all these bills and live a joyful life alone.

You must assess total expenses before making the final decision to live alone, as later things will give you nothing but stress and tension. Ultimately, the decision is yours, and you will face the outcomes.

Advice on living alone

Here are a few pieces of advice to help you live a peaceful and meaningful life alone in a house.

  1. Have a luxurious bed.
  2. Eat healthily.
  3. Take good care of yourself.
  4. Go and cultivate a hobby.
  5. Host functions and parties.
  6. Develop a more extensive social circle.
  7. No internal disturbances with anyone.
  8. Have fun, even if your place isn’t impressive.

Tips for living alone for the first time

The idea of living alone is excellent until you start living. You will find it very hectic and tiresome. Here I have discussed some tips that will help you live alone if it is your first time and you have just shifted from a shared apartment.

  1. Before closing the door, keep the key as if you will forget it at home; you must break the lock to enter the house.
  2. Always keep some nonperishable food in your house so you can eat if you suddenly feel hungry and do not have time for cooking.
  3. It would help if you had a toolbox for repairing things like taps, buttons, etc. I prefer a screwdriver with changeable heads.
  4. You should have a bug-killing spray.
  5. There could be a power failure, and you do not know much about the new place, so you must keep food and a flashlight in your home.
  6. You must fix a doorknob bell on every entrance to keep you aware and let you know when someone is entering your house.
  7. You must have some light-dose medicines, for example, Panadol, so you can take it if you get ill at night and do not have enough energy to go to the doctor or call the doctor.
  8. Always follow the one-minute or two-minute rule for fixing things.
  9. Buy a vacuum cleaner so you can clean the room in a short time and do other chores like cooking, washing, and laundry.
  10. You must have a fire extinguisher and learn how to use it to cope with emergencies.
  11. Look at all windows and doors before going outside, as there is no one in your home to guarantee things.
  12. You can customize your rooms and walls, but keep your budget in mind.
  13. It would help if you invited your friends after a few days to remove the loneliness and spend quality time.
  14. Moreover, you can ask your parents to come and live with you for a few days.
  15. Must involve in social activities and develop a healthy relationship with neighbors.
  16. Keep yourself busy with different things during the holidays. For example, you can try new recipes.
  17. Do not spend all day lonely in bed, but go to the nearest park and walk.
  18. Prepare food in the morning as you will find it exhausting to cook food after working hard in the office.

Final Words

In short, you get the freedom to do everything according to your will; you have privacy; a chance to know and explore yourself; learn new skills; and pursue your passion without the fear of judgment.

Moreover, you can use every room of the house, decorate it, and ask friends and family to party and stay the night. Above all, you do not have to share anything.

However, you may feel lonely sometimes and crave someone to talk to you, but there will be no one. Furthermore, you cannot ask anyone for help in an emergency, and expenses are a bit higher than living in a joint system.

Analyze yourself and decide by keeping these pros and cons in mind.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!


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