What Is Prosciuttini

what is Prosciuttini recipe

Prosciuttini Definition

Prosciuttini is an Italian pepper ham that is similar to Prosciutto but different in the way they are being prepared. Prosciuttini looks like the polish ham and it is usually covered in black pepper. “Prosciuttino” (Or plural “Prosciuttini”) means in Italian “small prosciutto.” The word denotes a dried, salted, and spiced ham. Its texture and taste are reminiscent of both Prosciutto and pancetta. It is found in some grocery stores and butcher shops, sliced or in pieces.

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Prosciuttini Recipe

Both Prosciuttini ham and Prosciutto are derived from the pork shoulder and air-cured for many months. However, the difference is that the Prosciutto is air-cured with bone. Prosciuttini is cured like salami and not smoked. 

what is Prosciuttini recipe

Prosciuttini is known by many as Black Pepper Ham, Prozzutini, or spiced Prosciutto. The Prosciuttini recipe can be found in Italian specialty shops in the United States. Natural dry curing of seven months at least lets the Prosciuttini Speck attain a complete cure for a fuller, meatier flavor.

Prosciuttini is a mild but sweet ham just covered with a wet black pepper coating all over the top. The more the pepper, the better the taste. However, it might be quite challenging to get this wonderful delicacy in your environment, but you can check some Italian restaurants in your city.

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Prosciuttini vs Prosciutto

Both prosciutto and prosciuttini are Italian ham made from the hind leg of a pig. They are both and cured and dried for 18 to 30 months. However, there is some difference in the way both hams are being produced. Prosciuttini is usually covered in black pepper and its referred to as “small prosciutto.” Prosciutto is air-cured with a bone while Prosciuttini is cured like salami and not smoked. 

Where Can I Buy Prosciuttini?

Many lovers of the Italian Prosciuttini recipe wants to know where they can get it. Your location will determine whether you can get the recipe or not. Many Italian restaurants in the United States sell this recipe; however, it might be a little bit expensive. Those of you in Europe can easily access the recipe, especially in France and the United Kingdom.

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