Why You Attract What You Are

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Why You Attract What You Are

We are all humans, we tend to wield diverse and even contrasting energies within ourselves. Most persons have the tendency of focusing more on what they want rather than what they need. When they are not getting what they desire, or things just don’t seem right, they begin to wonder why they always go through the same experiences and situations in the course of their lives. 

Yes, some persons already know what they want, it’s quite easy to know what you really want and desire, just think deep, reflect and understand what appeals to you. However, that’s not what we’re dissecting here, because knowing what you want isn’t enough. Life requires more than just that and there’s a lot that’s needed to be explored. Discovering what lies within you is important in order to gain positive results from virtually all your endeavors.

This might not have been the first time you are hearing the sentence, ‘ you attract who and what you are’. Knowing this phrase isn’t enough, have you ever stopped to really consider what it means? No one would purposely go out to look for a needy or overly defensive person with negative energy. On the other hand, anyone would want to do anything in their power to be around a cheerful, colorful and lively person. 

It’s basic psychology that humans are attracted to appealing sights, atmosphere and energies, if you’re different, well pardon me to say, but you’re just a weird human. A dull and gloomy individual definitely has or has had happy moments. A cheerful, lively and vibrant person has certainly had his or her own share of bad days and dull moments, no doubt about that. The countenance of people does not in any way increase or decrease their importance and significance on planet earth.

Every person exists to ensure balance in the universe. A lot of factors could play into what we attract in our lives. Our temperaments and countenances could pose a major factor but trust me, you’d be surprised to know that it’s not the half of it. Yes, it plays some role in what you attract as a person, but it really isn’t the entire contributing factor.

For a person that desires a loving relationship, learning how to take up emotional responsibility is a ‘must have’ in order to get what you want. One person has to assume the position of mature, if both parties are mature and understanding, that’s a plus but it isn’t everything. So yes, we’re here to know why we attract what we are, and that’s what we’ll be getting into in a jiffy. For the best grasp, you might wanna read this judiciously and take every point to heart.

Why Do You Attract What You Are And Not What You Desire

  • Failure to learn lessons from past mistakes:

New and good things can’t happen if you continue to let your thoughts, fears, feeling and emotions control who you are. If this is the case for you, you’ll only see the same patterns repeating because you’re not letting go of your fears, feelings and whatever is holding you back. To avert this annoying occurrences, you must first learn to acknowledge your weaknesses. Desist from apportioning blames to others for disappointments and unpleasant circumstances that you experience. Understand that in life, you make your own choices, and no one compelled you to remain suffering. Yes, the challenges will always be there, after all that’s what life entails, but you and only you wield the power to change things for yourself.

  • Haven’t tried looking within yourself to know what the issue is:

While you attract what you are, you also attract what you fear. Just loving yourself, being a good person or having values isn’t enough in this quest. There’s nothing wrong in having flaws, it is completely okay not to be perfect because we are all humans and there’s nothing like a perfect human. Don’t let what you are cause irreparable damages.

When you are not happy with what you are, there’s a possibility that you might settle for less because you are convinced that’s what you deserve. If you are the type who’s seriously scared of rejection, there’s the tendency that you might let people trample you under foot without putting up a fight. You might never attain your goals and ambitious when you have convinced yourself that it’s is impossible to make your dreams come to fruition.

Look within you to know yourself, when you have discovered who you are, you become empowered and invincible. That’s when you’ll attract what you desire and not what you are.

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