Why do cats sit on you? 11 reasons

Why do cats sit on you? 11 reasons

Cats are not very friendly, but they have a love language, and you need to know about their every move. For example, why do the cats sit on you, and why do they always sleep on your head?

Think about it this way!

Continue reading to learn the main reasons why your cat sits on your lap and cuddles with you.

11 important reasons cats sit on your furniture

Cats are the loveliest of pet animals. However, they need time to be friendly. Once cats get attached to you, they come and sit on your lap.

Let us find out the primary reasons.

1. They are looking for attention.

Have you ever experienced that your cat comes and sits on your lap when you are doing something or resting? It is because your cat is looking for your attention.

The cat comes, sits on our lap, starts rubbing her head against you, and meows. She is doing all this to gain your attention. If your cat is acting this way, he may be hungry; therefore, you should observe his behavior for a few days to determine whether they are acting this way to get attention or if they want you to serve him something to eat.

However, most commonly, it has been observed that this cat’s language is to get attention and love from its owners. When cats get bored, they want their owners to spend quality time with them.

2. They are friendly.

Cats sit on their owner’s lap and cuddle to show their love and affection towards their owner. If you come home after spending a long day outdoors, these cuddles are indeed for loving you.

They want to say how much they have missed you. There should be no doubt that the cat wants you to love her when she sits by curling her legs on your lap.

Curled legs are associated with love, and all these tactics like purrs and kisses are just a way of being affectionate with their owner.

If you have come home late and want to rest, do not ignore your cat; instead, take a few minutes from your daily schedule to spend quality time with her, especially when she is craving it.

3. Kittens enjoy being warm.

You must have noticed that your cat is sitting on a sofa, chair, or table where sunlight is seeping in, and she is sitting there peacefully.

Cats love high temperatures. Thus, they sit in places where there is heat. Moreover, their temperature sensors are susceptible, especially those on the skin of the face.

The temperature of cats’ bodies’ falls between 1012 and 102.5F, and it is difficult for them to maintain their body temperature. That’s why they look for external heat sources, so they do not have to struggle for heat production.

If your cat is sitting on your lap, it means she is seeking heat. However, if you do not have enough time, you can give her a heated cat bed as it is the best alternative to your lap.

Your cat will be pleased, and she may stretch her arms and legs to enjoy the heat of your lap.

4. Cat wishes to form a bond.

It is said that cats cannot be friendly and go through many tantrums. However, it is invalid as fur babies are very loving and affectionate.

However, your cat’s temperament, breed, and personality may affect how much it cuddles and loves you.

Once you keep a cat, you know that the cat waits at the front of the door for its owner, and when he arrives, the cat cuddles and rubs against his legs. This shows that cats love their owners and miss them in their absence.

However, cats may not be affectionate with you at night as they sleep by using sisters or brothers as pillows and cuddling while sleeping.

However, if there is no other cat, she will cuddle and sleep with you, as cats cannot live without cuddles. Thus, if your cat comes and sits on you again and again, it means that the cat wants to develop a bond, connection, and healthy relationship with you.

5. They are squandering their territory.

Cats need scent because they are terrestrial animals, so they will rub their faces against you to deposit oil and mark territory. It is a cat’s way of showing affection and ownership.

Cats only do this when they accept someone as their owner and begin to love with all of their hearts. Do not be worried when the cat rubs his face against your chest, abdomen, or legs.

Once they have marked their territory with their smell, fur babies think they have got the ownership of that place.

6. Felines prefer cozy spots.

Kittens can sleep from 12–16 hours and need a quiet, comfortable place to sleep. Because these are soft, you may have seen a cat sleeping on the sofa, bed, or blankets.

However, if your cat sees that you are wearing something very comfy, she will come on your lap. After rubbing and cuddling with you, he will sleep.

But your cat does not sit on your lap for a long time; it means that you are not wearing soft clothes, and your cat has moved towards a better place.

Thus, if you do not want to cuddle very much, wear clothes that do not attract your cat very much, and vice versa.

7. They love to feel safe and secure in their surroundings.

Everyone on this planet wants love and security; cats are no exception to this rule. Cats understand that sleeping is dangerous. As a result, they seek out the safest sleeping spot.

If a cat comes and sits on your lap, it means she loves and trusts you. She does not fear you and knows she can sleep on your lap carelessly and have sweet dreams.

Thus, if your cat ever sleeps on you, do not harm or disturb her, as this will break her trust in you and cause her to become agitated with you.

Instead, always make your cat feel safe and comfortable. Keep patting and cuddling her until she sleeps. She is fresh and energetic the whole day when she sleeps well.

8. They adore your calming sounds and scents.

Cats can sleep for hours if not disturbed and find the most comfortable place to sleep. Cats need a particular rhythm for sleeping and soothing.

The cat may sit in your lap to feel the rhythm of your heartbeat, and the inhaling and exhaling sound of your breath can be very soothing to your cat.

Similarly, they may also be attracted to your smell and come to you to enjoy your smell. You can observe that cats love to sit on your used clothes as they want the scent coming from those clothes.

Thus, when you are at home and cuddling with your cat, make sure you do not spray anybody with spray or perfume that could be allergic to your cat and make her stay away from you.

9. Your clothes are comfortable.

Suppose you feel that your cat sits on your lap once in a while when you are wearing a particular dress. It shows that your dress is very comfy and soft, and the cat loves to cuddle with you when you wear that suit.

You can make a particular rug for your cat with the same cloth so it can rest on it when you are not wearing that dress or at home. It will increase your cat’s love for you.

Similarly, if you want to cuddle more with your cat, buy more such dresses and make your cat feel comfortable.

10. They like you.

Cats will only sit next to a person they love. If a cat comes and sits on your lap, she loves you. If you are a new cat owner and want to know if your cat has started to love you or not,

Wait for a few days and give your best time to her. If, after a few days, she has started coming onto your lap and rubbing her head against you, it means that she loves you, and soon you will become her favorite.

But keep in mind, never rush; always approach the cat slowly and give sweet gestures.

11. Socialization

If cats live with dogs, they become friends very early and copy the actions of the dogs. So if your cat comes up to you and sits on your lap, it is because she is not afraid of you and wants to build a friendly relationship with you.

It is her way of showing attention and telling you that she loves and cares about you. Some cats do not socialize much, so sitting on a lap for an extended period of time is unusual.

Understanding a cat’s body language

First, look at your cat’s body language to see why she is cuddling and sleeping with you. If a cat is affectionate and loveable towards you, she will have the following body signs:

  1. She stretches her back and shows you her abdomen; the vulnerable part of her body means she is relaxing.
  2. Similarly, she is relaxed if she is sleeping by straightening her legs.
  3. Moreover, if a cat purrs and looks at you with a squinting eye and blinks slowly, it means she is affectionate towards you.
  4. Besides, if she rubs him against you for making marks, she has started owing you.

However, if a cat does not trust you, she will show the following gestures:

  1. If she has curled her legs tightly and her legs are hidden.
  2. She sleeps by half-closing one or both eyes, allowing her to wake up quickly in the event of a threat.
  3. They may sit in the posture known as “the bread loaf.” In this position, the front legs are tucked under the body as cats can jump within minutes in case of danger or threat.

Signs of trouble

It is nothing unusual for you that the cat sits on your lap and cuddles with you every night before bed. Moreover, it would help if you had a general idea of how much affectionate behavior your cat has.

However, if your cat suddenly starts sleeping with you, it signifies trouble. Similarly, if your cat sleeps more than usual, it is also a hazardous sign, and you need to book the earliest appointment with her vet.

Maybe your cat is showing this attitude because of the addition of any other person or pet in your house. But it would help if you were careful, as it can be a sign of a medical condition, and you must be ready for all medications.

Why does a cat prefer to sleep on specific body parts?

Read on to learn about the sleeping position of your cat.

1. Head

Stick with me here to know why cats love to sleep on their heads for hours and do not care about their owner’s sleep.

  1. Your head is warm.

The heat releases steadily from our heads, giving warmth to a cat. That is why she sleeps on your head.

  1. Your head is stationary.

If you are a person who moves your legs and arms repeatedly, a cat will not prefer to sit on your body. As their sleep is disturbed by your constant jolts, they often move their heads.

  1. It smells good.

Cats are attracted to the smell of shampoo or conditioner as they have a strong olfactory sense. That is why they always sleep on your head and enjoy their sleep to the fullest.

2. Chest

The second most popular spot for cats to sleep is the chest. This is maybe because cats love the rhythmic sound of heartbeats and breathing.

According to Dr. Satchu, “Cats likely find some benefit in our prolonged and calm respiratory patterns while we sleep.”

Thus, when it is silent everywhere, cats echo the same emotion and sleep for 18 hours a day!

3. Lap

Some cats love to sleep on their owner’s lap as it gives them warmth; moreover, cats can get extra patting by sleeping on the lap. Thus, if your cat always sleeps in your lap, she loves patting.

Should you let your cat sleep with you?

It is a personal choice, but here I have listed some pros and cons of sleeping with cats to help you choose the best option.

The pros of sleeping with a cat

These are the pros of sleeping with cats.

  1. When you pat and cuddle with your pet cat, oxytocin is released, stopping the stress hormone cortisol. Thus, you feel better and can take a better nap.
  2. If you are out of the house, bedtime will be the best as you will have a cuddle partner.
  3. You will feel hot and cosy after sleeping with your cats.

The cons of sleeping with a cat

The following are the situations you may have to face if you sleep with the cat:

  1. Cats are very active in the evening and can disturb sleep.
  2. Indoor cats can track litter boxes in the room and can cause hygienic problems.
  3. If the cat sleeps on your chest or head, it will be difficult to sleep, especially if the cat is overweight. You may have to withstand suffocation because of the cat.

Can I encourage my cat to sit on my lap?

You can use tricks like patting, treats, and attention to be friendly with your cat and encourage her to sit on your lap. With time, she will become comfortable enough to sit on your lap.

However, be careful not to go against his wishes, as cats dislike being forced to do anything, and if they have a bad experience, they may never sit in your lap again.

Why won’t my cat sit on my lap?

You do not need to take it to your heart, as all cats are not lap-cats. Your cat does not sit on your lap but goes away and sits on another lap. Do not worry; he will be the person who must have fed her the last time.

Do not overthink it, and relax. Your cat loves you.


In short, cats sit in people’s laps to get attention, love, and warmth and enjoy the rhythmic sound of their heartbeats and breathing. Moreover, cats sit on their laps to show their love and attention to their owner.

It is their way of showing love and socializing with people. Similarly, cats will sit on your lap when they find that your clothes are very soft and comfortable.

However, it is unusual for your cat to sit on your lap and sleep for hours on end; seek medical attention as soon as possible as this is a sign of danger.

In addition, cats prefer the head, chest, and lap for sleeping as these spots provide maximum comfort.

Thank you for reading!



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